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@TonysCards @sports_sell @MDRANSOM1 1991-92 Skybox Canadian Mini Karl Malone (1 left), $2. us each more listed use #habsone1 to find them ,Pay Pal Only F+F but G+S Is OK Paid by buyer, Feel Free to make offers. Have Fun. see pinned tweet for shipping .

Karl Malone, Derrick Rose, Kobe Bryant: prison inmate…

@penrodgaming You mean the barren wasteland where the cheapest usable card is 7k and all the best cards are locked behind a pay-to-win or ultra grinder MT wall? 😂 I got lucky & got a Karl Malone, which I sold for 300k 🤯 but otherwise I’d be feeding on scraps.

#focusboysports Check out 2018-19 Panini Prizm Hall Monitors Karl Malone #5 Utah Jazz… #eBay via @eBay

Fam… @JoeBudden saying Brett Favre is the white Karl Malone is the funniest shit he said since he said Sammy Davis Jr and The Temptations was watching MJ from behind the curtains hating on him 😂 @OfficiallyIce what it do bro!

Brett Farve is the white Karl Malone… 🤣🤣🤣

@Blaze_4real Anybody know if you can get Karl Malone out of those exchange packs? I’ve tried twice and I got Mark Price both times

@johnhemsworth20 @showgunn14 @LBJszn19 If you think Karl Malone points worth the same as Kareem or Lebron, then u don’t know basketball. #1 all time is just one of the most impressive records in the game, it makes your goat case even better but it’s not what puts u in the goat debate.

@MadScientistFF Less obvious name: Larry Bird. Only played 9 seasons before injury. In his 4 remaining years after ‘87, he played 6, 75, 60 and 45 games. Leaving out HS-to-NBA guys, Jordan, Karl Malone, Dirk, Duncan, Pierce all played many more 65+ game seasons.

John Stockton and Karl Malone Bob Cousy and Bill Russell Stefon Diggs and Josh Allen Pepsi and Coke

@Reaves_Burner @NBAMemes Then if you guys want use longevity as an argument for bron being better then i guess karl malone is just as good as lebron if not better for being higher in the all time scoring list 🧐. What you achieved on the biggest stage of all > longevity stats for playing a long time

@AdamHimmelsbach Poor Blake, he coulda been Karl Malone but ended up being Shawn Kemp

Aye calling Brett Farve the White Karl Malone got me dying 😭

“Brett Favre…he’s like white Karl Malone to me” @JoeBudden IM DEAD 💀

@playmaker @HoopMixOnly Gary Payton, Karl Malone, Kobe, KG, Rondo, Wade, LeBron, Mourning, Penny Hardaway, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Glen Rice, Rodman, Grant Hill, amare stoudemire, Steve Nash

@LukasMassey2d @KyrieSwerving6 @baby_face_goat The refs wouldn’t care. He also played in an era with Hakeem, David Robinson, Karl Malone, Kareem, Larry bird, etc.

@TheIrishKid2 @GoldenKnightGFX VC could get up but he wasn’t dunking on ppl in year 20… and Karl Malone? Cmon now lol. U can give bron credit for being impressive lol it’s ok

@The_Jazz_Lounge @ReyR11 @nbatopshot Karl Malone. Thanks for the opportunity mate. Topshot account Redsword

Got 4/5 star QBs just dying on the bench for a walk on that shares a nickname with Karl Malone. Kirby should hire a coach to handle the depth chart because he’s bad at quarterbacks

@Niner4Life_IDC @russellmeyer @10thstreetblack @dafuture22 @TRRealist23 If Lebron grew up playing in that era, I really think he would've developed a game like Karl Malone. He would bully his way to the basket because they let you do it. He "flops" now b/c it gets calls. It's smart (but weak) basketball. He'd just adapt and still dominate.

Michael Jordan didn’t have to leave because his organization wasn’t stupid. They BUILT around him. I guess Kg and Ray Allen joining Pierce wasn’t a super team. I guess Karl Malone and Gary Payton joining Kobe and Shaq wasn’t a super team…

@playmaker @UncleDrewGB Gary Payton ,Karl Malone,Kevin Garnet,Rajon Rondo,Alonzo Mourning ,Penny Hardaway,Ray Allen,Glen Rice,Amare Stoudeamire,Grant Hill, Kobe Bryant,LeBron James,Dwayne Wade, Dennis Rodman,Paul Pierce,and Steve Nash

@playmaker Kobe, Lebron James, Wade, Rodman, Pierce, Nash, Grant Hill, Glenn Rice, Ray Allen, Penny, Amare, Zo, Rondo, KG, Karl Malone and Gary Payton.

@frostybias A summer on the Nautilus machines! I like the quote from Kenny Green, who the Bullets drafted over Karl Malone.

Karl Malone. I know he still alive but MJ sent his soul to hell in '98…

the world needs less hate objectively and evidently, but there will never be enough karl malone hate

@JoeBuddenPod @JoeBudden Dude said Brett Favre is white Karl Malone. 🤣

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