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Do we really need or want to hear anything more from Truss or Hancock any more after their actions have devastated our society? #r4today @LBC

Hancock’s attempts to “spin” his role in the Covid crisis is immensely distasteful to families of the thousands of elderly people who died trapped behind his “Ring of Steel” in care homes #R4Today…

If @BBCNews is used to rehabilitate recent Tory micreants Aunty will be further discredited. #r4today #archiveon4

@eddwilson That's a very unimpressive "professional" legal letter. In general the shorter they are with the less inflammatory language they contain, the more credible the actual threat. But good luck trying. #r4today

Western leaders are complete idiots. The Russian petrol price cap will achive nothing. They'll continue selling to non-Western trading partners who'll ignore the cap and continue selling it to us at massively inflated prices. #r4today

Elon Musk & the Twitter Files are the elephant in the room sucking the oxygen out of the #r4today studio. Can hear the strangulation in their voices as they anticipate what unfolding freespeech will mean for a deceptive, manipulative, prejudiced, woke-activist BBC. #BBCFeedback

Maybe World adopts making packaging derived from seaweed. Packaging degrades to generate co2. Does the world gain? Need to make sure seaweed is replaced? #r4today

"That's it in a nutshell really. For the last decade and a bit, regulation has prioritised the needs of private finance over the needs of residents." #r4today…

When Labour lost the Hartlepool byelection the MSM reported it for days on end. The Tories get trounced in Chester and what do we get a piece on Peter Kay's comeback gig... #r4today

Israeli army bans 30 human rights organisations from Hebron not newsworthy @BBCNews @bbclaurak #r4today?…

There is no separate Muskworld after all. How are his depredations being handled in the UK? #r4today…

I know they would deny it but rather than 'speaking truth to power' the current crop of presenters reflexively seem to believe it is their job to defend those in office in this country with 'Wouldn't the government say..' being their go-to line. #r4today

You now have to count actual news on #r4today in seconds/ day @BBCr4today

Minister ridiculed over ‘global leadership on disability inclusion’ claim The Tories always claim they're best world Global leaders They've wiped their feet dead disabled people #r4today #bbcbreakfast… via @johnpringdns

@RoyalFamily How far along the gutter do you lot need to be dragged before you strip them of their royal titles? #r4today…

Mineralising CO₂ has been done in Iceland. It's said to require specific geology. The new Earthshot winner is based in Oman. Let's see how widely it can be spread (and how economically).… #r4today

@1957AJB Editorial decision to read out filthly right-wing rags and Government press releases so they don't need to make any other editorial decisions. #r4today

Dr Chetna Kang, Psychiatrist and Hindu Priest in the Bhakti Yoga/Vaisnava tradition says teenagers are ageing quickly. This is all because of #Jesus. Krsna is now 5159 human years old. Time is not real. It can be changed NOW! 🤪 #TFTD on #R4Today

China's ministry of foreign affairs taking Tory propagandist @bbclaurak to school not newsworthy @BBCNews #r4today?…

"prince" William is NO Kennedy. Unelected moron parasite Windsor. #r4today

Hari Hari Krishna Krishna gets in a Big G mention and loads about Special K but no Bingo. Rollover. #tftd #r4today

It is a political decision by #r4today to ignore the Michelle Mone story and an equally political one to highlight the enthusiam for some on the right to curtail the legitimate right to strike.

Take scientific paper use conclusion of that to explain a completely different issue with no evidence. Science does not work like that. Poor show. #r4today

Shell reviewing its £25bn planned investment into UK energy incl. renewables. Total pulling £100m of gas investment in North Sea. This is the other side of the balance sheet, hitting FDI, jobs and energy security. 75% tax needs an end date. #r4today……

The Reason @sajidjavid is stepping down is @sajidjavid has looked at the drubbing @Conservatives took at #Chester last night & though F. That I’m off Sajid Javid to stand down as MP at next election #Skypapers @SkyNews @BBCNews #r4today @LBC

If presenters had family and friends who had been damaged by the extreme right-wing rubbish and lies produced by The S** I doubt that @JustinOnWeb would quote it so enthusiastically. #r4today #JFT97

#r4today Guessing Peter Kay has a BBC show in the pipeline...

#R4Today actually covered this - was surprised - but demonstrative of the traction the body count is picking up - the world can't continue to ignore. They did slip in the "both sides" justification though…

Of course the rag that produced the Hillsborough Lie and stopped justice being done wants the legitimate right to strike curtailed-They support those in power who protect the interests of Mr Murdoch et al. #r4today

I've had Scarlet Fever 3x in my life. Aged 7, I was excluded from school for 6 weeks, such was the fear. but 30 years later, my GP was so astonished to see such a rare disease she called in all her colleagues to admire my speckled torso and panda eyes. Sad to see it back #r4today

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