The way @salmahayek and Penélope Cruz became friends is so pure.

@TheEllenShow @salmahayek Why were you expecting it to be on pure friendship 🤔. On another note… can i become your friends @TheEllenShow ? I have a feeling I can make you laugh, which is something you and everyone could use since Pandemic 😷 doesn’t seem to want to go Away😣

@TheEllenShow @salmahayek Why can’t we be friends (Ellen) Why can’t we be friends? Is it because I wasn’t part of the cast of Friends 🤔?🙃

@TheEllenShow @salmahayek The same way we became friends. You remember that time we- well of course you do! Good times!

@Onlythelonely31 @TheEllenShow @salmahayek Well why you don’t try too make us laugh on hear❤️❤️

@TheEllenShow @salmahayek Lovin' the Spanish accent. 😉 I loved Penelope when she played Donatella Versace on #ACSVersace