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@shibenoid Walter Jr: 1980 - Carter (D) 1984 - Mondale (D) 1988 - Dukakis (D) 1992 - Clinton (D) 1996 - Perot (R) 2000 - Nader (G) 2004 - Nader (I) 2008 - Obama (D) 2012 - Obama (D) 2016 - Sanders (D) 2020 - Sanders (D)

@shibenoid Walter White: 1980 - Anderson (I) 1984 - Mondale (D) 1988 - Dukakis (D) 1992 - Perot (I) 1996 - Perot (R) 2000 - Bush (R) 2004 - Bush (R) 2008 - Obama (D)

@MikeGrunwald @BecauseMiami @SenRickScott We need high speed rail across the country. Carter and Dukakis both wanted that. In CA and FL voters voted for it multiple times. Just like they voted against gerrymandering.

Venmo unfreeze MCP account challenge

@Scorpgal2024 My mom may have voted for Dukakis too.. I remember i liked Ferrara

@Phillygirl741 I turned 18 in 1988, just AFTER the election sad 😢 Volunteered for Dukakis, since I couldn't vote for him.

@PerceptivTrader How it improves our daily lives : Mindset, endurance of pain, critical observation and laser-focus. etc

When you pray for rain, you got to deal with the mud too.

People love quick success, no wonder people love betting.

@evan7257 @TexasMonthly It’s always the elected officials who no-show

@JoeBlow74516057 @TheBasedMother @MayorWu @WuStain008 @CityOfBoston @BOSCityCouncil It’d be funny if she knew my last name.. if she did, she’d see a direct tie back to the Dukakis administration & prob shit herself. 🤣

@ladytweetet Because we don’t play by the same rules and because frankly, there’s no comparison between the indicted crimes in terms of scope and severity.

@DiazJ88 @brhodes Like Saudi Arabia? Funny, doesn’t seem to be a problem there

In my buddy's wedding and we've got like two hours before photos so the boys are just chillin' sipping mimosas, watching Billy Madison

@sz1176491 Rubio would been Dukakis 2 if he got into the General election

@FloridadadD @WhereIsTruth23 Judging by Special Elections this year, the Dems are over performing by unprecedented levels. An average that comes out to a D+8 environment. Totally unheard of for the party in power. If that holds, Trump gets less votes than Dukakis.

@WilliamHogeland Funny, one time (in the 90s) I'm walking along UCLA campus utterly engrossed in thought, head down, as someone coming towards me whose gaze I sense but resist. As we pass he says hello warmly but I just mutter back. Then I look back and see it was a very friendly Michael Dukakis.

@Calebej37 The Piano Teacher was a hard watch. City of God too.

Michael Dukakis in his helmet looked much more manly than this asshole Ricketts.…

@MarcRPacheco Repeal Dukakis' right to shelter law that has NOTHING TO DO WITH SHELTERING ILLEGALS. It was when mental institutions were closing in the state. Destroying MA is what you are doing.…

Olympia Dukakis in Steel Magnolias: The only thing that separates us from the animals, is our ability to accessorize." True!

@theendisin321 @mitchellvii NO WAY George McGovern, George Dukakis, Walter Mondale, or John Kerry could have lost in 1972, 1984, 1988, & 2004! They obviously WON in landslides!…

I remember laughing when I saw Steel Magnolias and Olympia Dukakis’ character was doing color commentary and was describing jersey colors because she didn’t know what color commentary was. Now ESPN has an entire segment about jersey colors. She was ahead of her time.

@iota… "(3) The purpose of the Charter shall be realized in particular by a) supply and public provision of the existing software and its further development" Pay attention to words "existing" and "further".

@iota You should stop altering content of database called ledger without my permission. I have sui generis database right to it, because validation of its records wouldn't be possible without…. You breached our agreement to develop original IOTA program.

@mattklewis @billscher And they even had liberal Dems acting on the show! Me, for one.

@Thorongil16 Fascinating line of demarcation showing the rural districts that were "Southern Democratic" - back then, they were comfortable voting for Bush and Bentsen (for Senate, that is - he was also on the ballot as Dukakis' VP thanks to the "LBJ law")

@TheMrBarramundi Fire the person who allowed him to wear those boots. It's like Dukakis in the tank. Ova

@MattWallace888 And take a chance that some woke governor like Dukakis will let them out on work release some day? BTW you left out the on purpose and took a video so they would have bragging rights

@DanEisen2 @ProudElephantUS Not in lives, the recidivism rate for capital punishment is low and no bleeding heart liberal governor like Dukakis can let a "life without parole" offender out on work release

All the love I need is at the rodeo

@BostonGlobe @cgasper @NCAA @CharlieBakerMA Tall Deval! A RINO’S RINO! Turned from a moderate Republican to a left wing ballwasher! An embarrassment! Licked down this state and ruined it and open the door for the Lilliputian governor who is worse than the previous midget governors Deval and M Stanley Dukakis

I’m at a cham Pang Lanes in case somebody want my autograph

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