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1,67 Mn Tweet
38,6 B Tweet
4.129 Tweet
1,11 Mn Tweet
28,5 B Tweet
448 B Tweet
24,5 B Tweet
25,1 B Tweet
2.443 Tweet
30,7 B Tweet
13,4 B Tweet
35,8 B Tweet
6.485 Tweet
1.223 Tweet
74,1 B Tweet
13 B Tweet
1.848 Tweet
241 B Tweet

CHS teachers are Most Likely To Get In The Christmas Spirit. 🤘🎄🎅🏻

pov: sue walton just annihilated your existence

@ChipotleTweets Who ate the rest of my bowl? But fr, this is definitely not extra rice and fajita veggies

Nearly impossible to tell the difference between market manipulation and LITERAL shitposting. They may be right that he's a genius, just not in the way they think.

The contemporary market offers a large variety of lighting solutions LED lighting is one of the most practical and visually pleasant options that consumers have been turning to more and more LED lights don’t consume lots of energy and can be easily integrated into any environment

It’s crypto cuz BING BONG and we have our own BYRON and his name is not joe he’s in research 😂

Unpopular opinion: I only like these three Star Wars films and I still love Star Wars.........