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@ChristinePedi I can definitely understand the way the musical theater community feels in regards to Sondheim’s passing, as for me that hole you describe was when Carrie Fisher passed away…The impact both of them have had on so many people’s lives was/is immeasurable

@dezzyyXX It was never established at what point of the OPM canon we are put in I can tweet about wanting to fuck dead women too (young Carrie Fisher)

@mosaiccanyon @carrieffisher Go safely amongst the 🌟. Remember you’re loved here, with warm hugs and thanks

Seems like '21 has had more than its fair share of celebrity deaths. But I still don't think it can compete with 1977 (Crawford, Presley, Chaplin, Marx, Crosby) or 2016 (Prince, Bowie, George Michael, Debbie Reynolds & Carrie Fisher). Yes, I'm this morbid:

These Old Broads (2001) is The Expendables for a slightly different demographic, reuniting a bunch of mid-century divas for an early-aughts comedy of errors. TV movie production values but a spectacular cast, and a snappy Carrie Fisher script that's basically Old Hollywood fanfic

My mother always seemed to take issue with Carrie Fisher, because of her father Eddie Fisher’s transgressions My pops didn’t like The Notorious BIG for whatever reason. But he was the first person to call me when big died.…

thinking about the time I posted this Carrie Fisher quote to Facebook and caught a 30 day ban for ‘hate speech’

Going through challenging things can teach you a lot, and they also make you appreciate the times that aren't so challenging. - Carrie Fisher #quote #covid19

"i grew up with three parents: a mom, a dad and princess leia. initially, princess leia was kind of like my stepmom. now she’s my guardian angel, and i’m her keeper." — billie lourd on carrie fisher's legacy, 2019

@Sacrilegious_D What they usually do is run to one quick excuse after another, almost like Belushi in 'Blues Brothers' making all those excuses for why he left Carrie Fisher standing at the altar for their formal wedding. To them it's about being stupid and whatever works to evade.

What was it Carrie Fisher said? Instant gratification isn't fast enough?

Did you know that: Carrie Fisher slapped Oscar Isaac more than 40 times…on the first day of shooting.

@BrianLynch With the best shot of Carrie Fisher. Ever.

Carrie Fisher runs into George Micheal in the afterlife... Carrie Fisher runs into George Micheal in the afterlife... She says, "Oh man, I'm a huge fan! I've got every one of your albums except the first one." He says, "I find your lack of 'Faith' disturbing".

Succumbing to my personal demons (on the Carrie Fisher Wikipedia page again)

@mrsauntiepam I really like autobiographies read by the author. Bruce Springsteen, Carrie Fisher, Dave Grohl, Kate Mulgrew. Something about familiar voices & the very certainty of their stories, I guess.

Carrie Fisher’in gençliği bambaşka bir mevzu……

i don't even pray to god. i pray to carrie fisher and my ancestors lmfao

“The older you get, the easier it is to spot the phonies. And I just think, how unpleasant for them.” - Carrie Fisher

@jhwoodyatt Nothing specific. Ultimately, I admittedly have bias, because Carrie Fisher's voice saying "the more you tighten your grip, the more star systems will slip through your fingers" was a primally formative experience in my youth.

i can also say that i admire her love of words. its something i really love in my partner, too!! he uses his words much like carrie fisher, whom i also love, for jokes and taking a conversation off the rails. i am committed to being a dipshit but i respect it!!

@ionztomo16 Carrie Fisher también era un bellezón, eh?

Bringing this back & amending my original statement to say i’m garfunkel 65% of the time except for when i want to be simon and you just gotta roll with that! Still on esotericism/dating carrie fisher though (will play guitar except for when my little hands get tired)

who will pull a carrie fisher first and spill? c or m?

Carrie Fisher once made a joke about how Lucasfilm owned so much of her own image (in the form of Princess Leia) that she had to pay Lucasfilm every time she looked in the damn mirror So yeah, creator economy woop woop!

@jotabarrioz como decía Carrie Fisher: ."take your broken heart, make it into art"

@YozoraAelphaba @Hardcorejack63 I felt like getting cancer. That'd be better than watching it again. When Carrie Fisher was asked which StarWars to watch, "All with me." No... no... no... Life Day is a terrible one! George Lucas claimed to give himself a lobotomy, why the rest of the series gradually sucked.

@dogunderwater Full tinfoil hat here but I blame it on the tragic loss of prolific script doctor Carrie Fisher. Though actually I do kind of wonder if we've lost a significant amount of uncredited doctors and they're not being replaced...

¿He dicho que 'El cortejo de la princesa Leia' es una de mis novelas favoritas? Leia siempre ha estado maravillosa en los lápices del Maestro Drew Struzan. En este arte para la novela de Dave Wolverton, Struzan capta la esencia de Carrie Fisher, que aparece bellísima...…

@ChrisStein I thought that too, that since Han, Luke and Rey all failed to get through to him, it only made sense for it to be Leia, but seeing as Carrie Fisher passed, I figured it was off the table.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see them explain how Boba Felt escaped from the Sarlacc pit (or, as Carrie Fisher referred to it, “the sand vagina.”)…

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