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forcing vaccines is unamerican? the original inhabitants of America were hunted down and killed if they wouldn't relocate to reservations because they posed a threat to Americans, Asian-Americans were herded into camps for the same reason 70 years ago.. it's very American

More Than 70% of Older Americans Feel Younger Than They Actually Are – And Are Embracing Aging #GoodNews #GNN #aging…

New vaccination milestones hit today: - 70% of all Americans have received at least one dose - 40 million Americans have received a booster — 20% of all those fully vaccinated

After listening to all of this anti-vaxxer rhetoric for the last year I have come to the conclusion that Americans are not only the stupidest people on the planet, they are the biggest pu$$ies as well. Take down your flags, you’re embarrassing us.

How about you - all of you - stop playing games and start thinking of tax paying Americans right here at home?…

@prageru Watching conservative outlets continue to prey on the dumbest among us under the banner of “freedom” is pathetic. Over 70% of Americans have had at least one dose of the vaccine. These outlets are playing to a shrinking audience and for what? What a joke.

@MSNBC #TheBeat @AriMelber My Thoughts/#RonnieJackson's/A Quack. Because Of Him/#InsurrectionistTrump Why/70 Thousand Americans/Lost Their Lives. First The #President's/A Good Person/A Patriot/That Care About America/It's People. Unlike The Former Guy/That Killed To Many People.

@Tigereye670 @ErinSchiafone @CKnorcal @DineshDSouza Have a nice day. Remember, just because someone dislikes Trump (i.e. 70% of Americans) it doesn't make them a "Marxist". Someone who is so keen on "context" should be able to keep that in mind

2. My parents died of COVID & they were married for 70 years and their items had to be sorted & mostly given away. With a loss of 600K Americans - I think a lot of families are doing the same thing. #LessIsMore @ABC

More Than 70% of Older Americans Feel Younger Than They Actually Are – And Are Embracing Aging…

@Spoonhead8 @richard87114520 @Saffiya_Khan1 @virtual40784093 @RoxRuminates @TonyHinton2016 Never understood the "it's mostly folks with preexisting conditions" thing. Most folks have at least one, especially in places like the US. 50% of Americans have hypertension; 40% are obese, and 70% are obese/overweight; 10% have diabetes. Not exactly a tiny minority.

@joncoopertweets 100 percent. Just like 70 percent of my fellow Americans. Why is it so hard to enact the will of the people?

@Liqu1dJ @lalalolanow @heyitsaaron @YvetteGarcia19 @Papahrf So more than 1 in 20 folks over the age of 70 who get COVID will die? Seems like a lot. Over 800,000 Americans have been killed by COVID so far.

@DanielleCandela Maybe we can help With a prescription, Americans can save up to 90% on insulin & other diabetes supplies with i.e. ONE vial of Humalog can cost $362 in the US Our Price: ➜$70/vial ➜Get 8 vials for $356 Save 10% on first order with coupon code FIRST10

From @OtherWalls - Larry Schweikart at 4) If this holds, it would be the death knell for DemoKKKrats in all but the most safe districts: only 4% of Americans think the country is doing “very well” while 70% say things are going “very badly.”

I wish I could go back and live in the 70's or earlier, when Americans were proud and people were more decent to one another. When men were men and women acted like a lady and Christianity was strong. The destruction of these values will be the detriment of mankind.

59% of all Americans are fully vaccinated, although almost 70% now have at least one dose. Nearly 782,000 in the US have died from COVID-19. In short, many would rather kill or die than get "comply." Not individualism, but unwillingness to learn, and fear.…

@friddos5 @Davidblong62 @christoaivalis @GoodPoliticGuy 70% of *all americans* which for those counting at home, includes the quote-unquote moderate republicans that they care so fuckin much about their votes

@RepJerryCarl @SaralandSchools What is wrong with @POTUS ? Americans deserve to know if the head of the Executive Branch is healthy and capable enough to do his job.

The filibuster in it's current format leads to the tyranny of the minority. Bills supported by 70+% of Americans can't even get an up or down vote. This is perverting our democratic processes. Talking to you @kyrstensinema

@CharlieBarkin6 @figrat @vTddo02PaOBbtdD @POTUS Close to 70% of Americans have been vaccinated and you’re still blaming Trump rather than admitting what we’re doing is not working

Look who is using your statements @chucktodd for propaganda against Biden. Biden can’t force all Americans to get vaccinated, he distributed vaccines for everyone and issued mandates but that’s all he can do. He did tame the pandemic in US, 70% of adults are fully vaccinated.…

@Thergiiii @sammypigzy @comradesquirrel @Machixo From a quick google search around 70% of America seems to be overweight. Of course a decent chunk of that will be people with high muscle percentages but the point still stands that americans tend to not be the healthiest.

younger age groups, about 70 percent of Americans ages 12 and up are now fully vaccinated.…

@DemRep3 @lisamikolFL @Kate_Michaell @RandPaul So you're saying that the government is corrupt and every single doctor and medical worker is corrupt and that's why the vaccine is working? Around 70% of Americans are vaccinated in 2021

@NextLAMayor 70% of americans are overweight, so that hugely skews the numbers.

Find someone who loves you as much as liberal elites love to take things that have 70-80 percent support among the American people and call them "too far left for the majority of Americans"

@RepRosendale Carter tried to raise awareness of this in the 70's and 80's, put solar panels on roof of White House. Reagan took them off. If not now, amidst record wildfires and drought, WHEN? Rosendale puts big oil profits and his career ahead of the welfare of Americans.

@RBReich @fredpn8 And then SCREAMING 24/7, THAT IT'S BIDEN CAUSING INFLATION. When, in fact: Highest Employment Growth in 40 years! Increased demand and higher wages for Regular Working Class American Citizens...70% of Americans are Vaccinated VS. 60+ million Americans who choose not to be vaxed🎯

@SenJackyRosen thanks for representing the will of the American people regarding cannabis legislation reform. 70 percent of Americans support your efforts on this!

Fauci's fallacy is thinking all of us are idiots. Virginia proved more and more Americans are waking up and losing faith in him and the Democrats. Deflecting from COVID-19 disinformation and NIH supporting China's "Gain of Function" with NO accountability to Jan 6th? C'mon!…

Hahahaha! So much of what we hear is intended to alarm and exhaust us. We should know 70% of Americans have too much sense to buy what Lindell is selling.…

Approximately 70 million Americans will see a 5.9% increase in their Social Security benefits and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments in 2022. Federal benefit rates increase when the cost-of-living rises, as measured by the Department of Lab……

@SenThomTillis @SenateGOP For a change tax payers money is being spent where it’s needed, instead of giving multi millionaires & wealthy corporations a massive tax cut🤷‍♂️ over 70% of Americans approve,17 Nobel laureates & over 100 leading economists back #BBB to reduce inflation🤷‍♂️

@washingtonpost 70% of Americans have had at least Covid vaccine & close to 60% are fully vaccinated. Far from over but thank God this policy is “resonating.“

Learn abt the #BuildBackBetterAct. Everything in it is individually popular with the MAJORITY of Americans (most parts of it enjoy support from >= 70% of Americans). It makes 🇺🇸 more competitive w/all other developed countries (they all already have most of what's in it).👏…

@realTuckFrumper Almost 70% of Americans are vaccinated. Pretty sure they won’t be rioting.

Over 60% of Chinese have unfavorable view of USA Over 70% of Americans have unfavorable view of China

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