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Last day of my first month in Harvestella! I feel accomplished! Level 3 farm, Cluffowl barn with 3 full-grown birds, and most of the fairy’s achievements conquered! Looking forward to the first day of summer and new crops!

I’m loving #harvestella. …is there something wrong with me as a gamer? Farming, fighting, making friends? What else could I want!? 🤷🏼‍♀️

@velvetpuppy_ Harvestella is a great one! It has a mix of the farm Sim with a dash of FF too

Harvestella - Nintendo Switch se pone de 1499 a 861 pesos con envío gratis

it'sthe kind of show where the writing and editing makes me roll my eyes, but with a smile on my face

yeah this show is kinda bad but like. affectionately. in that way where it's a lil charming…

(Not in order) Zelda Mario Persona Puyo Puyo/Tetris Sonic Harvestella Stardew Valley Fnaf Mythology (not pantheon specific) DND Splatoon Shantae Miraculous Disney Fairies Harry Potter (world-NOT author!) LittleBigPlanet Dragon Quest Attack on Titan Soul Eater Ōkami DC/Marval Etc.…

watched the first episode of Scam$ this show is so campy oh my god. i love that about it so far though

春の妖精さんこんにちわ HARVESTELLA だらだらしてます… @YouTubeより

what is a "hannah"... i need to find the answers. i am dedicating my life to study this curious being, i have to delve into the very essence of it and truly see what makes a "hannah" a "hannah"

@Cassapphic that plus im bad at making accurate clicks under pressure and i refuse to target people with the f keys

@Cassapphic yeah it's so silly. unfortunately for me, i am Bad at using it

i think Aetherial Manipulation should go back to being a 3 minute cooldown. it'd be funny

Having a nap DIDN'T help I feel worse now euaaa

I'm feeling a little bit ill anyone wanna go to the store and get me some ice cream

📣2hrs of harvestella stream has ended 📣 Thank you for hanging out and vibing today! also thank you @aezirath for the gifted subs two days!!

📣Going Live with Comfy harvestella game progression stream 📣 Mao will be probably do some farming work, exploration, character side quest etc. everyone is welcome Stream starts in 2-3 minutes! #ENVtubers #Vtuber

今日の動画です! #Vtuber #個人勢Vtuber #個人勢Vtuberだって拡散されたい 長らく忘れ去られていたユニコーンとかいう奴【HARVESTELLA/#68】【VTuber/喜羽水月】… @YouTubeより

Despite its shortcomings, Harvestella is really good. Feels like they took a lot of inspiration from the Nier games. Usually I would've dropped a game like this by now because I can't really hard-focus games too well, but I've been sticking with this one.


#NintendoSwitch #harvestella Jogo injustiçado por conta do péssimo marketing e divulgação da Square-Enix, dando a ideia de "jogo de fazendinha pra menininha". É Ys combinado com Stardew Valley e um RPG razoável.

Maohayo, Maogicians! See you later for Harvestella Game Progression Stream

🏷 #Oferta | Harvestella para Nintendo Switch a $861.36 MXN, en amazon: ⤵️ #ad

🟢配信告知🟢 朝活9時~!! 夏水の節13日目〜🏖 キャラクエとサブクエを消化していきます😌 今日こそのんびり回になるか…? #新人配信者 #活動者さんと繋がりたい #ハーヴェステラ #HARVESTELLA…

@fIyingfairies I just did!!! But I'll do it again for you sweaty <3

I still cannot believe my stupid meant to be one off joke led to us opening a maid cafe called The Boo-Boo Meow-Meow Maid Mansion DND is great

@Furuya_Hiroto Thank you so much for Harvestella! It was a beautiful story. I hope to see more stories from you!

I’m tentatively saying #harvestella has won me over. Almost done the demo … and I’m finally invested. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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