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@shanlonwu #45 learned a lot as President of the United States. Some examples of new words he added to his vocabulary: Constitution, recuse, impeachment, Electoral College, mail in voting, immunity, executive privilege, bicameral, elector, Article II, triad, RICO, witness vs target,

@NotInciteful @VarianceMean @cmclymer What I am saying is that Trump honored the longstanding tradition of not denying executive privilege to Obama. Biden denied it for Trump. So, not hate, stupidity, ignorance, or racism. It's called turnabout is fair play and democrats will reap what they sow.

@OliviaTroye I guess he’s upset that he can’t hide behind executive privilege. Queue the witchey -sign lady please! She’s awesome

@NotInciteful @VarianceMean @cmclymer These are scandals. Obama claimed executive privilege and did not allow Holder to testify. That's ok. As Biden has shown us, EP can be removed for a former president by a sitting president, so guess what's gonna happen when Trump gets elected?

@dadloveshisboyz @n0tGomez @JoJoFromJerz And Trump had executive privilege unlike Joey, or anyone else. Get a life DA.

Let's say you're in a Roberts Rules meeting under executive session. You are being challenged by a member about a remark you just made and you believe that nobody's looking, so you start yelling that the person is assaulting you. Is your bad behavior under executive privilege?

Maybe instead of hitting an innocent black kid with some crack they were forced into with a felony that ends their future we could let them be like Hunter Biden who continues to be released! But you know, executive privilege because he does so much more for this country! Freedom!

Lying loser Democrat, Attorney General Garland perjured himself again under oath don’t have to ask meatball brain Biden to remove executive privilege on Trump. They’re all nothing but a bunch of lying loser Democrats destroying our country, 10,000 illegal enter in one day

@EricHolder Weren’t you the AG that President Obama declared executive privilege for sending weapons to Central America under Operation Fast and Furious? Was that to instill more violence as a future justification for opening the border up and allowing more people to cross illegally? Piss……

@WalshFreedom Did they dig up a 1800’s law, shoehorning a statue of limitations expired misdemeanor into a novel never in history charged “felony” for a “crime” that implicates the first amendment and pierces attorney client privilege, Presidental Records Act, and executive privilege?

@whatchulooking @VisionaryDigMar @JoyceWhiteVance @pebblesmcears Like Biden's speech about firing shokin? Or Hunter's text saying he gave half his money to dad... Or Joe's dinner with the oligarch that was left off the oligarch sanction list? Or the pseudonym emails that Biden just put executive privilege on? What would you consider evidence……

@YokoSpirit @QueensMama1 @n0tGomez @dotkennedy2 @JoJoFromJerz Not at all. Trump no longer has executive privilege, unless Biden decides to let him have it. Suck on that.

@krassenstein @StM_1979 Appropriate comparison is Rep Santos not a document case challenging Executive Privilege and PRA

@seleln1 @3D_Unreal @BarryMarkson1 We don’t know if any claims of executive privilege have been made and to say otherwise is silly.

@MAGAMichelleS69 @tbeatty At least he showed up and at least he didn’t say “I don’t recall” like Barr, or use executive privilege like all the Magat Trumpets puppets and there sits Jim Jordan, who refused a congressional subpoena. Wow!

@TheDemocrats This country does not need another federally funded, overbloated office to manage what each state already has. Another move by Biden who fails to understand he was not elected King. He has abused executive privilege. Further, it will go nowhere Kamala Harris is in charge.

@MacFarlaneNews AG Eric Holder was found in Contempt of Congress but not prosecuted due to Executive Privilege.

@kalliope813 @seanhannity The president has executive privilege and does not have to testify to anyone.

@RpsAgainstTrump I think he’s being advised to skip as many as he can to not incriminate himself. Once he opens his mouth, all gloves are off and who would take the 5th in a debate? Cite executive privilege? Exactly.

@nick_coatsworth There were so many questionable decisions made by the states that to exclude them is an absolute disgrace. Similarly, not holding a Royal Commission is a disgrace, so many decisions hidden behind 'executive privilege' will never see the light of day. Shameful

@SenatorCash The very arbitrary decisions by the states in areas like vaccine mandates require huge scrutiny. My FoI request to the WA state government asking for the research that supported the change from 2 to 3 jabs was declined due to 'executive privilege'.

@FoxNews Every time I see this man makes my skin crawl and my blood boil, he is causing more likely getting paid big money, ku Klux Joe put him over secret service ? Why? Abbott stand up be a man, you have executive privilege of being a governor of that state is a sovereign state ? Texas

why weren't these covered by executive privilege? James Comer given unrestricted access to Biden VP emails: Report…

@RealPNavarro @RudyGiuliani And yet, @realDonaldTrump still hasn’t supported your claim that he asserted executive privilege. You would think that would be an easy thing to lie about, but here you are, @RealPNavarro

POTUS Biden should invoke executive privilege and advance military officers to positions despite Tommy Tubberville, the lunatic from Alabama!! What makes that FOOL think that he could get the US military to follow his directive?? DAMN, these GOP nitwits=IGNORANT a$$et HOLderS!!

@thejackhopkins @RealPNavarro The President’s Advisers are immune from testimony because they are shielded by executive privilege through former President (Trump). You have no idea what this would do to our gov’t if our POTUS can’t speak freely to his advisers.

@MaggsBud @realTuckFrumper And did you think he wasn't going to claim "executive privilege" for THAT, too? LOL #GrifterInChief 😉

@greg_price11 Mind you—Meadows doesn’t dispute *any* of it. What he is disputing in other cases is jurisdiction and venue—arguing that he was acting in the capacity of a federal employee under executive privilege, not in a campaign function.

@KevinPosobiec @JackPosobiec Biden grants himself executive privilege hourly.

@Gussied71 Abbott could stand like a man, be a hero, stand against federal government instead of playing their game he can do something about the Texas border he has executive privilege over the state being governor stand like a man, expose this treason, coward will be your legacy if not

@JDDOppenheimer @bobby27509795 @rad_thor @EdKrassen @MericasPlumber1 but eventually felt what they were asking for was unrelated and exerted executive privilege, which was overturned. Trump has tried to hide a dozen crimes behind executive privilege. Read the indictments. Watch the 1/6 testimony. There’s EVIDENCE. Then come back and call it TDS.

@RealPNavarro Yes, yes we do. We are not that fond of you either. You are a convicted criminal. You had NO EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE….nada Trump has done nothing for you. He will not get back in the WH EVER! No pardons for you!

@EricAbbenante @JennaEllisEsq this is a total Bull-Sh!t post. what do you want the co-defendents to do Plead the 5th. I want them to tell the truth without compromising executive privilege

So, along with his infatuation with Treason, Jonathan Turley is in favor of penetrating executive privilege for partisan purposes.…

@TheBeatWithAri Perhaps the issue with Peter and why Trump never invoked executive privilege is because he really was the singular person who came up with the primary idea behind that “Green Bay Sweep”. If executive privilege was invoked (and doesn’t extend to criminal activity) then

@ntweet_nora @joma_gc @JoeBiden… Spoken like a nazi, The democrat party partnered with Communist China to make a covid bioweapon Trump did not use executive privilege to spend the money like Biden is. Covid - Bioweapon the democrat commies in China made and released.

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