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Enjoyed a road trip to Chapel Hill yesterday & caught up with one of my best friends since Kindergarten. Grateful for good friends!

Cheer will be selling HOCO t-shirts at lunches beginning Monday for just $10 cash.

@cspanwj @abbyik Science matters and it's known males have undeveloped brains until age 24, females 22. The founders wrote an age restriction of 21-years because the public could not read, and voting is supposed to an intellectual process (not a counting race). It was a test. Voting is dangerous.

Today at 10AM, we wrap up our series on Whole Life Growth. We learn more about how Jesus will help us grow in every part of our lives as we stay anchored to Him. Or join us at 7PM on Tuesday! In-person and online. #anchored #lifechurchmht #lostfoundwhole #wholelifegrowth