I need opinions, should I create a simple how to guide for Social Media Marketing for beginners? or, is there any other suggestions? I feel like sharing ❤️ new 2022 plans?

As promised, here's the 🧵 to assist build your online presence in 2022. twitter.com/buckynft/statu…

Let's get right to it! TOP PRIORITIES IN 2022❗️ 1⃣. Instagram in 2022, its CEO @mosseri revealed, among their plans for the year are: - Videos, Reels especially - Messaging - Transparency Creators

2⃣. Meta (formally Facebook) - Optimises the ads process. (paid ads) - They've reduced the number of ad objectives we can choose from 11 to 6.

TRENDS TO LOOK INTO IN 2022❗️ 1. Retro Revolution 2. Community Content 3. Mixed Reality 4. Influencer Commerce 5. Noiseless Niche 6. Consumable Content 7. Gross-Generational Marketing 8. Social Support 9. Audio Activity 10. Improved Inclusivity

FOR THOSE FULLY ON TWITTER, HERE'S SOME #ProTips 1⃣. Refresh your profile - Keeping your profile up to date shows your audience what's happening with your brand. 2⃣. Create lists - Custom timelines with tweets from the accounts you wish to include.

3⃣. Incorporate rich media - Images, GIFs, or short videos, drive higher engagement rates 4⃣. Leverage Twitter tools - Drive more engagement with threads, polls, or spaces.

To wrap it up, here are some hashtags to play along with. All the best everyone!!! Hope this helps a little to jumpstart your 2022 #SundayFunday #MondayMotivaton #TransformationTuesday #WednesdayWisdom #TBT (Throwback Thurdays) #FridayFeeling