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@PasionBasketNBA Karl Malone hizo un triple doble con 40 palos, también hay que recordarlo.

@scarletbukk @theblockspot QB is his position but he is an athlete. Same as power forward was Karl Malone’s position but he is an athlete. We’re combining all sports and calling them athletes so he is the greatest athlete just named me somebody better than please in any sport.

So, @ChandlerParsons is part of this "New Media" that wants people to believe that everyone is better today? Longevity is the argument now. So, where is Karl Malone on your list? Are you ranking Dirk above Wilt, too? You guys keep trying to move goal posts back for your buddies.…

@Prime_LeBron23 This perspective is for ppl who can’t process that playing 20 yrs and 1,400 games is the driver of this more than being the best at something. Karl Malone almost broke the record and he’s not even considered a top 5 scorer in NBA history. MJ would have 45k pt if he played 20 yrs.

Right before the 11:37mark when DDP tags in Karl Malone again, as he is getting in somebody throws a blue, yellow, and red can at Karl Malone

I was watching BATB 98 and Karl Malone got his in the head with a bottle of WD40 😂😂😂

@Fiala4MVP @dee5chill @5star__dev @aroddaily @AnunobyDynasty @brgridiron Like comparing Karl malone to Tim Duncan 💀 I don’t even like the Steelers but Philip isn’t that good. Closer to top 30 than 10 😂😂

@SiriusXMFantasy @Jeff_Mans @TheRayFlowers Steffi Graf Rowdy Roddy Piper Deion Sanders Mike Tyson Karl Malone

@LBJxGoat @NiorMax @lilyatchy99 @bliwoxx quand le mec il tape l’equipe de magic johnson en final, karl malone et stockton en final et encore tu peux pas dire qu’il aurait jamais gagner les finales de lebron

Unless you are Karl Malone your legacy cannot degrade it will be whatever your high point in your career was…

Karl malone getting cooked on this app would’ve been hilarious…

@frankiev1983 @JuliusCeezus @AlphaGalaxy1772 @MadScientistFF Stacked teams doesn’t guarantee titles!!! look at the Lakers when they hade GP and Karl Malone

@N1rzen @DTR_Vector Karl Malone’s burner said it best “Hey man you motivate me to not be you when I'm your age -Hoeless for 29 years -Balding -Dirty -Seeking attention on twitter cause I don't have any interaction anywhere else -obessing over dokkan You're great keep doing what you do”

@NoahZZPerkins Karl Malone and Stockton played like 38 a game and 80 games a year.

@SaiIorTurnee stockton reggie miller jalen rose karl malone kanter

@dangercart totally get karl malone. never was a fan of his rim protection either

@SaiIorTurnee I can give you a whole roster but it's mostly Celtics and Lakers PG - Derek Fisher | Kyrie | Teague SG - Kobe Bryant | Wade | Vujačić | SF - Rick Fox | Bowen | J Butler PF - Karl Malone | D Lee | Isaac C - Mark Blount | Kanter | T Thompson

i have someone saying karl malone and levron james wouldnt be able to take too many hits in football

@kurtoart Lil shine fade away on Karl Malone

@MzQuennin @chartdata @NICKIMINAJ Nicki really is Karl Malone when it comes to Grammys 😂😂😂

@Nicky560 @codyB49376179 @DaveGfy Karl Malone? Johnson Stockton? Charles Barkley? Gary Payton? I mean how many hall of famers do you need me to name?

@lil_jah_kern tim duncan is obviously number one, and karl malone is a child predator. also tim duncan played more than half of his career at center so i feel like that’s kinda a grey area

@okcramer You have completely forgotten about Karl Malone and TIM DUNCAN. I’m not a casual. I’m someone who has studied and respects the history of the NBA.

@ABallNeverLies Dirk, Karl Malone et Duncan c'est devant non? Subjectivement je te répondrais non mais objectivement probablement

@DiogoRanzani @KingJames discordo, não é saudosismo....o jordan foi melhor e bem....é outro nível, é o pelé do basquete..... não tem como man, não tem como....lembro de um jogo nas finais contra o karl malone e stockton....mano, praticamente ele jogou sozinho mas foi anormal mesmo....

Le 1er février 1995 John Stockton est devenu le meilleur passeur de l’histoire, détrônant Magic Johnson. Comme un symbole sa 9 922ème passe décisive est venue sur un shoot de Karl Malone.

@LegionHoops @NBAonTNT I don’t watch NBA much but I feel if Karl Malone stayed with the Jazz then he would have beaten Kareem

@WendellPierce @Salesman_Bway Congratulations! Watching your work over the years, it was just a matter of time. Karl Malone needs to give up his nickname and hand it to you, because you never fail to deliver. I’m really happy for you.

@SMartinez207 Do you think if John Stockton and Karl Malone stitched themselves together as one person (Jarl Mockton?) they could get enough space?

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