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@mmpadellan Omg this is hilarious thanks for the laugh.

1952 Oscars flashback: Bogie won, Brando lost, Gene Kelly made history - GoldDerby…

@AngiNicole722 @WaysideWriter He has the moves for it. (Yes, I know Singing in the Rain is Gene Kelly. Still...)

@SarahSevans2000 Down south they will say honey, sweetie,sugar and so on. Most men will take it the wrong way lol

@IndoEnts Why singing in the rain, that was Gene Kelly

@BRBRASTREISAND I see him more of a Gene Kelly. Fred was lighter on his feet. Tom has Gene’s athleticism

@SeoltangSteph Id love it but it was gene kelly in this one

he would have been better as Gene Kelly. I would have loved that. But I can’t picture him as Fred Astaire

@angeladorotheas Not to be that bitch, but Singin in the Rain was Gene Kelly. 😁🤓 Tom does have all the dancing chops tho. Wow.

@hellresidentNY That’s Gene Kelly’s dance number & he is never going to be able to match Fred Astaire’s grace and eloquent style.

but I like gene kelly better so this is for the best

if anything tom holland looks more like gene kelly

I see him as more of a Gene Kelly myself but I’m sure his estate still cares about his dying wishes 😌

@classic_film How abt On the Town? Gene Kelly keeps chasing Vera-Ellen around, including her ballet classes w Madame Dyliofsky, who is the reason she runs out on their date to get to her Coney Island coohie show job. And of course, the big New York ballet sequence.

@brittlestar Magic… come on, man. This is Fred Astaire. I’ll see you one Fred Astaire cane dance and raise you a Gene Kelly newspaper dance.

@tokyo_trap_god Yoooo, send that to me please. Walken is slick light on his feet, I’m sure he’s an admirer of Gene Kelly.

@kevinparakeet Yooo i love this, i've been on a Gene Kelly binge recently. There's a good TCM program about him narrated by Christopher walken.

I know we are getting to see Tom Holland as Fred Astaire and I cannot wait, but could you imagine him as Gene Kelly???? 🥺😫😭 #TomHolland…

@mordicaioshea @brittlestar Okay, you've convinced me. Fred Astaire wasn't a real person, he's a realistically drawn animated character. How could I have been so duped all these years? Next I suppose I'll learn Gene Kelly never actually danced with Jerry the mouse.

people keep citing the umbrella dance as a reason why tom holland is strong casting for fred astaire, meanwhile i’m grumbling “that’s gene kelly you fools” under my breath

@ShaunTossell Holland had training in ballet. Cholesterol to Gene Kelly than Fred astaire. You can see how different that can be in this video:

@BoomySpidey Hopefully in the future he also gets to play Gene Kelly 🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾

@cecilia_girls I mean… he already killed it as Gene Kelly…

Gene Kelly, Agnes Moorehead and Janice Rule pose for a press photo  for the Schlitz playhouse of stars episode "The life you save", based on a Flannery O'Connor story, 1957.

@DoraHol97570423 @amaliabalashs @DiscussingFilm @APEntertainment Holland has training in ballet, like gene Kelly. Astaire was trained more in ballroom. You can see the difference in this sequence:

Singin' in the Rain (Full Song/Dance - '52) - Gene Kelly - Musical Roman... via @YouTube

I will never tire of @TomHolland1996 doing his Gene Kelly/Rihanna on #lipsyncbattle and I’m ok with it. Happy Monday. Have a great week all.

@FrankConniff He has beautiful bi-lateral symmetry, and a solid, solid, core upper body stillness - a la Gene Kelly. He'd be perfect for Kelly. I think he has the work effort to learn and copy Astaire's natural grace. (Kelly and Astaire are opposites in style.)

@rapmoonstarr_ Indo no YouTube mandar um "Tom Holland sapateado" agora KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK Nina, Fred Astaire e Gene Kelly são meus REIS de cinema musical eu vou virar uma pessoa horrível se zoarem esse rolê.

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