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5.575 Tweet
21,7 B Tweet
4.366 Tweet
6.020 Tweet
1.074 Tweet
4.788 Tweet
4.062 Tweet
10,8 B Tweet
23,3 B Tweet
2.306 Tweet
31,9 B Tweet
259 B Tweet
1.825 Tweet
1.413 Tweet
196 B Tweet
1.182 Tweet
11,9 B Tweet

DeForest with the same numbers problem as Waunakee. 😁 Norskies at Parker to end regular season.

Mid-October in Erie, PA. I don’t ever remember it being this consistently warm this late in the year. I’ll take it 🎃👻🍁🍂

Somebody’s “0” has got to go! @CheyenneSouthFB (0-7) hosts Laramie (0-7) tonight as the Bison look to win their first game since 2019 and the Plainsmen their first win in the Coach Ronga era! Bound to be a special night for one group of seniors.

Jamestown Blue Jays vs. Minot Magicians | ND HS 11AA Football 🏈 @ Duane Carlson Stadium Ball has been kicked off and we are underway!

Why no Friday Orange? Will it be Friday Orange on Saturday? Or Sunday Navy on Saturday? I like sticking to the routine.