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.@ATTHelp why did I wake up this morning to an email saying thanks for my @DIRECTV order (addition of Showtime Unlimited)? I didn't order anything nor did I get emails about log-in attempts. I better not be getting charged even after canceling the order.

@RandyKarraker @msmallmon lots of HRs tonight for ATL, not much else for either team. Is this the Jeff Albert model?

@Guats85 @TortsIllustrtd @todsqd @CrashStL Lane got the hell out from under Jeff Albert is what happened.

Jeff Albert: The Poor Man’s nobody 🤣🤣

@dgoold listening to your segment with Bernie yesterday and you mention a book that Jeff Albert encouraged you to read. Can you share what book that is? I work with data for my job and would be interested in the material. Thanks!

@jeffalbert @The_Acumen I think that incident steeled Chicagos resolve to maintain the culture. I’m very lucky that my formative years were spent in such an inclusive environment.

I wonder about the Cardinals interest level in Carlos Correa this winter. Way back to the 'hacking' scandal to connections to Jeff Albert. Would the Cardinals really deep sea fish on this one? Going big never has been their thing... please dont say Stanton. They werent really.

I would make them listen to and analyze all of my albums…

@KohlSlaugh @The_Acumen certain Comiskey Park fiascos not withstanding

@strangeglow @BradFarberman I'm not an economist, but cost often correlates to scarcity in these cases, and from the boxes here in my office, I can assure you that scarcity is not yet in play

@PidderPatter @johnrabe Objectively speaking? Probably in the playoffs. Sosa was a part of the winning equation, but during their streak, the Cardinals hit 31 HR and 47 in the month of September. What is Jeff Albert’s hitting philosophy? Find a pitch to hit and hit it hard. They did.

@strangeglow @BradFarberman @jeffalbert I have a pretty solid collection of those myself, as it turns out.

@EvanColer2022 Yadi will bat wherever he wants lol Gorman will most likely be 2B or DH for us but it's going to be hard to rely on his production right out of the gate. He could struggle for awhile. I'd love to get a new hitting coach but Jeff Albert isn't going anywhere cause he's Mo's guy

@JustinNystrom That may be the most "you" car I have seen in a while.

Riley must have asked Jeff Albert for advise. Right down the middle for strike 3. #STLFLY

@PadresSanchez @mlbtraderumors It’s going around he wanted to replace Jeff Albert and the front office wouldn’t let him

Hire Jeff Albert if you want someone to turn your superstar hitters into superstar shitters. He’s your man!

@C70 @PoppaSwope Or did Shildt get the most out of this team? Maybe it was Jeff Albert who did. We know from Edman players weren’t listening to Albert, then after FO backed Albert, an offensive resurgence began. Maybe the truth was Shildt was a big part of why the 1st half was so bad. 1/

@Frank_Cusumano think Jeff Albert is onto something here? That’s some good company to be in IMO.. 🤔…

"Albert has certainly not been perfect, but below the surface he has made great progress with the Cardinals." #STLFLY Viva El Birdos: The Effects of Jeff Albert.…

OTOH I subscribe to @craigcalcaterra invaluable baseball newsletter because in the same issue in which he so eloquently eulogizes Colin Powell, he wrote this about Cardinals hitting coach Jeff Albert.…

@zedwards41 @Cardinals11in11 @StarsFan30 I agree with this. One could just as easily argue that O'Neill, Bader, Edman, Rondon, Carlso, Sosa, etc. were products of the Albert approach and that the older guys were slower to buy in but finally did. I've found Jeff Albert to be a Rorschach blot for people's pet theories.

@Cardinals11in11 @ccie5022 To be honest, I still don't know the nuts and bolts of Jeff Albert's hitting philosophy/method. I think we tend to read in "Jeff Albert" for "anything I don't like." But I'm not saying he's good either--just confessing my own ignorance about much of what he does & doesn't push.

@hopp74877398 @danschuering I really just don't know that. Maybe it was. I just don't know because nobody is saying anything. I can't even tell you for sure what Jeff Albert's philosophy IS. But I do doubt that Jeff Albert is instructing them to hit the ball to where the fielders are.

DeWitt and Mo can believe they are playing a video game. Jeff Albert with his cameras, computers and launch angles. If the result is offensive strikeouts & losses, the fans and advertisers can fire Mo and DeWitt by staying home & sitting on their $$$.…

@BDKFatherTime The FO's definition of the Cardinal Way is for now, for better or worse, the MO Way. MO way or the highway. MO knows all. MO knows Jeff Albert actually is a genius hitting coach. It's the hill MO has chosen to die on. Maybe it will work out.

@miklasz Jeff Albert or Alberts whatever his name still sucks.

@Rinedog1 Jeff Albert needs to manage. Maybe he would want batters to adjust to shift defensive or with two strikes of his job was more directly on the line.

@CardinalsConvo That should be a REAL question! Since when did you become a Jeff Albert fan?

@CardinalsConvo 1. When should we fire Jeff Albert? 2. When are we gonna fire Jeff Albert? 3. Why not fire Jeff Albert?

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