Top Tweets for Cabron James

@YesWithAn_L Oh wow. This twitter caste system <<<<

No can we talk about something quickly. Is LeBron the only person allowed to post a video and a picture in the same tweet????…

There's no need for it to be this hot

how do I get bots to stop randomly following me? I get like two bot followers a day

@nyels2 Tbf. I don't understand why these unprofessional fights are allowed to happen without headgear

@damnjwhatyousay I walked away I thought he was by himself high stepping into the end zone

@damnjwhatyousay It just had to be the QB to make the tackle too smfh

The world is yours but the city’s mine

it’s that time of the year when i can wear a hoodie to bed 😩 fuck i’m so happy

@stephtbh Glad you're getting to enjoy it full time.

@stephtbh I was talking about the 312. Quick getaway

@JustJayBBK Gotta get him ready for his next career detailing cars

@wholesomefoxx Probably fuming inside he goes home and punches a wall 😭

@RodsFromGod I’m JOKING btw for the ppl that will probably see this later

@Kips_Big_Boy @KbWholesome He’s more chaotic then horny if that makes sense

@imisscorrea We've seen in the CS. Need it in the WS.

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