So tired of having such a high tolerance for people on their worst days & on mine I’m met with irritation and frustration like I’m not human too.

With me? People can be authentically imperfect. I have space for the good, the bad, and the ugly in a person because I OVERSTAND that we fucking human. But when the ugly parts of me come out, the not so great side, people don’t extend that same grace. & that shit stops HERE.

@gjustrelex Everyone gets once then in turn they are met with malice 😀

@gjustrelex Cut em off sis! Make room for your tribe 💜

@gjustrelex @destheles Honestly, you’ll have to focus on yourself for a while those people in your life no matter how close, are toxic for you. It’s hard and take a long time to get away and feel better especially if they were close friends or even best friends. That feeling of peace of mind is crazy

@gjustrelex @rainbowbike88 Amen. It always like that everyone takes and no one gives

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