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@Jim_Jordan @foxandfriends Trump is worried about lawsuits & obsessing about the 2020 election loss over Thanksgiving & Biden is relaxing & enjoying Nantucket over Thanksgiving. Who is the smarter man? Where were you Jimbo?

@Jim_Jordan @JordenCollins His son went to the agreed place to pick up the bags of cash.And that’s gonna be a lot of bags of other stuff

@Jim_Jordan It says schoolyard closed! How did you end up in Congress? Apparently this school has fears of republicans stalking children. #gymmyboylies

@Jim_Jordan is the real life cautionary tale of what can happen to a family bloodline if Marty McFly actually banged his own mom in 'Back to The Future'.

@Jim_Jordan and you've never said anything worth listening to. even when you should have.

@KristySwansonXO @Jim_Jordan Remember that time you were hospitalized with Covid-related pneumonia? Good times!

@Jim_Jordan You don’t tell me what to believe and what not to believe. Got it?

I hope @Jim_Jordan calls everyone of those asses who signed the Russian disinformation on Hunters laptop to testify & embarrassi the 💩 out of them. #FoxNewsPrimetime

@Acyn If Jim Jordan is regular folk, we're fucked

@Jim_Jordan @BuckSexton Daily reminder of Jim Jordan’s voting record. He does NOT vote for what he says!

@Jim_Jordan Not Democrats Teacher Unions! If you were a teacher Never mind... Can you imagine? Professor Gym Jordan OMG!

@Jim_Jordan Clearly, your intellect level is on a par with that of #DonaldTrump . Neither of you know the meaning of "everyone", "everybody" or "no one"! EVERYBODY knows that! P.S.: Trump is "Ex" President. EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT ALSO!

@Acyn Us regular folks? There’s nothing regular or normal about Jim Jordan.

Biden claims to love children yet he supports killing them in the womb and he won’t go visit them in the hospital either . What a fraud he is @SenTedCruz @MarshaBlackburn @mtgreenee @laurenboebert @GOPLeader @Jim_Jordan @RonnyJacksonTX @GOPChairwoman 👇👇👇

@Jim_Jordan Yep I don't listen to Obama eather that sorry black is the one who destroyed our country him with his Muslim agenda

@Jim_Jordan Stopped long ago !! Keep doing what you do !

Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Green, Paul Gosar, Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan are the new republican party and if democrats can't win against that then America is f*cked and we deserve to go the way of Rome as Tucker Carlson fiddles

@Jim_Jordan @BuckSexton Has Gym ever appeared on a real network? The answer is NO.

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