🎉2022 Weverse Con [New Era] 공연 개최 안내 팬과 아티스트가 함께하는 #위버스 의 새해 카운트다운 공연에 팬 여러분을 초대합니다. ‘2022 Weverse Con [New Era]’에서 우리가 꿈꿔 온 새로운 시대를 만나보세요. 자세한 내용은👉weverseshop.onelink.me/BZSY/713c9353 #2022WeverseCon #New_Era

🎉2022 Weverse Con [New Era] is here! We invite YOU to do the New Year Countdown with your favorite artists on #Weverse! Meet the new era you've dreamt of at 2022 Weverse Con [New Era]! 👉weverseshop.onelink.me/BZSY/713c9353 #2022WeverseCon #New_Era

🎉2022 Weverse Con [New Era] 公演開催のご案内 ファンとアーティストが一緒に楽しむ #Weverse 年越しカウントダウン・コンサートに、ファンの皆さんをご招待! 「2022 Weverse Con [New Era]」で私たちが夢見る新しい時代をお楽しみください! 👉weverseshop.onelink.me/BZSY/713c9353 #2022WeverseCon #New_Era

@weverseofficial Sadly, not all of us are voting. We are still far from our target gap which is 450k and we only have few more hours left to vote. Awards don't fall from somewhere so, we need to work hard to win it.🏆 🗳️: mama.mwave.me/en/vote #MAMAVOTE  #BTS

@weverseofficial @justinbieber Olá! Gostaria de lhe fazer um convite😊. ASSISTA E CURTA ao novo clipe da Cantora TAYS REIS (uma artista independente) 💙LOVEZINHO 💙 Clica no link 👇 👉youtu.be/_nzWxxU9DUQ