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I like M A Fleury @NHLBlackhawks give some D support, thank you

Having been at the NHL Draft in Nashville when Edzo and the Penguins drafted Fleury (and Eddie O was pumped that day), it’s surreal to see Edzo interview Flower in a Blackhawks context during their broadcast just now. Really strange! #LetsGoPens

1.Why are we not starting starting Fleury? And 2. How long will Edzo keep up the “kid”

🎥: Marc-Andre Fleury makes good off ice impression on Blackhawks

Marc-André Fleury chatted over the phone with @Real_RobRossi today to talk about his return to Pittsburgh tomorrow and more. Check it out:…

@andrewgiddins @Blackhawk_Up He’s 36 and teams almost always play their backup in one of the back to back games. Stats show getting a days rest is huge. even if the team is on a back to back home, the goalie plays at a .912 save % with a days rest. With the Hawks D you need Fleury at his best, but go off 🤷‍♂️

@TheoFleury14 @getongab Exactly. As ever, “follow the money” and it leads to all kinds of evil roots. But also 👊🏻 sir. You’ve been a great source of courage for many. I played ice hockey and didn’t quit, despite my lack of size, b/c I saw the fiery Fleury playing for my Avs 🔥👑

According to himself, Marc-Andre Fleury is a big smart genius.

@andrewgiddins @NHLBlackhawks We should’ve kept Fleury! Lehner’s given up 7 in 2 games.

que sensação maravilhosa de ir pra casa e nao ter que voltar pro fleury amanha

@lkerinssy @_PapiGordo Fleury isn't starting since they are in Pittsburgh tomorrow

How does a team with… -Patrick Kane -Jonathan Toews -Seth Jones -Dominik Kubalik -Alex DeBrincat -Kirby Dach -Tyler Johnson -Marc-Andre Fleury …look so unprepared and disinterested? If I’m the GM I’m firing this entire joke of a coaching staff between periods. #Blackhawks

@Eric_Conn @getongab Money is the root of all evil just ask Pfizer.

If Simon scores on fleury and he surrenders goals to him and Jack Johnson, is there ever coming back from that?

@andrewgiddins @Blackhawk_Up They play in Pittsburgh tomorrow. They clearly are saving him to start against his former team and he was just in last game… calm down you act like Lankinen is a scrub and Fleury can play every game. Maybe the players should wake up and realize the game has started already.

@rachelmaatallah No. This never would have happened if Fleury was still here. The organisation massively screwed up. The GM's need to be fired. Trade everyone. It's time for a rebuild. *this is clearly sarcasm*

dude the NHL just gets off on fucking over Fleury…

On eve of his possible final game in Pittsburgh, Marc-Andre Fleury talks to ⁦@TheAthleticNHL⁩ about his uncertain future and offers advice for Tristan Jarry — and a couple of former ⁦@penguins⁩ teammates…

@EASPORTSNHL @PlayStation when we getting a roster update? Grub isnt with the Kraken , Reaves and Fleury are still with Vegas. I could go on.

SPORTS CHAT: High school hockey and tournaments resume, Fleury, former Eagle news and more…

Look Dougie knows his brand and he’s sticking to it

Nothing on TV for a FRI nite. Guess I’ll fire up Netflix & look there? Wait! Seems the @NHL channel is actually working for once on DirecTV? #NJvsCHI & was expecting to see Fleury in Net after being dumped by LV Golden Knights😡Nope! Why trade for a top goalie & not play him?🤷‍♂️

Is anybody else heated that Fleury is sitting on the bench? What drugs is Colliton doing!?

Wait a second they pulled Flower already and the game hasn’t started? The Blackhawks are treating Fleury bad already!

@Ogie488 @worldhockeyrpt @FriedgeHNIC There was also Marc-Andre Fleury, Dubios, Panarin, plus more… I want it badly but I’m expecting disappointment.

@1ostwolf @chenqiushi404 From the moment he used 娘炮, a very homophobic term nowadays, to describe a man feminine I decided not to continue to support his fight. Good luck. I hope he can study more, learn and educate himself if he really support LGBT rights.

Is there a reason why Fleury isn’t playing tonight?

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