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@elonmusk ppl are trained to do wat ever the tv tells them to do so they run out get 5 or 6 shots then get booster after booster and lying Joe Biden and Anthony fauci tells you you won't get the virus if you get these shots 🤦🏻 Believe Me they say 😂 😂

Totally agree that Dr. Fauci is a hero! His task was made even more impossible because Gumpy actually KNEW Covid was for real, but sought to bury the truth…in a deadly attempt to protect his poll numbers.…

@MarkRuffalo Mr. Ruffalo..u played Larry Kramer in The Normal Heart. Do u know your History? ROCK Hudson died on this day...did You know that LARRY KRAMER HATED FAUCI? Fauci put AZT on the market & 1000's of people died from the poisonous off market cancer drug...heres 1 of his letters

@graciela_sandt @DC_Draino Fair enough. What crushed my Trump vote. Is that on Trumps last day in office Trump gave Fauci a medal. ✌️

@SE_Republican @btme87 @MaxNordau @patngoodwin @BobJerkstore3 @Zombie76555045 @FloridadadD @RealPData Hey coward, how did Reagan's amnesty bill work out? You don't vote for amnesty and a promise, lib. You vote for a clean bill. Why is OnlyTrump filled with libs that support a big spending gun grabber who appoints guys like Wray and Milley and Fauci?

@CartlandDavid how come fauci didn't get it...could have been justified for all the lies alone...

@brizznazz @JackPosobiec He didn’t hire Fauci but he sure didn’t Fire him like he should have.

@bruch_amy @N76247476Man So Trump made a mistake? And yet he never admits his mistakes. He awarded Fauci a medal. Trump changes position more often people change their underwear. He supported McCarthy, Graham and most other establishment people.

@kevinnbass I found out that paper and cloth do not stop viruses in seventh grade science class. Fauci knows it and did a 180 on the issue, why? People who have had a professional relationship with Fauci don't think much of his medical aptitude but they have described him as a good liar.

@LogicalMD33 @TheEliKlein Except Fauci often didn’t mask. So where’s the logical consistency, doc?

@JackPosobiec Or handed the country over to Fauci Or given Fauci a medal Or promoted the vaccines, which he still does Or printed all that money

Dr. Fauci was a 'warmup dictator': Matt Taibbi… via @YouTube

@ClownWorld_ Of course they want to take it!! 60% are obese which is # 1 reason for inflamation which depreciates your immune system needed to overcome COVID. but telling them that they are fat and obese is fatphobic but rather take their GOD fauci vaccine instead.

@FLMIRONES Becario en los noventa de Fauci. ¿Se entiende mejor así?

@OccupyDemocrats Oh, I see it every day! Biden, Peloci, Shumer, Fauci, Gates, Chaney, and the list goes on.

@simonateba did you see when that judge was put on camera - he possed but what got me was he looked just like fauci!!!!

@hodgetwins They ran out of the alphabet. And they are start with the numbers 😂🤣😅

@SteveMcQueen369 @DebyanneS Dude, WTF? A lot of people have been in public service lady, but if the president’s job to hire and fire them. He elevated Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx. He created OWS. He advocated for the vaccine and got it himself. At least be honest enough to admit that Trump gave us this.

Why can't we have this policy? Trump has his chance to build the wall and drain the swamp. He failed. He's a loser who lost the election, and caved to Fauci. Let's bring in someone with fresh ideas.…

@xsaezll Uno fue Becario de Fauci y la otra Trabaja para Biontech....ohh waooo....jajajaja..Sr. el tiempo está dando la razón....y la justicia llegará tarde o temprano

@TheoFleury14 If you think Fauci will go to jail, you should have learned when Hillary didn’t years ago that there are two different sets of laws in the USA and Fauci can do what he wants.

@JackPosobiec Here's mine: he needs to disavow the vax and give the American people a mea culpa for his failure to stop Fauci and the other Nazis that fraudulently and thru coercion had many injection themselves with a potentially dangerous medical treatment.

@liz_churchill10 Im in my garage listening to chapter 10a of ‘The Real Anthony Fauci’, which is the chapter on Bill Gates. Gates is a monster. @RobertKennedyJr is a brave man to call him out.

@ItsTheBikes Investing in ammo seems like it would be better than gold, IMO, NFI. Side note, I hope people start turning to decentralized non-fiat currency to combat banks cancelling accounts of those not following the NWO script.

Fauci, his net worth exploded during the Pandemic, Imagine That.

@USMarineVet1969 🤣🤣🤣 Yeah I saw that interview. Ridiculous....ludicrous and you're right, he handed us all over to Fauci. Maybe he thought Fauci was solid at the beginning of COVID but he certainly knew differently when he gave him the award.

@AggregateSense @michaeljknowles You're deceived. Ron is losing because people know he's phony. Everything I said about him is true. Ron was the one who praised Fauci in his own state. Ron used Trump to become governor. Rob is LOSING. You'r reality is a pipe dream and a waste of time and $$.

As a person who almost ended up on that slab because of Pfizer and Dr Fauci, if I were judge and jury it wouldn't be very nice for either of them.

@catturd2 Looks like a mix between Bernie Sanders and Fauci

@MMAGamblingtips @DebyanneS By the way, Fauci been in there since the mid 80’s. Duuhhhhhhhhhh

@chrisdancy dont forget Fauci put azt on the market and 1000's of PWA's died. do your deep dive. larry kramer HATED HIM find his many letters (from kramer to fauci) online

@ZHERKA_NATION Thank You Dr Fauci My Child Has Blue Eyes And Blonde Hair (Genetically Speaking) Because Of The Covid Vaccine. Thank You.

Fauci' income EXPLODES during Covid

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