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#GTWorldChEu – Our starting drivers 👇 8: #88 @dani_juncadella 9: #2 @MaroEngel 19: #87 Thomas Drouet 21: #3 Sebastien Baud 25: #777 @AlFaisalZubair 26: #57 Jens Liebhauser 27: #90 Ezequiel Companc 28: #4 Jordan Love 31: #5 Hubert Haupt 41: #20 Ian Loggie 44: #93 Chris Froggatt

Il QB di riserva dei Packers è Jordan Love, fenomeno assoluto al college con Utah State, scelto nel 2020 per aumentare la competizione con Rodgers. Questa competizione non è mai veramente arrivata, e lui rimane un grosso punto di domanda. GB sia solidale e schieri lui. 😂🤟 #NFL

@jennathestarr Me......😋☺️😆😅 kidding ! Bangbros or jules jordan, love u my beauty 🥰😍😘


これ延長になったら才木登板させざるを得んから もしサヨナラのチャンスで才木に回ってきても代打とか出せんのよな あれ?ウチも似たような事があったな… あの試合同点やったか負けてたか、全然覚えてないわ 森野がブチ切れてたのは知ってる

阪神が追いついてライデルの最多セーブ確定したのはめっちゃ嬉しいんやけど 阪神ベンチに才木しか残ってないのヤバ

Caleb Williams is better than Jordan Love is today. Just putting that out there.

@MkeKid134 All the teams you named are better than the bears are

Imagine trading up for Jordan love 😂

@KalleRovanpera @JonneHalttunen Congratulations! So blessed to have witnessed this. Can't wait to see what the future holds for you!

To put this in context, 9 time champion Sébastien Loeb won his first title at 30. Kalle could take 8 years off an still have a shot at being the greatest ever.…

@PickensBurgh And why exactly would Jordan Love be playing?

Winning a World Rally Championship at 22 is completely fucking bonkers. Very excited to watch Rovanpera for many years to come…

#PMSCFBESPN2 @_willcompton your vibes are immaculate and so is your pod. Love what you do! $jmlove92

Packers fans are such dick eaters😂

This is absolutely insane. What season by @KalleRovanpera. So lucky to have witnessed this…

#PMSCFBESPN2 @PatMcAfeeShow your hair is immaculate. Has as much flow as the Nile river after a heavy rain. You are the man! $jmlove92

This Alonso overtake will forever live rent free in my mind

The 2005 F1 field in 2022 cars would be absolute comedy

Looking to buy tonight: $20-$500 - The usual Mahomes, Allen, Herbert - Zach Wilson - Trevor Lawrence - Jordan Love - Desmond Ridder + Pitts - Aaron Donald - Ohtani and Trout - Luciano - JRod - Jordan Walker Let’s make some deals. No base. @sports_sell @Hobby_Connect

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