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@iPolicy @joesanders33 @BallouxFrancois @AlexBerenson Lab-generated pathogens are nasty - blame Fauci et al. (rather than the medically tyrannized citizens)

@Ivylgeexec It is just for show . The FBI, DOJ ect are just a wing of the treasonous Democrat party .they tried to frame Trump for years while literally letting Democrats get away with murder and voter fraud for decades . They really upped their game in 2020 . Dr. Fauci , China and Covid.

@ScottAdamsSays @RobbieJ377 @motherfood In general we must assume Acton's dictum to be true. "Power tends to corrupt, absolute power corrupts absolutely." (see FederalistPaper51) Man is at the same time reason-able, weak and errorprone. Fauci, just to name 1 has unlimited power w/out electoral accoiunatability.

@SteveScalise You should work on issues that help families in this country. Vowing for countless investigations into Fauci, Covid origins, Hunter Biden, Direct TV, and all of the other bull crap you guys can muster up does not help the people of this country.

Are the rats starting to jump ship and look to throw Fauci to the wolves??…

@laurenboebert Especially by China.....unleash a virus and then sell us PPE to "save" ourselves from it. How convenient!! Fauci probably owns stock in a mask producing company too!

@Rob_Flanagan07 @WarmGingerTea @greg_taylor @HollanRene @DrEliDavid You can’t even find these articles as they have been scrubbed. Yes there were multiple articles on this that were still available in 2020. Fauci knew they didn’t work in the begining and then suddenly flipped his stance.

@DashDobrofsky Feds "smuggle" migrants everyday, Fauci is fine, and the college board admitted the changes made had nothing to do with DeSantis. But, tell us more douche.…

@bloodless_coup Trump gave us over to Anthony Fauci and Debbie Birx. After reading Dr Scott Atlas’s book, I could never vote for anyone involved in the Trump White House for anything.

@ElectricCow77 @ITGuy1959 He wanted the wall, but only portion was built. He put Wray in charge of FBI and kept listening to Fauci and Birx on COVID. He had Barr doing nothing regarding potential election shenanigans. He had some ideas, but couldn't in put people who would implement them.

@MrReaganUSA Trump initiated the CovidVax murder program. Trump, Biden, Fauci, and thousands of these mass murderers are wanted dxxd or alive.

@Benjibon Which didn't happen until the smear and still doesn't negate the point, that discussion was closed down. That is why I sent you the Rand Paul clip re the FDA/Fauci emails.

@DanDandyOne Yes. She will pull a Fauci or dodge subpoenas, though. Nothing would come of it, IMO.

@Mona87284429 L'auteur de l'étude originale publiée en 2008 est ? Anthony Fauci !!!…

@RonnyJacksonTX While you’re at it, find out how Jared made $2 Billion from the Saudis. Your treatment of Dr Fauci is just despicable. What have you ever contributed to the field of medicine other than calling a morbidly obese old man the healthiest president?? Stop with the vendetta.

@The_Trump_Train Yes , it came from China and I believe Fauci and Big Tech helped produce it.

@nmlinguaphile All DeSantis has to say is he followed Fauci guidelines and Trump turned us all over to the gnome of death. DeSantis course corrected as soon as he got updated information and did not hesitate to say he thought it was bad policy. Trump may get smoked and I am ok with it.

@_Janey_J VAIDS- ask Fauci he knows about this

@amazed_am_i @ACTBrigitte Trump appointed Dr. Fauci who then advised lockdowns, Trump allowed mandates and sat by while the team he appointed bungled their response, where was the leadership? You don’t get to be President then blame everything on all the people you are in charge of

@RonnyJacksonTX Just because you failed at your job don’t lie. Your best “gaslighting” efforts to rewrite your MAGA and Trump’s dismal COVID response the facts say otherwise. “Almost twice as many Republicans than Democrats died of Covid, study says” Fauci is a hero!…

@RonnyJacksonTX You lying slanderous creep. Unlike you and your Republican scum colleagues, Dr.Fauci’s work has earned him the affection of all decent Americans. He’s productive, professional, and brilliant. He has the backing & respect of the science & medical community. And you don’t, you sot.

@RonaldKuilder @robertjensen Vaccin zou 100% bescherming geven? Onderbouwd door Joe Biden, Dr Fauci en Hugo de Jonge. Dansen met Janssen, weet je het nog? En hoeveel bescherming geeft het nu, en waarom is er een booster nodig?

@goddeketal Fauci's not the only one who needs to be held accountable. Nuremberg 2 anyone?

@EtanaHechtDC @VigilantFox Some of us were talking about Fauci's crimes before covid. We are grateful millions around the world have joined the crusade, regardless of their reasons. Unfortunately, it had to be this way. 😔 You have to show the people before they will believe.…

Dr. Robert Malone regarding Dr. Fauci: “Tony has no integrity, he lies all the time and me and my peers have been watching this for decades. We just shrug our shoulders and shake our heads and say, ‘It’s Fauci.’”

@WKorolev @Aaron18107849 @laderechadiario @Project_Veritas Tu me dices que los correos de fauci fueron desestimados, cuando está en proceso la investigación del congreso. De hecho fue tal el escándalo de la ganancia de función que el lideraba, que tuvo que renunciar después de 40 años. Eso es una sola de tus mentiras

AGAIN-what's the difference between Fauci & Mengele? One was a sanctimonious, sycophantic, opportunist that sold his soul to the devil & experimented on men, woman & children "for the greater good" of his party & to make money for his masters & the other one is a dead Nazi.

@VtuberYubel @Shaydieblue @proreid86 @ninaturner Housing prices are not calculated in inflation and recession. And while Trump could have handled COVID better by ignoring Fauci, It was Biden who kept businesses locked down, mostly lib governor's who enforced it, and Biden again printing more money than Trump did and spending it

@KariLake Fauci unleashed it along with a certain company run by his insane friend..China was just the outsourcing location as it is with so many other American products supported by the deep state

@ben_wwh I was referring to how trump was acting during that timeline of events. Attacked kemp for opening early, paraded fauci around, and he was pro vaccine until like last month. Lockdown is not something he can attack DeSantis on

If you can't post the Fauci Files how about a copy of the "cease and desist" from his attorneys? @elonmusk

@healthbyjames "Praise Lord Fauci!" We The Covidians worship thee...

@RonnyJacksonTX You’re bad at your job Ron Ron. Dr. Fauci’s taxes have been filed and reviewed exhaustively and no wrongdoing has been found at all.…

@The_Trump_Train Yes, paid for in part by Fauci gain-of-function funding, in China, which was and is illegal. This administration lacks law enforcement, however, so we're still waiting for something to be done about Fauci and Birx, and Birx who has admitted openly that she lied.

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