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@Advantageof12 not a position convo at all, it comes down to the way media talks about these players. same reason why ionescu has her own nike shoe and 4x the amount of IG followers than arike or jewell loyd have, two players who also got a kobe co-sign

Julius Randle🪖 had Kobe Bryant's respect 💙🧡 Fuck what you thought, #Knicks nihilists…

@DailyLoud Personally I’d go with the Lebron 10 or Kyrie 1s but my holy grail would have to be the Kobe Grinches

@y_bregman1 @tzvisuccot @michalwoldiger מליון אנשים על בית אהרון ברק זה בעיה זה 18 בתים פרטיים טוב כולם על סלח אדין כדי לכבוש את הכובש הסורי צפוני

@AZ9usa かわりに叫んでくれてありがとう🥰 京都も行けないのでみんな代わりにお願いします🙇‍♀️

@_DirtMcGirt @TheNBACentral Then you got people on podcast that go off that analytic shit saying he’s a 10x better offensive than Kobe & shit 😂

@SammuelLewis Lmao I shared the one of Kobe getting punched on last week. They just be lying man

EUCK Kobe Rolltop Backpack - Tas Ransel Laptop 15 inch Waterproof Pria dan Wanita - Black tosca 💸 : 230K 🔎 :

@NBAspain Ba. Magic. Es. Jordan. Al. Kobe. Ap. Lebron. P. Shaq.

ちょっと訳あってこの2つをパチ組み!! レギルス、リリネル、どちらも楽しかった~🤗 リリネル、可愛い〜!😍ガールズプラモにハマりそう〜!🤣 でも久々にHG組むと疲れた~! コレも仕事!! おっと!!本来の仕事しようか!! うん!眠いわ〜!!🥱 #創造癒空間 #模型製作サポート店

Jordan and Kobe got two pieced by role players lol…

@kobe_rants Ninja says that he doesnt think the fortnite island shpuldnt allow non white people like travis scott, goku, tomatohead or eren yaegar

@FrxddyTX Bro they SWEAR everybody feared Jordan but he stayed getting swung on and bullied in the paint. Kobe too lol but NOBODY has EVER swung on Bron 😂

@AskMeLaterOn Greta is packing the weight on. I guess she loves shoving Kobe steak down her pie-hole...

@slyslammer Ee rra kana gatwe tsholofelo gae tlhabise ditlhong

@LakerCentral365 I’m keeping a straight line. I’ve seen a ton of inconsistencies with this team. Yes it has potential to do good stuff, but I haven’t seen it. I feel like with a full training camp, health, etc next year could be a great year.

@ClayTravis LeBron ain’t #2 all time. Barely Top 10. Certainly not above Jordan, Bird, Magic, Kareem, Wilt, Kobe, Russell, etc…

@NBAMemes Big Kobe fan but this fan base is something else

the experience is so fkn different. i went thru MBJ for the first time recently and i honestly, i’d pick it over NMIA any day. it’s giving international airport…


@FrDEMeikle The toxic combination of youthful sexual attractiveness and babbling idiocy. Not anything you can maintain civilization upon.

meu reels do nomal só tem motivacional com a cara de Kobe Bryan e o do dix só tem pov dos livro da Collen Hoover. Ou eu fico com ansiedade ou depressiva


@Caroline__Kobe Ngwaga ga o hela tabo re bina pina e one 🤞🏾

お待たせしました! 明日3月28日(火)のアウフグース担当表になります! いいださんと岩佐さんの熱いアウフグースをお楽しみください🔥🔥🔥🔥

@levraiscw @Arthur13Ar Or, le mec en tape deux sur la tronche de mammouths de l'histoire du game (Kobe, Shaq, Duncan, Dirk, Wade, LeBron, etc etc). On entend toujours bientôt 20ans après que ces trophées sont usurpés. Mais qui va voir les votes ? Qui va regarder les narratifs de l'époque ? Sonneper.

Only thing Air conditioner milan has over inter is Kobe Bryant was a Milan fan but Katy perry is an inter fan so we’re clear…

@Sabo41065648 @RKPHENO1 @50NuancesDeNBA Billups et sa clique ont réussi à tabasser les Lakers tellement fort que shaq et Kobe ont du se séparer pour de bon, il a mis fin à l’une des dynasties les plus dominantes de l’histoire de la nba alors que nash n’a jamais réussi à aller en finale mdrrr Fmvp >> 2x Mvp frauduleux

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