The Australian Liberal Party - Aussie Tories - have no doubts about the gravity of what happened in Melbourne. I just wish figureheads of the anti-trans movement in the UK would be as unequivocal in condemning Kellie-Jay Keen.…

@billybragg Billy you’ve been awfully quiet about the GIDS scandal. Any thoughts? Hundreds of ‘trans’ kids who were treated appallingly and you have nothing to say? All of this pushed by @mermaids. No comment at all? Or do you just want to shout at women?

@thefempire50 @billybragg @mermaids Guess he's waiting on direction from Owen Jones.

@erick_the_eel @stewartwindow @billybragg @mermaids Well, it’s been a few days. I’m now of the conclusion that Billy doesn’t actually care about trans people and just wants shout at women. Join the very long queue Billy, meanwhile we’ll be getting shit done in the real world.

@thefempire50 @jesswana @billybragg @mermaids What year do those figures come from, and why have you hidden that?