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Retraction: You're not allowed to be black in the Mormon church, so the photo above doesn't work. They offered Karl Malone a spot once, but that's it. Oh, and that Caribbean chic Shawn Bradley dated for a bit...but other than them, nada... #TheMailMan: Know the difference...

“Jordan played trash teams” aka I’m 12 years old who never watched Jordan play. Karl Malone would destroy clowns in this era even more than he did that 13 year old. Bronsexuals are the biggest goofball niggas around 🤣🤣…

@HassanC2244 @shendy456 Karl Malone and Horace Grant was hurt. Lakers were playing Luke Walton and Slava on Rasheed Wallace. You can tell he watched games and who just look up stats.

@ApexJones22 Hakeem, tim Duncan, Shaq, Karl Malone, Barkley etc would all destroy the modern era

mvp without a ring shit i feel like karl malone

@td2875 @da94527599 @JesseGladsaget Lol u said he SHOULD be gettin 10+ because he is karl malone size...i pointed out how karl malone himself wasnt even doing that..let alone at 38 🤣

NBA On TBS - Chris Webber Battles Karl Malone In Utah! 2001… via @YouTube

FUCK KARL MALONE 🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️…

@stillnez216 PG: Stockton SG: ray Allen SF: Danny granger PF: Karl Malone C: bosh

They gave Karl Malone that statue at La Tech and now everybody in Lincoln Parish is suddenly remembering he’s a fucking pedophile. Ray ray never forgot tho.

@ddp5401489401 @da94527599 @JesseGladsaget Also my point wasn’t that Karl Malone was better than Bron just to show how huge Bron truly is, also this isn’t an anti LeBron thing I have him at #1 on my top 125 list but he’s not an elite rebounder unless we are taking positions into account

@dojasbin The writer had to be Karl Malone to even suggest they could be together lol

@td2875 @da94527599 @JesseGladsaget He has been a good rebounder his entire career, full stop Sayin otherwise, like u tried doin earlier is disingenuous Karl Malone himself was barely pullin in 9 rebs a game his last 6 years in the league, let alone at 38

MVP without a ring…. shit, I feel like Karl Malone

@DreKnowBetter @EIiteLBJ @whateverbs99 how could u contradict me when lbj is the all time leading scorer while being more efficient? you brought up karl malone who wasn’t even taking SIMILAR shots to these guys😂. if you’re telling me that malone had a similar play style to lbj and mj, you got it i want no parts😂

@MarkSwipes @EIiteLBJ @whateverbs99 The Karl Malone argument made 0 sense lmfaoooooo you are sped I literally contradicted you LBJ shoots higher % than MJ in: the paint, & 3point by 1.8% MJ shoots higher % than Bron in: the post, mid range, deep mid range, & free throw

@jurkkanen Blasphemy💯Blake was high light reel✅ but he was also one dimensional he was more like the second coming of Karl Malone. They both needed great point guards to set them up✅

Jordan swept a 60 win team with Shaq and Penny and got rid of the mvp of the league twice mvp runner up twice. Shaq would’ve got dominated again if he didn’t get dominated by Karl Malone and John Stockton before MJ could get to him. MJ would’ve swept 2014 Spurs and 2011 Mavs.…

@da94527599 @ddp5401489401 @JesseGladsaget I already said he’s one of the best small forward rebounders, but for a big man he is just a fine to good rebounder he is not on the level of the great rebounding bigs which isn’t a knock cause he isn’t a true big but he’s the same size as Karl Malone so he should be getting 10+

@DreKnowBetter @EIiteLBJ @whateverbs99 ‘he forsure wasn’t a better on ball defender than mike though’. that karl malone argument makes ZERO sense considering lebron shoots better from the 2, 3 & restricted area. karl malone never averaged one 3 pointer per game throughout his entire career.

Wouldn’t call it my favorite but there is a picture somewhere of my brother and young Carter with Karl Malone…

when ur a 13 year old girl and u at the nba blunt rotation and u hear someone say "yo pass her the Karl Malone blunt"

Tatum & Jaylen Brown gettin that John Stockton & Karl Malone (minus the fugazies)…

Gil can talk all that nonsense, but I don’t think I would be able to stand that Chuck treatment he be getting from shaq and Kenny for not winning. Even Karl Malone be looking salty he didn’t win a chip that he don’t care to talk about Jordan.…

@shendy456 It’s called being double teamed, Karl malone hurt, Payton going off script, pistons letting Shaq get his, but you’d have to actually watch basketball and not be unemployed to know that 😂

PG - Gary Payton SG - Oscar Robertson SF - Scottie Pippen PF - Karl Malone C - Wilt Chamberlain…

@PapoFV More like the Karl Malone**??

@shendy456 James worthy Magic Joe Dumars Charles Barkleyx3 Patrick Ewing x4 Clyde Drexler Brad Daugherty Mark pricex2 Kevin Johnson Dominique Wilkins Kevin Willis Tim Hardaway Shaquille O'Neil Penny Hardaway Gary Peyton Shawn Kemp John Stockton x2 Karl Malone x2 Glenn Rice Reggie Miller

Karl Malone telling me to fuck off at like 10 Michael Jordan almost hitting me w/ a golf cart in Lake Tahoe An actress from a fast & furious movie asking me “don’t you know who I am?”after I told her I didn’t want to get a drink w/ her at Sundance LOTS of rapper stories…

Lots of Jazz interactions growing up: Frank Layden was so kind. Ditto with Karl Malone & @bigTbailey. My fave was Jerry Sloan. He let me sit with him for about 10 min during the Rocky Mountain Review. He was genuine and asked me about basketball, my family and school. Love JS.…

@OverloadedGFX who remembers when karl malone saw them baddies courtside and turned into 2003 kobe 😂😂

I did a myleague era resim and ain’t no fucking way Kevin Johnson and Karl Malone ended up on the same team

@S0LTR3YN @Curr Got mines 4-1 running Myles Turner 87 card and Karl Malone 😭😭😭😭

@layneashley222 Especially the “cunning” Karl Malone 🤮

@WiltStats That version of Karl Malone over Rasheed due to…….Charisma ? That is unreal That Malone was 40 couldn’t run

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