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Time to face the music of a Republican Congress, Fauci! You are a disgrace!…?

@ChickenSashim1 @KyonSisLover @kikerape Oh my Fauci, she actually went through with the transition? I’m so proud. You are so, so valid. Never let these haters tell you otherwise.

“In October 2017, Del Bigtree & Aaron Siri…joined me in suing HHS under the Freedom of Information Act to produce the long-promised safety studies. Ten months after the meeting with Fauci and Collins, on the courthouse steps, HHS admitted that we were, in fact, correct:…..1/2

On your left is Kristian Andersen, UK researcher who emailed Fauci 1/31/20 saying virus looks lab-made. The man on your right is Kristian Andersen who Fauci called 2/1/20 and ordered to publically say it wasn't lab-made, which he did. Fauci gave him a $1.9M grant & $16.5M funding

The "precautionary principle" is a bastardized and misapplied doctrine, yet if it was to be applied at all with respect to Covid-19, it should have resulted in a funding/research freeze of Daszak, Baric, et al. pending forensic investigation (and a sidelining of Fauci, too).…

@Malindo_45 @ByronYork @marcthiessen He hired Fauci, Birx. And shut the country down at their suggestion. That was awful judgement

Fauci’s Net Worth Nearly Doubled during Pandemic… Double down my bet! November

@FedProm @Reuters Fauci would’ve been promoted, on every TV channel, and on the cover of every magazine. Maybe this doctor should get a job in government. There’s no accountability there 🤷🏻‍♂️

@JackPosobiec Its what fauci did with his deadly aids Vax experiment

Dr. Fauci and wife's wealth 'skyrocketed' by $5 million during pandemic: analysis… via @nypost

@Dr_Bry_So_Fly But Fauci et al. had this planned for years. They patented the virus. They developed it via NIH’s elicit gain of function research. They likely had the vax in hand when the virus “escaped” from Wuhan. Blaming Trump is silly.

@ryanobrien @MarkDronet2 I don’t care what 🤡 Fauci says or anyone else. It isn’t over. I’ll believe it’s over when it’s not killing hundreds of Americans per day, and when the vaccines and “treatments” actually work.

@Samanth48487861 @RepSherrill This is straight from the Fauci led propaganda machine

@Bernvazquez1 @prayereagle64 @TheRickyDavila Trusting fauci lol ? They did the opposite of what he advised them? Republicans hate science they didn’t trust him. Mental gymnastics again huh?

@NRO Fauci literally worked day and night for years with no break. Next time you retweet the same article over and over, think about that.

@JuhaSamuel @VVElomaa Fauci sai palkintorahansa Tel Avivin Yliopistolta. En voi kuvitella parempaa palkinnon myöntäjää. Perusteluissa todetaan, että Fauci joutui taistelemaan näkemyksensä hyväksi (presidenttiä vastaan). Palkinnot ovat korkeakoulumaailmassa hyvien tekojen mahdollistamiseksi.

@R_H_Ebright The @NIH is so corrupt it should be defunded and dismantled. And Fauci and Peter Dzask should be in jail.

I recommend reading Robert F. Kennedy Jr's "The Real Anthony Fauci". It contains extensive data on Gates' horrible support of vaccines that killed many during testing. It also addresses Fauci's insistence on HIV/AIDS being caused by a virus, while killing with AZT treatment.…

@ByronYork @marcthiessen DeSantis did not have a Fauci, Birx, corrupt federal health bureaucrats and a hostile, hateful, vindictive national press to deal with.

@Ny718allday @prayereagle64 @TheRickyDavila While all democrats knew the plan to fuck off Americans, Republicans were trusting your hero Fauci, the democrats CDC and FDA.

@mirandadevine We have so many politicians like Biden and bureaucrats like Fauci that believe all these politically motivated accolades that the criticism I receive has become refreshing.

Dr Mengele Fauci strikes again. He is evil personified.…

@DrJamesOlsson You’re a doctor? 3rd leading cause of death is doctor errors. Maybe the Fauci Ouchie is the cause.💉💉💉

@AlexBerenson @NIH @EcoHealthNYC The whole history of Daszak, Baric, Shi Zhengli and Fauci is maddening, and the madness has been happening in plain sight. It would be helpful if @TheDemocrats stopped deifying sociopathic narcissists who claim to be "science," in and of itself.…

@DickesonKathy Cause they've all been shot with a stupid vaccine from Fauci

@disclosetv “We own the science” but I though Fauci was the science.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Fauci oversaw the creation of Covid-19 in a lab, then rode its devastation to worldwide fame and fortune. #GetTheCatapult…

@tjwatson0403 @KylieInCali84 The misinfo is coming from Fauci, Collins, Gates, Walensky, and their propagandists in the mainstream corporate media who get the overwhelming majority of their ad revenue from big pharma. Uncritically parroting their talking points in order to appear smart is a terrible look.

@TG22110 You have Fauci as your Avatar, LET THAT SINK IN.

@j2simpso @RedToryFan Vigorous safety trials that never passed animal trials. You believed Pfizer & Fauci, no informed consent/no liability when you could have taken a very inexpensive anti viral medicine that won a Nobel Peace prize.

@DanielPrantner Does not look like we have reached any consensus at this stage. In addition many of those promoting zoonosis are hopelessly conflicted, reliant on NIH/Fauci funding who stand a lot to lose if the science of virology is to blame for the creation of this monster.

Covid was created in a lab..#Vaccines mandated..Safe treatments like IVM were blocked..Doctors & scientists were censored/fired..#Genocide..#Plandemic..It will happen again..Of course there were biolabs in Ukraine #FDA..#CDC..#Fauci..Who owns #Metabiota..

@LangmanVince HRC goes without saying 1.Liz Cheney 2.Adam Schiff 3. Comey 4. Alec Baldwin 5.Deborah Birx & the puppy torturer Fauci _______________________ (I have far more than 5 here's a few more) 6.The whole cast of 'The View' 7. Joy Reid 8.Don Lemon 9. Cross dresser General Milley Etc.

Canadian Actress Is Happy To Have Facial Paralysis From Fauci Jab…

It’s shocking how closely the opinions of Cruz, Paul, Conway, et al coincide with mine regarding Don Trump. It shows how far the GOP is willing to go to gain power that they are willing to crucify someone like Fauci and deify Trump, the uninformed narcissistic, xenophobic liar.…

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