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@luis45237688 Personalmente creo que Santili es un buen candidato. Lo conozco por haber trabajado en el gobierno de la ciudad en la gestión Macri, y es trabajador y se mete en los problemas y aprende.

@drosepali C section babies are elite because we are not “born of woman” and the only person tht took out Macbeth was a c section baby 😌 we are here to take out the elite

(Yes, it's the Daniel Craig/Ruth Negga Macbeth. I'm never not on-brand.)

제가 쇼우지 씨의... 손, 을... 잡아도 될까요? 해치지 않으실 건가요?

@showbizburgers Don't get your pizzapants in a bunch, Macbeth. I'd only bite you if you were REALLY getting on my nerves. So, uh, don't do that.

@maan_kai Moon 🌛 lit Night۔۔and all✨ that stuff ۔۔۔۔✨fit to build my dreams ✍️

@macbeth_00 هذي الشركة النفطية؟


"When shall we three meet again? In thunder, lightning, or in rain?" – Macbeth, Act I Scene 1 #ShakespeareWithAnE #RenewAnneWithAnE

was hoping against hope that kieran culkin was 5'4" but he's 5'6", a giant to me

@ineedtoascend macbeth is weird and it’s the one that’s supposedly haunted too. like if you say the name of the play in a theatre and you’re not rehearsing the show u get cursed or something

Mehmet efendi bile 10 lira olmuş, şerefimle filtre içerim daha iyi, almancılarla aramızı bozmayalım.

@juliaragnvindr like i do not care abt macbeth and girlboss lady macbeth i don’t wna read this

@Rod_MacBeth @kris_sims 91 cents/litre?!?? Where can I purchase this almost-free fuel?

i'm so deferential to my mom to the point of being pathetic, i apologize to her when i know i didn't do anything wrong but she almost killed my dad ON PURPOSE because her identity as some conservative don't tread on me truth-teller is more important than my dad's real life

gm.. looks like cryptomarket is recovering a bit today.

Все было хорошо, пока человек, с которым я работаю 5 мес, не спросил: "Ты!! Как тебя зовут?" Э Т А О Р Г А Н И З А Ц И Я .............

@SSalud_mx Buen día, ¿hay alguna manera de obtener el certificado en inglés?

@limb0wl promote on @ random. art. thing. you've.never.heard.of 🤣

got a grade 7 on a macbeth piece today and i cried


you know i mean like maybe if my mom who works in a school maybe thought about something other than herself for a second and got vaccinated my dad would have been fine. but don't tell her that

lmy mom seriously it's not like she's saying my dad wasn't sick but that he only got so sick because of the first rehab hospital neglected him which they did, but he wouldn't have been in there if he didn't have covid. to which she says if it wasn't that it'd be something else

taking the cat to his follow up appointment today because my mom cares more about the cat's health than my dad's

The genius of Shakespeare Out,out,brief candle! Life is but a walking shadow,a poor player That struts and frets his hour upon the stage And then is heard no more. It is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury #Signifying nothing. — Macbeth (Act 5, Scene 5) #vss365

#kobo @koboDeals @kobo #bsting life--one size fits all… Margie--to know her is to love her #romcom comedy #Romance how to live with a wife--your questions answered #BBlogRT interpreting her dreams #dreams @CanBloggersRT @QuebecRetweet #aussie #nz

@macbeth_00 يارجال ماهو فاضي مليون شغله وبعد يحطونه مدير مستقل

I’d do a Macbeth so he can’t wash the blood off his hands x

if this guy had a wife who more or less almost killed him and is now denying he was even sick, it'd hit just too hard

무슨 소리야 베르단디는 0살이에요 오빠

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