WR rankings.. Guess who we don’t see?.. 🤔 & this is based off THIS SEASON!! Be honest w/yourselves I’m happy DJ is a Bear but he’s NOT top 15 in the league as of now.. Hopefully he proves he is this season but til then this is what we got ahead of him 💯

@Nestradaumus1 His production overall in his career proves he’s a top 15 and a true #1. I’m not judging him off of last year cause he had arguably the worst QB situation in the NFL. Didn’t he play with like 4 different QBs and all of them were bad. PJ Washington was the best out of the 4

@itsmine49 @Nestradaumus1 So we saying based on this season now??? Half of those guys didn’t have 3 back to back to back 1,000 yard seasons 😂😂like I said on another post a true 1 is consistent and has good production throughout his years

@Prado_Rondo @Nestradaumus1 I don’t know how Nes is determining this. If he’s basing it off of 2022 that’s not fair to me.

@itsmine49 @Prado_Rondo @Nestradaumus1 What’s your criteria for a true #1. You still ain’t clarify that

@black_42 @itsmine49 @Prado_Rondo @Nestradaumus1 Bring your ass over here and stop ducking that smoke. EJ done called me buddy on his page, I thought we were cool. We got nighas blood boiling lol

@AYOD0SUNMU @TonythePodBoss @black_42 @itsmine49 @Nestradaumus1 Respectfully we all gotta relax 😂😂it’s a friendly debate but the things I’m seeing is creating a rip tide in the fan base