Aight GenshinTWT now’s your time for forgiveness. Apologize on the behalf of your peers and yourself and I MIGHT give you another chance.

The people tagging Zero Hei as if there are any negative qrts/replies so far💀 get a hobby…

@corvusinacrisis "People harassing a random dude thinking that they are the good person/"heroes"💀get a life"

@TianyangNi1 He puts people on blast for rightfully calling out bigotry 💀

@corvusinacrisis give me some context of what are you talking about

@TianyangNi1 literally watch any of his videos regarding twitter

@corvusinacrisis @TianyangNi1 which are basically him shitting on ppl who gatekeep characters by forcing their hc on ppl and sending death threats over it. hes monetising all the unnecessary hate and toxicity he gets and thats smart

@RTehzib @TianyangNi1 its only smart to smooth brains like you. people with a brain cell count above 0 can tell that he's just profiting off of people reacting to racist and homophobic actions made by your peers. he's not clowning on headcanons, hes clowning on people's justified reactions to hate

@corvusinacrisis @TianyangNi1 yh but since when was he being racist/homophobe? he never was any of that, so hes addressing all of the unnecessary haters who tell him to kys just bc he liked a genshin character, like any normal person would do. if ur getting attacked, u defend yourself and thats whats hes doin