Top Tweets for Dukakis

Last week he used George Bush Sr.'s tough on crime speech against Dukakis word for word...…

@RexChapman . Who predicted 21 months before the election that the following would get a major party nomimation? 1976 - Jimmy Carter 1988 - Michael Dukakis 2004- John Kerry 2016 - Donald Trump

@edsbs Strong "Dukakis in the tank" energy here.

i think the girls in Mean Girls could've been meaner

....why did no one tell me Olympia Dukakis played a butch lesbian 😳

All politicians need to Learn the Michael Dukakis rule of photo ops on tanks.…

@LauraLoomer Joe Biden is a terrible candidate, so terrible he once lost to Michael Dukakis. He's so terrible his own president didn't back him to run in 2016. Trump sucks at politics so badly he lost to Biden by 7 MILLION VOTES.

@maria_avdv Clearly this man has never heard of Michael Dukakis.

All former Massachusetts politicians have to lead sports associations. Baker: NCAA Walsh: NHLPA I could see Dukakis as MLB commish…

@drfcjude @notdylm See, this is why they shouldn't even get involved in European sports, lol

@torstrick @PeImeniPusha I'm not a huge fan of Dukakis, but I do think he was a traditional liberal Democrat who had no idea of the vast evil he was up against.

@torstrick @PeImeniPusha If you remember Clinton sabotaged Dukakis's nomination by speaking for hours until it knocked the acceptance speech out of prime time. Bush and Clinton were both "made" men with the ruling class. Dukakis was just another liberal who slipped in because the alternative was Jackson.

@torstrick @PeImeniPusha Dukakis was a transitional figure, nothing like the current pro-militarist Democrats. There was still a McGovernite, antiwar wing of the party back then. The stunt with the tank was Dukakis's attempt to neutralize media smears that he was "soft on defense." It backfired obviously

@notdylm Good thing we have minor league British soccer to fill the gap

Evil Mike Dukakis be like: “Yes Bernard, I would.”

@torstrick @PeImeniPusha Dukakis was destroyed by the media (Google Operation Mockingbird) who wanted the ex director of the CIA in office and not a liberal governor of Massachusetts. Dukakis wasn't pro-war enough.

@PeImeniPusha If you don't know who this is, Google Michael Dukakis.

Anyway, the Pledge is a kiddie thing, and adults doing adult things should have nothing to do with it. And mostly didn't until Dukakis and GHW Bush messed things up. (I think veterans' events might have used it? Anybody know?)

@RyanRadia @vanillaopinions My four completely legal 2022 ballots took about an hour total, including waiting in line. When I caucused for Dukakis, it was a whole evening.

@michaeldweiss Good grief. That’s a blast from the past! It saddens me that I actually remember Michael Dukakis and his campaign ‘tanking’! I’m old enough that I don’t need to Google it! 🤣

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius “testing” a Leo 2 destined for Ukraine. Under the circumstances, please refrain from any ungallant comparisons to Michael Dukakis.

@janetpalomavb Una viñeta toda cago a en publimetro, esto lo cocinaron cuando votaron en contra de la acusación a Jackson

@Fitoquiroga80 Amigo usted se acuerda que la derecha voto en contra de la acusación a Jackson? Ahí esta la cocina amigo, como tan ingenuo.

@DubyaDeSantis Anderson, bush , Connolly, dole, Dukakis, Robertson, Simon, Biden,Buchanan, brown, tsongas, wilder, McCain, Clinton, Cruz, gabbard, Klobuchar….all ran on ‘change’…you may have a flaw in your data!

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