Top Tweets for Codeine Crazy

I just listened to Codeine crazy 5 times in a row. Good week ahead

Future really said “suckin this bitxh titty like im trynna get some syrup out it” 😭😭😭 My boy really codeine crazy 😵‍💫😵‍💫

he is a little boy dont waste your time

Clothes at Target are so expensive for what???

Bro I just googled lebrons dad….smfh

@ThisIsHipHop2 @XXL Ok this one is stupid codeine crazy is future best song

@ThisIsHipHop2 @XXL W/L even as a big future fan. Codeine crazy is overrated. But its not a bad song

@XXL Codeine crazy is a bad song and not top 50 future

There was a tweet that was asking about i-top 5 ka Future, ndiyonqena uyikhangela. Personally: 1.) Codeine Crazy. 2.) The Percocet and Stripper Joint. 3.) Feds did a Sweep. 4.) March Madness. 5.) Kno the Meaning.

I used to pray for times like this to rhyme like this 🙏🏽…

@SkankToTheBank @LCB1105 @Newman734Kid Aight man if u like future more power to you, I personally can’t listen to his music outside of codeine crazy

@darren_rudolph That oil club just come to ruin everything bru. I hope Levy doesn’t cave because Kane is still under contract till 2024.

Sorry to the other teams but we are winning the league, I’m afraid 🤝…

It’s okay to crave some quiet time at home today, even if you ... More for Sagittarius

if codeine crazy by future or nights by frank ocean isnt my most played song by the end of the year im switching to apple music

Siri play codeine crazy RIGHT NOW for the sake of my chakras

Codeine Crazy just popped up on shuffle & I’m cryinnnn’ 😭

I miss that feeling i got when i heard Codeine Crazy for the first time ….

@YoungWithaLil @1300_FalleN @Neckonfroze___ @manaseczo All I said was codeine crazy was overrated yesterday I only talk about him in replies every other time I’m just trolling

@marianaclericii ln nadie quiere ver el volante de tu carro

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