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#AGTG SUBTLE but EFFECTIVE! Moved the safety with head movements and hit the receiver on the fade route. HE’S 12YRS. OLD! WE PLAY ELITE TALENT!! 🧱BY🧱 🫡🙏🏼💪🏼✝️😎💎 #12ULOADED #YNC #BATTLE @QBHitList @JuJuLewis10 @QbTakeover @EdOBrienCFB @Youth1Media…

Kobe Lewis is stopped behind the line of scrimmage. Third and long incoming. #FAU

EĞILMEMIŞLER (__escorts, /) HALLARINI GIYDIRIRLERDI izmir bornova karsiyaka alsancak KABARELERINI

@_f_ckyotweets Kobe last his arms so how would he be holding her?

yo shoutout chrissy costanza rq for having such a beautiful voice over those instrumentals too makes it 10x better

Herh Oman foon paa nie 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂…

@SrMagia1 @pgodtv magia sabes por que banearon a kobe, osea cual fue la excusa del juego pa banearlo

本日は、熱波師芸人まだやまだ!!さんのイベントです!! オリエンタル神戸のサウナ室アチアチにして待ってます🔥 是非お越しくださいませ♪♪ #サウナ…

@hidehiro_kohama おはようございます🌞 朝早くからお疲れ様です!ニュースSUNデー見ますね😊 ところで日曜日だけスーパーが旧仕様なのは何かこだわりがあるのですか?

@InsideUSC Only games they can compete in are against the Bay Area schools and the Arizona schools. I thought they’d win 3. Didn’t count on TCU and Nebraska being extra terrible.

本日ですね!大盛況☆大人気の 朝パル落語会✨ @palcinema いいお天気です☀ 落語会のあとは… @minatogawa_hw 湊川公園の手しごと市、 COZYさんで珈琲と巨匠🖌フラミンゴノリコ展! @COZY_COFFEE @flamingonoriko そして日曜営業してくれるドミロンさんも。 @dormiloncurry 一日楽しめます🤸…

@Jegt_GP @esparkle_kobe 映画で盛り上がっている #グランツーリスモ の関西エリア決勝戦❗️ 映画同様の熱狂が見られると良いな😆‼️ #グランツーリスモ7

@emeliya_very @episodeace_kobe マリオ? ルイージ? ワリオ? 💡💡💡 エミリオ〜🍄💰 本日もガンバっ💪💕

@currypistonn Did Spo not have a timeout or was he like, “the boy probably just jammed it he can last 40 seconds”

Tell this day I don’t understand how my dude Twin from South Side Jamaica Queens ended up going to prom with Kobe and Brandy…

Nova & Kobe been driving me insane and i just been tryna nap for the last hour

@_TCuatro folks fingers been ready to tweet like this ain’t it ? 😂😂😂

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