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$2,600,000 purchase debuts Saturday, Santa Anita race 8🏇🏇🏇 Bletchley Park (KY)🏇🏇🏇 TB, B, C, FOALED FEBRUARY 4, 2019 ( NYQUIST - SPINNING WHEEL, BY SMART STRIKE ) CONNECTIONS AS OF CURRENT ENTRY: Jockey: John R. Velazquez Trainer: Bob Baffert

@drshillito I’m glad you got this Bob Evans thing resolved. Much faster resolution than working with a Baffert lawyer.

@stephenasmith RE: it’s on Vogel to “figure it out.” Bob Baffert can train a mule to run in the Kentucky Derby but I guarantee you it won’t win the race. Do you really expect Vogel to turn water into wine with this flawed roster?

@Mark68781052 @DailyRacingForm @BradFree1 @bradcoxracing He's won 3 total races. Very talented, but not the best! The mere fact SA execs r concerned with a horse & not the sport is APPALLING!!! How about full fields??? Baffert??? #BeBetter 🤡🤡🤡s

@54to1 The Saudi Cup will be the race to watch. $10million up for grabs. Who is responsible for testing in the build up? Last year Gosden beats Baffert...

Approximately 100 days to the KY Derby with lots of uncertainty not only with Covid 19 but with the prep races. Most of the prospects seen to be in the West coast now ready to travel to other venues. Baffert holds a lot of the cards like it or not for this one famous race


@ThruTheBridle @cannonshell You just know its gonna be some shitshow with Baffert, for example, they let these horses run, what about all these future bets they are taking. Ive never bet one but feels like another screwjob.

With Bob Baffert on suspension — for now — there will be plenty of jockeying between now and May 7. @johnclayiv @KentuckyDerby @BenRobertsHL

@ThruTheBridle Best story is the CD ban of Baffert.

i will always fight for the little guy in racing. the dbags. the degens. the misfits. and oh ya the horses. all of you. #growthegame even when the game is afraid of its own shadow. and fuk baffert. goodnight ♥️

Can’t remember being less jazzed about upcoming Triple Crown preps next 90 days in my lifetime. Game has deteriorated to a point where my interest wanes more & more each day. Cox poised for win barrage,Baffert legal crap,Gulf surface roulette, jocks all buds, I’m tuned out…

@derby1592 That's basically the main reason he's out there, for Baffert. Very disappointed in him for that. He surely doesn't need the money, does he ?

@washingtonpost Talk to Bob Baffert. Bitchs buy bitchs. They call it fair gaming but it ain't

Interesting Factoid: Johnny V at this SA meet on Baffert runners has an impressive 9 winners in only 14 tries while his record with horses trained by others is a much less impressive 9 for 53.

@ShamIAmNot Co- starring Servis; Baffert; and a cast of thousands!!!!

@JdoeJdoe3 @Bovada_Casino Too early to say. It's an even field this year, with no clear favorites. I'd go with another 'juiced' Baffert pony if I couldn't decide. Maybe his second favorite in the race if there, Newgrange, or possibly Messier. Stay away from Corniche

@CalvinLCarter @ShariHazlett2 Good price to take a chance with baffert being allowed to run

@derby1592 Don’t mean it ugly, but how do you get past Baffert?

@AntelizJr Pintan muy bien esos potros de pletcher. Si los de Baffert van a la fiesta será un banquete

@ShamIAmNot This works only if and when Bob Baffert joins Navarro in prison, and if his horses could talk, the rich owners who shamelessly covers Bob's Tuchas would be overruled by the horses he destroyed, and ending so far with Bob killing Medina Spirit.

if a Baffert horse wins a Derby points qualifier race, and another TC nominee comes 2nd, does the “other nom” get win points or 2nd points?

@SECRETARIATofcl Been following Steve’s pre-Derby columns forever. Really appreciate the research, race observations, and pedigree info. One question: if a Baffert horse wins a Derby points qualifier race, and another TC nominee comes 2nd, does the “other nom” get win points or 2nd points?

@brooklyncowboy1 Not even Baffert could get Joe to finish strong.

In 2018 Santa Anita's Ed Golden defended "conquering hero Bob Baffert" by referring to those pointing out Justify's foot issue as social media misanthropes. 2/x…

@PSchrags @MartinJarmond UCLA’s new D Coordinator? Once a Bruin always a Bruin…

Don’t hold your breath. KHRC is crooked. Two failed tests and they still don’t act!! In bed with Baffert…

@ThunderDan42 Goes to show you how serious they are over there compared to the us and it’s not even close. Baffert would be working as a cook in a Pho restaurant by now

With Bob Baffert on suspension — for now — there will be plenty of jockeying between now and May 7. @johnclayiv @KentuckyDerby @BenRobertsHL

"Le mystère de la chambre jaune" mercredi 19 janvier 2022 à 20:55 sur Arte.… via @TeleLoisirs

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