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Chelsea 2022/23 Squad Prediction GK: Mendy, Kepa, Bettinelli WB/FB: James, Chilwell, Emerson, Dest CB: Silva,Rudiger,Kounde,Chalobah,Colwill CM/CDM: Kovacic,Jorginho,Kante,Gallagher, Tchouameni 10s/Wingers: CHO,Mount,Pulisic CF: Kai, Timo,Lukaku Prediction 4th

Mendy, Kepa Reece, Christensen, Rudiger, Thiago, Chilwell (Maybe) Kovacic, Jorginho, Kante Havertz, Pulisic, Mount (Maybe) The only first team players I'd keep, rest can be binned.

@ftblmiguel Well we lost Chilwell and Kante initially, and got hit. Then we lost Kovacic very soon afterwards. Then covid and more minor injuries hit causing fatigue, and then James and Chalobah got injured too. In the middle of this was Lukaku's injuries.

@Primoz_Kovacic vsee, cele dneve eno in isto 11h 12 16 in naprej do 9h 😑

PLEASE TUCHEL never play LUKAKU without KOVACIC it’s the very least we could ask for.

@legallyigbara @Isaactimi2 Who am I to compare?? Kante kovacic,Jorginho or who? Or lukaku ziyech and hudson?

If we decide to carry on playing 4 at the back Jorginho should be nowhere near the starting XI,him,Thiago Silva,Azpi and Alonso are way too slow for a back 4,Kante and Kovacic are box to box and not holding midfielders,we are gonna need to sign Tchouameni or Rice in the summer.

@Libra_JK @ConnCFC Tuchel did Mendy AC T.Silva Rudi RJ. J5 Kovacic. Chilly Werner/Puliglass Harvetz. Mount

@NiiNiiFC So it's tactical, that's why they can't give a straight pass to our strikers? Only Kovacic knows how to do that a bit. The rest simple can't

@bluetone @LifeOfPhelyx Play Kante or Kovacic on that side of the pitch and give them recovery instructions.

@matissearmani Also Jorginho god love him leaves chasms of space in our midfield which we regularly get beaten up in. Kovacic and Kante for me or why not play the 3 for a change?

When we play Spurs this weekend, I better see this lineup: Kepa Azpi Rudiger T. Silva (if he’s fit)/M. Sarr Hudson-Odoi Kante Kovacic Saul Ziyech Havertz Werner Bench: Bettinelli, T.Silva/Sarr, Alonso, RLC, Jorginho, Vale, Hall, Pulisic, Mount

Lol,Kovacic was supposed to sit out the City game and start this But man did the exact opposite But yeah,we have to be cautious…

@CFCUruguay Por favor que Chilwell de mejore rápido pq no hacemos nada con Alonso, Lukaku y Odoi fuera pq no aportan nada y que meta a Kovacic de titular pq sino no logramos nada

😭😭😭chaque année la phrase là ressort pour dire qu'il avait raison…

Kovacic, Jorginho, Kante These brodas can't find at least 3 through passes all game They're central midfielders without any epitome of creativity

@Johnnyboysofi25 @zainn_10 @Ekenem17 @CfcSheikh His. Return. Has. Not. Helped. Chelsea. Chelsea struggled in the games we were without a fit Kante and Kovacic. Chelsea’s best run was when Lukaku was injured. Chelsea’s best recent performance was when he was frozen out of the squad.

POV: You know ball Mbappe>Haaland Vinicius Jr<Fati Greenwood<Saka Mount<Smith Rowe Kovacic<Thiago Trent>Cancelo Rudiger<Dias Bruno<KDB Fixed it👍…

@RyanWes37323075 @JT__19 Our most dangerous attacking player came on in the 80th minute and it was kovacic. Ziyech gets a 4 with the rest of the squad apart from silva, Rudiger and Kepa with 8 and Lukaku with a -1

@btsportfootball @TheDesKelly Tired but still managed to sub on Werner, Havertz & Kovacic can’t be that bad really can it?? Potter would be winning the league with that squad…..

POV: You know ball Mbappe>Haaland Vinicius Jr>Fati Greenwood>Saka Mount>Smith Rowe Kovacic<Thiago Trent>Cancelo Rudiger<Dias Bruno<KDB Fixed it👍…

@HLaykan I wonder why he can't start kovacic

James, Mount, CHO are England Tax And Kovacic, Jorginho, Werner, Lukaku are overrated. They were carried by class Center backs, Class GK and ofc one of the best midfielders of this Generation N’golo Kante…

Reece James hasn't played since 1652 but he is still joint top assister with Mount and Kovacic. No other chelsea player has more than 2 assists. Where is the creativity.

@RemEud @therealdollypee @Laxix6 Someone who can get out of a press easily and create chances isn’t what we need? You’ve seen how one-dimensional Chelsea are when they face a team that keep their shape and press haven’t you? Kante and Kovacic are the only players that can come out of a press, we need one more

That Kovacic goal against us was a FLUKE

@ExpectedChelsea not just them. our midfielder also arent good enough. when kante and kovacic injured, we can only have overrated barkley, average loftus cheek and master of back pass jorginho who can only score penalty kick, 0 assist, 0 goal from open play.

@Paul_Phenom @mrjakehumphrey Comeon you have Pulisic, Loftus-Cheek, Havertz, Werner, Kovacic, Saul just to name a few and some of this play can be converted to that position pending the time the right winger comeback

@CFCtgaz @GloryBoy819 @ConnCFC Kovacic is not good chale he can't even Bench Gundogan or even Rice

Kovacic is the one who might get injured. Kante just de play nonsense 😂…

@bluenblonded @quinner12344 @IbzSpeaks Does that stop him from making changes on time? Timo, kai and Kovacic were in the bench.

@Kemi_Chelsea Wic players would come in apart from kovacic all the rest players have being shit the ten minutes he brought them on is enough to make impact timo had clear chance to beat a defender and is a chance on goal but no he was looking for ball...

@kingrichwise @joesteve__ Why will you even have kovacic on bench when Jorginho is playing rubbish. Was not expecting Lukaku to start in the second half either, guy has 8touches in the first half and just 1 or 2 were in the opposition box. Ahane

Make Tuchel self rest, Kante needed that rest more than Kovacic from their Man City display, he play Kante rest Kovacic. Waited till 80 minutes to make subs when we were all over the place.…

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