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I’m rewatching #OnlyMurders and it super holds up a second time. Such a well crafted story with all kinds of foreshadowing I’d never have picked up on the first time through

I looked forward all day to pouring a glass of wine (Tempranillo) and watching #OnlyMurdersintheBuilding #OnlyMurders

I can’t believe anyone who listens to true crime podcasts would touch all this evidence with their bare hands, this is unreasonably aggravating me. #onlymurders

The way her whole demeanor changed when it was all in the open 👁👄👁🍿 #OnlyMurders

Somebody said why Amy Ryan has to be named Jan in #onlymurders and were there some hidden meaning behind it??... Like yeah definitely were trying to say She's one crazy bitch since her introduction 😂

This bit with Jane Lynch in #OnlyMurders is SLAYING me

Why is Haven always in her #onlymurders sweater? Is she hinting Selena is giving her the role of Lucy, Nina or Alice

Pavane came up again ha. They surely left enough cliffhangers in each of the 3 final episodes. Also the sweatshirts so crafty. And framing the gang plus killing their main antagonist? Great way to end the season. #OnlyMurders

I finally finished #OnlyMurders. If you haven't watched the show yet, you're missing out. It is dark and hilarious and absolutely full of twists. And there are some truly incredible guest stars.

If you’re looking for a show to watch, highly recommend Only Murders in the Building on Hulu! #OnlyMurders #OnlyMurdersHulu

I love #onlymurders #inthebuilding i just binge watched and couldnt stop laughing🤣🤣 in the suspense

@hulu_support Thank you!! Issue resolved now I can finish #onlymurders 🥳

@MajorFactor2 Love the show so far. Not sure what’s going on yet though. Also, #onlymurders, what did you think about the season finale?? I already miss them 😂😂

I finished #OnlyMurdersInTheBuilding and omg it was so good! Can’t wait for season two #OnlyMurders

Somebody said Tim KoYes and I can't stop thinking about it #onlymurders

My new @DisneyPlusUK recommendation is Only Murders in the Building Great show! #disneyplusuk #onlymurders

So pleased #OnlyMurders is getting overdue attention. It was such good fun.…

.@selenagomez has been nomination for "The Comedy Star of 2021" by the #PCAs for her critically acclaimed role in "#OnlyMurders In The Building" on @hulu.

interesante lo de #onlymurders ! en Hulu, si desean verlo es muy intensa la historia

Loved the final episode of #OnlyMurders - Steve Martin doing physical comedy is a wonderful thing to behold

Selena Gomez was nominated for ‘The Comedy TV Star of 2021’ and “The Comedy Show of 2021” at the 2021 People’s Choice Awards. #OnlyMurders #OMITB

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