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Space force announced "guardian service dress" same day #destinythegame announces digital guardian fashion magazine

Absolutely awesome day two yesterday down on Fremont street. Glad to be back in town with two of the guys I started venturing to vegas with back in 2005 🤘🏼@brandon_kirksey @Jpoe01

“Peter” and “Rose” don’t sound like hurricanes. They sound like Narnia children. Clutching their fresh Emmys.

OK BUDDY! Since you're a man of your word and you took and sworn oath! Or was that the president of the United States of America that tookany and swore an oath?🤔 Now I wanna see you kiss him. After that! I wanna watch the two of you suck each other off!

Returned to my office after spending time with our fabulous principals and found this! Go Tigers! #allmeansall @SBISD @SBISDathletics @AthleticsSwhs @SpringWoodsHigh