Is widespread active racism in America a reality or is it a myth created by the media, politicians and other “woke” institutions?

@touchyterrapin @eternityecho1 I will admit there are small pockets of racism in America but it is far from widespread. There are plenty of people of have bad experiences with different races and that has formed some strong feelings. We are all one race, love trumps hate and I don’t hate anybody

@RHeater99mph @eternityecho1 What about Biden’s hate? Or Hillary’s hate? Or Maxine Waters hate?

@touchyterrapin @eternityecho1 Fuck em, I can’t stand any of them, I’m just trying to stay on the positive side of things and let their vitriol smash against an impenetrable wall. Faith and family are what is guiding me right now

@RHeater99mph @eternityecho1 Like your profile pic by the way. RIP Ray Fosse.