Top Tweets for Happy Founders

What a great Happy Hour 🥰. Thank you for graciously hosting us and giving Black Founders a safe space to network & collaborate @JeanineSuah!…

👋 @BloombergBeta we're always happy to talk to potential founders, help them think through ideas — I’d love to see this be a more diverse and inclusive startup community.

@harnie_john Hi John 👋🏾. All ideas shared here are reviewed only by a small team consisting of our founders and a few other Mono employees. Everything you share within the application is completely confidential. We're happy to answer any other questions you might have about this.

🥳🎂🎉Happy Birthday to #BELIEVE FansFund Founders Andrew & @sugarfreetic Hope you both have a great day! #wafc 🔵⚪️

One of the most gratifying takeaways from leading our programs is that I get to meet incredible founders ✨ #TBT to the @EndeavorMIA ScaleUp Cohort Four Happy Hour. Looking forward to meeting amazing entrepreneurs this 2022! Learn more & apply:…

To you, we pay our homage due for aye. Happy Founders Day Moses Simon mikel arteta okocha arsenal Liverpool

Seeing most of my friends as founders on my Twitch feels good. But I do wonder how those who I don't see anymore doing that are founders. I hope they are well, safe and happy!

Founders Spotlight: Change Foods Celebrate National Cheese Lover’s Day with @change_foods Change harnesses the power of microbes to create real #Cheese through #precisionfermentation. Real cheese, no cow! Happy National #Cheese Lovers Day! #foodtech #sustainability #impactvc

Founders Spotlight: LOCA FOODS Celebrate National Cheese Lover’s Day with @eatlocafood potato queso Junk food taste but #healthy ingredients. Now available at Happy National #Cheese Lovers Day to the LOCA team! #dairyfree #femalefounders

Happy Founders Day💙🤍💚💗❤🤍💙💛…

Its been suggested by @Dyslexia_130987 that we start a Founders discord chatroomso we can connect for various reasons. Im happy to do it this weekend for us. If not familiar with these, DM me..

@SionSchool Gorgeous ❤️ Happy Founders Day to all

Happy to see Pakistan's top startup founders meeting Prime Minister Imran Khan. @ABinthemix @MohsinZakaa @Tazahtech…

@jameslavz @DEXToolsApp @CBCreepz You can never make everyone happy and that is why I was so thrilled the founders put it to a vote. The community spoke and it was done. This community is the most cohesive I have ever seen!

So I finally get to see a list of my founders on twitch Got to see a few names I haven't seen I a while But then I see that nikki, bwit, and clam are all on that list, and that made me really happy

@sleeplessmine @dennis_hohoho @metavillageNFT @GoodCryptoBoy @HAPPY_ArmRobin @rodykang126 Yeah, they didn’t allow me to mint. It’s limited to just 1 regardless of giveaways. Had to chase down founders in Discord, but got to the bottom of it

Dogged founders, electric culture, happy customers, UGC network effects, big market = easy decision. In cases like this, the VCs are the ones doing the pitching.  Excited to partner with @melfellay, Zari, and the crazy @spekitapp octopus crew on this next chapter 🐙🎉…

Happy Founders Day! Sharing these beautiful haikus, both written by Junior School families. #ConsiderationAlways ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ #SionUK #PrepSchool #Worthing #Sussex @sionsisters @sioncentre

Happy founders day to my Alma mater Government College Ughelli. #Keeptheshipsailing.

Ganesan wants to take the company public in a few years. Ganesan owns 16% and the founders together own about 30% of the company. @shivku said he is now “very, very happy”. “I am doing the work of my life. I did not expect to be here. I got here and I'm like wow.”

Happy 205th Founders’ Day, my alma mater. Thank you for all the sweet memories. Thank you for shaping my values, making me the man I am today. Once a Presidencian, always a Presidencian... (In the pic the famous Baker Lab where the likes of CV Raman and Satyen Bose worked)

My mama told me Happy Founders' Day *today*.........................lmfao

@jamayanicolee Happy founders day soror 💙🤘🏿🤘🏿. Late but in time

Look guys, thats my @thecompanionft !! Congratulations all founders!! Im so happy with my #PoliceAcademy #film1984 #HollywoodStudios #nft !!👮 #thecompanionnft #art #nftart #

Don’t look at ur founders list unless you want to be sad (But also happy about the few that stuck around💕)

@ben_a_goldfarb One of our founders lives there! Would be happy to connect.

🚨 Attention Everyone 🚨 I'm happy to announce that @Wefunder is hosting their first Founder Festival on February 11th. This event will allow founders to meet the @Wefunder team and other VCs. Make sure to sign up below as space is limited and retweet to secure an invite! 🥳

@TwitchSupport Here’s a hack I did. Copied the Founder badge and set it as my 42 month sub badge (make it the final badge) so anyone who has been around that long gets one. My longest supporters who aren’t Founders are happy to get one after that time span 😊

@ForrestGalt @ForrestGalt I'm working on project that seems to fit in terms of utility in the audio and video nft space. Pre-launch, past angel seed round, founders would be happy to talk. DM me and I'll share the project and links to see if you want to chat with us sometime

It seems self management is finally making inroads in web3 🙂 may the cross pollination yield many babies. This is a happy surprise, just when I was losing faith in our little revolution after seeing all the Web2-mindset founders!

Happy hump day! Downhill to the weekend now! I'm excited for our #AMA with @cryptominers_co on Saturday! We're launching our founders coins as well, so jump in the discord and get em before they're gone! Only a limited supply, and they will provide way more value than the cost!

Happy Belated Founders’ Day to the Therrell members of AKA!

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