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armed with chillhop and studio ghibli lofi, the college student crams his modules

Armed robbers bust into Los Angeles holiday house party, target guests… via @nypost

Shameful. The entire situation including lack of response from Police is Shameful. Armed robbers target LA holiday party, demand guests hand over their jewelry and phones…

Coconino County Sheriff’s Officials Looking For A Suspect In Connection With An Armed Robbery In Munds Park Friday… #Flagstaff #MundsPark #KachinaVillage

@LeoDiCaprio Begging for justice for the crimes against humanity by Indian Paramilitary Forces in Mon, Nagaland, India. The armed forces killed 6 innocent civilians under the pretext of mistaken identity on 4th Dec and another 7 civilians who came to protest. #justiceforkonyak #RepealAFSPA

He died like an animal in the street, which is what happens when you stab a random civilian in the neck just for being Jewish and then attack heavily armed soldiers. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.…

Must watch Javed Ahmed Ghamidi says; Toheen e Risalat Blasphemy is against Quran & Hadith — blasphemy should be amended — adding, in Pakistan armed forces has used blasphemy for their interests — pol. Parties & others r also responsible. #sialkotincident

@wahlstedt007 You cannot trust an Oreo. They have the reputation of turning on you without warning. You must be armed and have at least two armed body guards to remove a package of Oreos from any market. Oreos be bad.

Prime Minister of India: Nagaland is not a disturbed area. Remove the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, 1958 - Sign the Petition! via @ChangeOrg_India

We have sent a group of 15 people armed with guns, bows, spears, and swords to look for the Castle of Hohenzollern and see if it has collapsed or not. @78thEurope

#UAE50 &Turkey, Iran China,& Russia are involved on the WarOnTigray by providing armed drones & weapons to the genocidal Ethiopian regime! The IC must stop this cruel act of genocide.  #StopArmingEthiopia @StateDept @NATO @eu_echo @EU_Commission @SenateForeign @HouseForeign @UN…

Security Council: Moroccan Ambassador Denounces Military Recruitment of Children by Armed Groups

@LeoDiCaprio @rewild @BezosEarthFund I have always looked up to you @LeoDiCaprio as a hero for humanity. Once again, the humanity needs you fot the crimes that has been committed by Indian armed forces against humanity by killing 15 innocent unarmed civilians in Mon district of India. #RepealAFSPA

#UAE50 &Turkey, Iran China,& Russia are involved on the WarOnTigray by providing armed drones & weapons to the genocidal Ethiopian regime! The IC must stop this cruel act of genocide.  #StopArmingEthiopia @StateDept @NATO @eu_echo @EU_Commission @SenateForeign @HouseForeign…

@SashaBeauIoux Yeah, like "if he were a POC he'd be dead (pic of armed white protestor getting in cop's face)". Uh....false. Asian guy isn't likely getting killed. Indian....etc. Black....yes.

@JewSoc @pritipatel has been invited to join the Newcastle board. Meanwile #LeytonOrient have taken to the hills and have been armed to resist.

Latvia National Guard Student Battalion が旧ソビエト連邦時代のゴーストタウンを使用した市街地戦訓練の模様 / Photo by Latvian National Armed Forces

Join the Allied Universal team! See our latest Security Officer job openings, including "Security Officer Armed", via the link in our bio. #ArmedSecurity #Veterans

mercenaries and armed guards make great money. teachers shouldn’t be expected to work3 jobs simultaneously just to feel that their kids are safe. just seeing how this effected all of my education friends is breaking my FUCKING HEART this wasn’t gonna become a rant but…

@Fibonaccious Pretty whiney response to the content of the original post, no? It says they're looking at other drastic measures that do not involve armed conflict, as a deterrent, should Russia choose to invade a sovereign nation. And you start b*tching about nuclear weapons...

@StanleyRoberts Sooooo... It's cool to hold that place up & take all the money & valuables from their employees & patrons then? Okay just checking, hey anyone out there in SF that don't care about laws, there's a quick lick for y'all to hit! They won't even allow armed officers in to stop ya! 🤣

#RepealAFSPA is a paid trend financed by covid country. Armed forces are always a blunt instrument. All security forces make mistakes. The tragedy is heart wrenching but it must not be allowed to be exploited for purpose of making the nation weak.

A South Sudan lawmaker representing one of the constituencies in Warrap state has been detained at Juba prison after declining an order by Warrap Governor Gen. Aleu Anyieny to resign from the main armed opposition Sudan People's Liberation Movement in……

Santa, who commits more home invasions than anyone, is now armed.…

#UAE50 &Turkey, Iran China,& Russia are involved on the WarOnTigray by providing armed drones & weapons to the genocidal Ethiopian regime! The IC must stop this cruel act of genocide.  #StopArmingEthiopia @StateDept @NATO @eu_echo @EU_Commission @SenateForeign @HouseForeign…

MET POLICE Message Planning a crime❓ Call 0800 999 999 and report Nature of intended crime ✅ Anticipated date & time of crime ✅ Names of accomplices if any ✅ Will you be armed, if so how ✅ The sooner you report your crime, the lighter your sentence❗️ Thank you❗️

“I don’t think I’ve heard the ocean in a very long time… even overseas, we were inland.” He smiled, a little wistfully.…

@billoxenford @newsethwilliams And everyone under the sun knows exactly just who the gun violent, illegally armed criminals are in Philly. But nobody snitching is actively destroying families and at risk communities. Enough!

Rockford police say man armed with knives was trying to get on school buses

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