США разработали 18 сценариев на случай эскалации вокруг Украины: amp.gs/jmZnV

18 scenarios mean USA have no plan B on what to do with Russia's well-justified security demands. Federalization of Ukraine, with several official languages as in Switzerland, is the best solution for all: the people living in that failed state, the West and the East. Why not? twitter.com/kommersant/sta…

@wattnic1 Who is Russia to decide Federalization is the best option? Best option for Russia is not necessarily the best option for #Ukraine. Perhaps the best option is the Federalization of Russia? Let’s try that first as an experiment. After that, let’s revisit a solution for Ukraine.

@ridna_ua Russia is a Federal Republic, with 35 official languages which are used in schools, administration, etc. Ukraine should not pretend it has no ethnic minorities who lived on that territory for centuries.