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(im Monday Frisky?) Gobble Gobble bACK At iT WItH tHE CLIcKITY cLAck!!!

@belmontbooks Oh sorry, I was using the line to talk to Jimmy from math class. You guys needed to talk to customers? My bad.

New “Baby Boy” Red tried to gobble up @officialdonika poems and I don’t blame him.

@gavinnersVEVO If you had told me he was from that lawyer game you like (ace attorney?) I would've believed you

Omfg I can’t believe I forgot to post this on thanksgiving Gobble gobble gobble

bro I swear my brain is so stupid it just try's to grasp onto subliminal meaning everywhere even when I try to just act normal I just cant >.<

My college was paid for by various scholarships. If we are ever to be a truly great nation, we have to stop investing billions in the rich as we've been doing for decades and start investing in poor, working class, and middle class citizens. #CancelStudentDebt…

Shiba Inu Whales Gobble Up Billions Worth of SHIB Following Announcement of New Gaming Partnership - The Daily Hodl $SHIB Boom💥💥💥💥💥 ⁦@Shibtoken⁩ ⁦@ShibaSwapDEX⁩ ⁦@ShibArmy⁩ ⁦@manpreetkailon⁩ ⁦…

yeh fucking right dial a phone fuck off!! IM GOING CRAZY AND NO ONE CARES!!!!😂😂😂😂

yeh i know ive been the worst person possible person lately... but apparently violence gets you want you want "most" the time

wanna gobble yangyang up

My favorite thing is letting my gas tank get low and then making zayne pump my gas 🤍

@gavinnersVEVO At this point I'm not sure if Nox is an OC or an actual character from something anymore

@alexisgman I guess it’s gem farming for now, then. I’ll probably go beat up the Cryo Regisvine since it’s easy.

@alexisgman Huh. Usually leakers have that info locked down by now. Like soon after character reveals.

@ErnieLies "She would *not* fuck off!" "Yeah she did 😍"

Gimme. Islands! Yum! Islands. Glorp! Shlorp! Gobble! Gloop! Gulp! Lala! Islands. Islands, islands! Yum, yum, yum! Islands, islands! Chomp. Islands. Yum!

@distractabee When they ask you what you do for a profession you can just say "well it sure ain't playin' with fondant, I can tell ya that much!"

Hey, do we know what boss mats Yunjin needs in #GenshinImpact? I’m trying to decide what to do with my resin for the next few days.

@btbekel @ThiccStauskas While I do not doubt the Iowan spirit, with UM clinching a spot in the game earlier, they were able to gobble up tix quickly and relatively cheap. By Haskins final TD they were $150-200, by the time Minny beat Wisky they were $300+. Glad I got my tix weeks ago. I go every year

@ChrisErchull I wish you had met Nico Lard, two unfortunate letters distance from moi

Stare in to the sky so I can see the pieces coming at me so I can dodge them, duh…

@myknittingwool @lynlinking @ABCaustralia @WgarNews @sallymcmanus They work for less $ , you know so the overpaid overweight can oink oink while they gobble eaten out food & drinks!

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