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🎫 Steel Magnolias (1989). 🎭 Romance, Drama, Comedy. 🌟 Sally Field, Dolly Parton, Shirley MacLaine, Daryl Hannah, Olympia Dukakis & Julia Roberts. #SteelMagnolias…

@notcapnamerica @RealTimers I'm not "anti-Black, or a misogynist, and I agree that she's off-putting. I'm just old enough to remember Mondale, Dukakis, Kerry, and H. Clinton. All off-putting people. You want to lose to these MAGAssholes? Put another grating, cloying, off-putting person on the ballot.

I would like to, one day. Like Kitty Dukakis' husband…

@kittywifclaws "I'm voting for Dukakis.." "When you have kids and half your husband's paycheck goes to-" "My HUSBAND'S paycheck!?"

@BrentWilcox @notsarahgray @GovStitt Well, at least Dukakis served. I’m not swayed by ops no matter which side…unless it does something good.

@_jack_fox_ Yeah seems like a pretty straightforward market intervention that benefits everyone

@AFKLM1992 @DurhamFella Some amount of interregional HVDC and clean baseload power (SMRs or EGS or whatever) can really reduce your need for long-duration storage too

@AFKLM1992 @DurhamFella Tech is moving so quickly that I see no reason to think storage will be a problem — and no exotic/new tech is even needed as chaining together cheap lithium ion batteries or green hydrogen are likely to be economical enough

@AcesLiberty @angela4LNCChair Winning against Dukakis doesn’t count as a win though really.

@alecbikes These seem like thoughtful criticisms. But who are you tweeting at?

@DurhamFella Definitely a long-term thing — think 2050 when our electricity sector is predominantly renewables and 4 decades of capital investment and technology advancement is baked in. Abundant deflationary energy

@fintwit_news It’s been a blood month.. and a blood year. 🤭

As renewables begin to dominate energy system they will exert strong deflationary force. Zero marginal cost: spend capital, get a stream of energy Hydrocabrons are inflationary. They have high marginal costs and are difficult to obtain over time as easier geology dries up.

@rodrigoalfaroo1 @cadaunante @PamJiles @Carolina_Toha Después que les chupaban hasta las patas cuando salieron los retiros. Son como la zorra

@CaptAmericaWife @GOP When I was a kid, 1 parent was a Dukakis supporter, the other a Bush. I was taught that kids didn't need to be exposed to politics & that no matter who held the office, you treated them with some, questioning respect. If I had ever spoken of a POTUS as they have Biden... Yikes.

Mostly rting to recommend this great piece on a great record but also to say "remember when music writing online wasn't presented like ad-filled garbage?"…

@calthrina950 use paint dot net to basically change states colors from red to blue depending on if dukakis won it, then did a global color change of the default colors to the wikipedia 50 - 60% colors, and then pasted the main map and removed the side stats onto a new canvas.

@jendubayevans @oilmutt Lmao research on what? Sorry that your backwards attachment to O&G is so severe that seeing clean energy irritates you.

@jendubayevans @oilmutt People producing zero marginal cost clean electricity. Ugh.

@zwallen @IAPolls2022 Indeed nobody could, but he still could have done better. He was seen as Carter's heir and a lot of people really disliked him in his own party. And remember what happened to Dukakis after he said he was opposed to dth penalty. The DNC even considered to replace him.

@whet @jeremypgordon I'm now somewhat curious to hear what a tight pavement song would sound like

@SaysSimonson There was nothing wrong with the Willie Horton ad anyway. The Democrats hated it because it was effective and demonstrated Dukakis' desire to flood the streets with criminals.

I’m hearing that also joining our 11am canvass: @RepAuchincloss and Gov Mike Dukakis! See you at 11 and at 2!

Really enjoying watching two former colleagues go head to head. I truly enjoyed working with both @CoachTedford and @CoachJimMoraFB. Good coaches and good people. Rooting for both of them at their current schools. Today, just want a good game!

@GreeterDan @DrewSav It's the 1988 presidential election results but all counties are swung 20% towards Mike Dukakis (+10% to D, -10% from R). A hypothetical map of sorts

@venetia1647 @ArchivesDynasty @KChandlerTurner @ScottChalleen @GOP Reagan had a recession, but Bush got elected because Dukakis was a weak candidate. Should have been Ted Kennedy.

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