.@joerogan is a comedian, they are literally threatened by a comedian

@DrewHLive @joerogan A comedian with a large platform, spreading misinformation.

@14erVibes @DrewHLive @joerogan Disagreement doesn't mean misinformation. The extremes in this country seem to not understand this

@Jason66998083 @DrewHLive @joerogan Being factually wrong about several key issues, like myocarditis risks with the vaccine compared to getting covid isn't disagreement.

@14erVibes @DrewHLive @joerogan Sure he was wrong with his numbers but it does cause it. That shouldn't be forgotten or dismissed. Cult followers want to dismiss what goes against there beliefs

@Jason66998083 @DrewHLive @joerogan Just like you're dismissing Rogan being wrong, and willfully so? There's thousands of researchers working on the cutting edge of this and people in our culture listen to a comedian and former biology professor at Evergreen state. If that isn't Idiocracy, I don't know what it.

@14erVibes @DrewHLive @joerogan It appears your reading comprehension is off. I didn't see people like you bashing comedians like Jon Stewart and other when they was making a living bashing Republicans. How about some consistency!!!

@Jason66998083 @DrewHLive @joerogan I don't listen to Jon Stewart for medical advice, because he's not a medical professional. I listen to Jon Stewart because he's funny and good at grilling politicians. And there was a time I didn't bash Rogan, but that was before covid and him being a dishonest person.