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@wolfonthehill To me, it feels like Sam Howell last year losing Dyami Brown and Dazz Newsome. It takes time for the next crop of WRs to reach that point of being able to go get the ball. NC State has some dudes that can get there, just don't seem there yet and it shows in game like this.

@lebrownlow Think it’s recruiting. They’ve gotten some guys we wanted (Dax) we’ve gotten some guys they’ve wanted or missed evals on like dazz newsome.

AROUND THE BACK CATCH by Dazz Newsome in 2019!

@ConnerB45772872 @HeelofaPanther @RellDMC Dude, howell made those players. Without howell those players would have been nothing. Look where they are now, dyami brown, reserve receiver. Dazz newsome, unemployed. Javonte williams, fumble prone liability. Michael carter, mediocre backup.

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