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@CFCRobL @ExpectedChelsea It is but rotating 1 in rather than all three or two of the three every game is harming the chemistry between the attack. Pool rarely rotate and the majority of games City play Grealish, Foden, Silva, and KDB without much rotation except Sterling/Mahrez every now and again.

@Tuchel_era My major annoyance with Odoi is he got into the 1st team in 2019 under Sarri but till today, he's still Chesterfield standard. Foden, Greenwood, Saka, Smithrowe, Lamptey, Broja, Livramento all met him there but have left him far behind. His £120k per week is Fraudulent.

City fans tweeting Foden > Rooney was bad on its own. They’re now claiming Dias > Ramos 😭😂

@hassani_hilali @kareemKTBFFH @BobMchelsea Tafuta bro. Foden aliumia, Gundo aliumia, kuna mechi mbili hapa kati kacheza Ndinho , Rodri aliumia , Walker aliumwa akakosa some games .

Greenwood graduated from academy you're giving him jersey number 11 making him feels like he's already becoming a legend... his fellow Phil foden is still putting on his jersey number 47 Rashford is putting on jersey number 10 of great Wayne Rooney and you don't want this players…

@FootballFunnnys He was bought because pep is going to turn him into a £100mill player - oh wait a sec they spent £100millon him 😂😂 Fraudiola doesn’t improve players- oh I hear what about Foden? He is that good that if Klopp had him he’d have been player of the year and England captain by now!

Stones top 5 earner at the club, our way structure will be through the roof soon. Sterling, Foden, Cancelo and Dias renewal soon.…

No U24 player in the league bar Foden is touching this guy…

@Callumoakes10 @Travis_Frase @mrjakehumphrey *Liverpool even city if they lose Kyle walker and cancelo to long term injuries or covid they would be slapped I can tell ya that for a fact. That's when you will see foden and de bruyne playing full backs 😂 our season ended inevitably as soon as chilwell pick up that injury

@FPLMate Out ⬅️Lookman In➡️ Foden Cap.✅ Cancelo

El no gol de Grealish también viene de una presión fabulosa de Foden que le tapa al arquero el central derecho. Pep le encontró una cosquilla a Tucho.

Any suggestions about what I should do with my £3.9m itb? Can't quite afford a Foden to KDB switch unfortunately (in one transfer). Mount to Raphinha, and Foden to KDB is an option I'm considering though. Otherwise, I could stick with Foden, & sell Gray for Raph. Bench boost?

@Flamengo caralho, eu vi uma cidade e pensei que alguem do Manchester city tava vindo pro mengão, tava soltando fogo e chorando aqui pensando quanto ode bruyne ou o foden iria deitar no Brasileirão

@ExpectedChelsea Pep doesn't change their structure now, it's always the same but you can play Mahrez, Grealish, Sterling, Foden, Jesus, Silva in the same positions and they know the mechanisms perfectly. That's why their depth is better. For us our depth can't play that system

@SandyC8572 Also, the original tweet is ridiculous. Almost as bad as the one that said he take Foden over Rooney at the same age 😂

@kingofbrokelean @smalzwears @CFCDUBois The goal that De Bruyne scored who did a Foden point 9 drag before he, Bruyne shoot?

You want to close the gap between Liverpool and Man City?? look at City's lineup and ask yourself how many of their academy players start regular games aside Foden. Same as TAA for Liverpool...Not rocket science enter the market and back Tuchel if you mean to close the gap.

@FPLMate Foden In Raphinha In Foden (C) Dennis (V)

Foden >>>>> Mount If you mention UCL, I'll report your account 🧏🏾‍♂️

@drewturner__ @EBL2017 y say city’s depth is “far superior” especially if you say Liverpool’s XI is better. Difference is city has players like Foden, Gundogan, Bernardo, KDB, Jesus who Pep has tactically molded to play in many positions. Cancelo was not a left back before joining city now he plays LB

@FPLMate If avl dgw dawson-digne gray-foden maddison-couthino (-8) if not dgw gray-Foden maddison-couthino (-4) Captain Cancelo/Foden

@Philou_Foden c’est quoi ce deck de mec en phase terminale ?

@MEW_Bffeurdbits @TocSeba @SoffynOma @FRBlueMoon en mode si Foden est moins bon en ce moment c’est prcq il est pote avec Grealish mdrrrr

@drewturner__ @EBL2017 The insane squad depth at this point is gone. It was better 2 years ago but we have lost a lot of key players and are still winning. If you take out our 11 best players (KDB, Bernardo, Ederson, Dias, Laporte, Walker, Cancelo, Rodri, Mahrez, Foden, Sterling) you are left with Jesu

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