Things got dirty in this round of 5 Second Rule with @ADAMDEVINE and @itsJulieBowen.

@TheEllenShow @ADAMDEVINE @itsJulieBowen I just ❤️ this game! ... especially when it gets dirty. LOL 😂😂

@TheEllenShow @ADAMDEVINE @itsJulieBowen What i got do do to get on your show! I wrote a song for you and everything! Want to perform it for you cause your and Allstar chick!! You will love me on your show believe me!!

@TheEllenShow @ADAMDEVINE @itsJulieBowen We saw @itsJulieBowen live at @TheEllenShow in February 2015 when I was a guest on the show! This brings back allll the memories and feels of what a fantastic guest she was and how incredible it was to attend and be part of the magic in that room 💙