So tired of having such a high tolerance for people on their worst days & on mine I’m met with irritation and frustration like I’m not human too.

With me? People can be authentically imperfect. I have space for the good, the bad, and the ugly in a person because I OVERSTAND that we fucking human. But when the ugly parts of me come out, the not so great side, people don’t extend that same grace. & that shit stops HERE.

@gjustrelex But when we get mad it’s “The world doesn’t revolve around you” Like wtf does that suppose to mean?? Let me be upset for one damn minute

@gjustrelex Sometimes you have to respect your own boundaries like other people respect theirs. Can’t expect them to tolerate what you tolerate from them, but you can stop tolerating it from them🤷🏾‍♀️

@gjustrelex Let me send this to every one who has ever treated me wrong for bringing my problems to the table instead did catering to theirs 24/7

@gjustrelex @destheles Honestly, you’ll have to focus on yourself for a while those people in your life no matter how close, are toxic for you. It’s hard and take a long time to get away and feel better especially if they were close friends or even best friends. That feeling of peace of mind is crazy

@gjustrelex No I felt this because I’ve always vied for the type of patience and love people are met with just by being themselves meanwhile I have to jump through hoops just to get a fraction of that.

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