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Harvestella sur Switch passe à 54.99€ chez cdiscount ➡️ leclerc ➡️ Toujours à 59.99€ chez amazon ➡️ Résumé des offres ➡️

Harvestella, pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Nanami nendoroid release, physical copy of isiwbya, physical cdvcc, aaaaand I’m p sure I’m forgetting something else but

HARVESTELLA体験版、終了しました☆ 私のアクション操作が下手すぎてゴールには辿り着けなかったです(;_;) でもお話自体は気になるし、何より音楽が良い♪自宅で流れるクラリネットの音色が最高です #HARVESTELLA #NintendoSwitch

My major Harvestella complaint is that the dialogue is so awkward like the story isn't bad but they all come off like aliens to me. I'm constantly rewriting their lines in my head

Okay yeah I'm definitely getting Harvestella when it comes out hfkdhf

que pensaba que el harvestella salía el 4 de octubre y sale el 4 de noviembre

@JTegh Side note, Harvestella looks so promising.

HARVESTELLAはキャラのモーション以外基本嫌なとこ無さそう...!! 絶対買う。

Harvestellaおもしろ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! 製品版楽しみ!!!もうちょい体験版やるけど!

🔥 NOVEDAD EN RESERVA ⏰ Has despertado en mitad de la quietud, un fenómeno que ocurre con cada cambio de estación y que pone en peligro a todas las formas de vida... ¿qué pasará ahora? Prepárate, ¡llega HARVESTELLA con @PLAION_ES! INFO Y RESERVAS:

@2Weirdly4Hungry Only Mario Rabbids 2. November is the real high pressure month for me: Harvestella, Tactics Ogre, Valkyrie Elysium, Pentiment, Company of Heroes 3, Pokemon, Darktide, Front Mission 1 Remake all coming out within days of each other.

HARVESTELLA、おもろいやんっ。 サクナヒメっていうより、ルンファクのが近いかな。 ルンファクより農業とクラフトが単純やから初見でもとっつきやすい。 男女主人公選べて、各2パターンあるのかな。安定の女主人公選んだ。

この後17時からやっていきます!!!!! めちゃくちゃ楽しみ! 【Harvestella】死季を生きる。そして楽しむ。

Decided to go and try the Harvestella demo while I'm in a farming game mood and damn I love it already. Chef's kiss to SE's take on Rune Factory's formula.

HARVESTELLA(ハーヴェステラ) -Switch Amazon 予約開始

@tuyuhachin ハーヴェステラ保留もあり。 ニャオハ立ってもおもろい

@tuyuhachin ハーヴェステラとの両刀になる予定だから私は一個だわ… 日が経てば経つほどニャオハの選択もあるなぁ、猫飼いだし…とか思い始めた

@itachi_3454 やっぱり俺らの疑いは「マジ」だった…(意味深に適当なこと言う)

ポケモン、新作sv、バイオレット一択かなぁと思ってたけどチムメン🤖が「伝説のポケモンに乗れるやつ、すげー古典的にあそこタイヤなのねw」みたいなこと言うからスカーレットも気になってきた。 #ポケモンSV

Thank you for the raid @Strictlyztv ! :3 I hope you have better luck in Sekiro next time! I sent all the lovely minions over to @DarkmoonMirrah when I finished! Go support her, she is really wonderful. <3 I'll be on YouTube tomorrow at 4pm EST to continue the Harvestella demo!

HNNNNNNNNNNNNG, I WANT HARVESTELLA TO BE OUT... Like I don't want them to rush! I am just excited.


@YuYuHockeyShow Dude I just picked it up for my switch and love it! I’ve never played any of other games in the series and kind of bummed I didn’t now. RF has been doing what Harvestella is trying to do

Downloaded the HARVESTELLA Demo for Switch, I love that it has Male, Female, & Non-binary gender options...

There's a nice smattering of games coming out in October I'm down for but I'm just sweating looking at the 10-day period with Harvestella, Sonic, Pokemon, and Tactics Ogre. I'm going to die.

NSw『HARVESTELLA(ハーヴェステラ)』予約開始 11月4日発売!スクエニ完全新作、四季を彩るファンタジー世界を舞台に生活・交流・冒険が楽しめる生活シミュレーションRPG

Hello everyone, we had a good time playing the demo of Harvestella which was longer than I thought! It was really a wonderful game and we raided @Mukazakii who was playing genshin! Love you everyone and see you later ! 💜 Take care💜

@Wildbergerrrr too many games in this short time, diofield, Valkyrie profile, star ocean, harvestella, pokemon... i want them all ;-;

@Marionete2004 @AlistairVersus @CoreyHikari @MKH13Omasters If Sony had a hand into Square-Enix, it's out of any logic why they've picked average crap like DioField or Valkyrie Elysium. Harvestella or Dragon Quest Treasures are the real Deal. Square-Enix ist aiming for the bestselling platform in Japan. Playstation is a dead system.

@Heishichoo ich bin sehr viel richtung Goldfarming unterwegs tatsächlich. World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy 14, new World, sowas alles in die richtung. Harvestella ist aber durchaus auch interessant für mich, muss dann allerdings erst mal mir ne neue switch und ne captchure card besorgen

@OpenRJVox Uii mega nice~ Welche games der Genre schweben dir so vor? Ich selbst habe voll Lust auf Dinkum oder Harvestella 🤔

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