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@lvillalba110 @fire_fighter81 @FrankiesTwoLoud I think Boone gets a lot of unnecessary hate and the majority of the issues was with Nevin (horrible 3rd base coach, cost us a lot of runs) and especially Marcus Thames (hitting coach....offense was the issue). But I also don't think Boone is completely free of blame either

@MaxTGoodman My theory is certain players do well in markets where you’re loved no matter what. NYY fans will turn on you after a week of bad baseball, it’s too much for certain players to handle. Secondary theory: Marcus Thames fucking sucks

I wonder what Marcus Thames is doing right now

@BigBabyDavid_ To be fair, Marcus Thames wasn’t a good baseball player, and Matt Holiday was light years better

In regard to Aaron Boone......We could have would up w/another schlep to make us all more insane. Devil you know vs. the Devil you don't know. I mean they did have Marcus Thames as their hitting coach.

@GioWFAN We think analytics says that a hitter should just upper-cut swing every-time - was a former player like Marcus Thames delivering that message sincerely to the players, or was he rolling his eyes; "the nerds want you to do this every time you are at the plate"

@DNAD23 @BBarry31 @ceejaygiles @Jared_Carrabis @MLB No it’s on the catcher if we’re being honest. There’s no room for Boston fans to be bitching. His zone was not all over the place, he had an established zone and was consistent even if they weren’t strikes. Unless u want robot umps which are a disaster then it’s not going away

@BBarry31 @DNAD23 @ceejaygiles @Jared_Carrabis @MLB It’s the 9th inning and he’s had the same consistent zone all night long. U have had the entire game to see where his zone is and adjust

@BBarry31 @ceejaygiles @Jared_Carrabis There’s 2 pitches off the plate on the right side and atleast 8 that are a good 6 inches on the left side. So yes my point still stands

@DNAD23 @BBarry31 @ceejaygiles @Jared_Carrabis Did u just not read anything I said? He was calling pitches a foot off the plate strikes on the left handed side of the plate, and giving nothing on the right handed side

@BBarry31 @ceejaygiles @Jared_Carrabis Might need to get ur eyes checked. He was calling outside on the left side of the plate and wasn’t giving an inch on the right side

@Starting9 Show the side view where it’s above his letters

@umpjob Why don’t you show the side view where it’s above his letters????

@JoshArthur9 @alex_bommarito @stoolbenchmob It doesn’t have to be conference based. U have 3 blue blood programs in it and then MSU who is not a blue blood, nor are they in the top tier of programs today.

@JoshArthur9 @alex_bommarito @stoolbenchmob It doesn’t have to be a team from the big 10 at all, it’s singular games just don’t have the two teams from the same conference play each other. UNC, UVA, Nova, Zaga are all way more deserving than MSU. If ur gonna call it the Champions Classic, MSU has no business being there

@JoshArthur9 @alex_bommarito @stoolbenchmob Literally anyone else on the long list of programs that are most successful and relevant than Michigan state has been in the last 20 years

@stoolbenchmob The fact they play in the champions classic is a disgrace

This was Brian Cashman's full quote on the firings of Phil Nevin, Marcus Thames and P.J. Pillitere. He didn't go into specifics.

Phil Nevin? Marcus Thames? The least of the New York Yankees’ problems. It starts at the top. Cashman should be gone, but nope. Another season of dumpster diving through losers off waivers and salary dumps yet again.😑

@barstoolWSD @schools_01 They’re signing Correa/Seager/Story this off-season, Cashman said just as much today. With Olson due 12 million, Oakland looking to trade him is completely plausible. Then the rest are relatively smaller moves. With the new CBA they prob will have a payroll of 260+ mil

@barstoolWSD @schools_01 Sign Correa and trade for Matt Olson. Instantly overhauls the infield. Hicks returns and u sign a utility guy/4th OF like Taylor or Conforto. Sign 1 more high quality starter and a bullpen guy and that teams a wagon. They’re not a million pieces away

so essentially the yanks are saying that their problem was marcus thames, not somehow getting three guys who strike out 800 times a year total? not guys like sanchez and others underperforming?

@antheia i knew they were going to make excuses for that man. but when are people held accountable? their failures this past year weren’t just on marcus thames.

Su instructor de bateo Marcus Thames y su coach de tercera Phil Nevil no continuarán en el club, y puede que salga alguno más, estos 2 cambios son muy inteligentes a mi forma de ver, traer un nuevo coach de bateo puede ayudar a jugadores como Gleyber que en los últimos...

@GOAT_RP03 This year was the offense and Marcus Thames, you can’t talk bad abt Boone when ur manager is Giradi

@barstoolWSD @schools_01 Loaisaga and Holmes, who were easily the best pitchers in the bullpen, can replace Chapman. U have numerous guys in triple A that are ready to be called up. Then sign 1, maybe 2 decent relievers. A team will take on Chapman’s contract if u add a lower level prospect.

@laKaro_gc Yo creo que la decisión más acertada fue cuando Phil Nevin y Marcus Thames no fueron renovados, urgen unos spots específicos en el lineup pero este equipo tiene todo para el próximo año ser campeón.

It may only be Tuesday but that's a strong contender for Reader Comment of the Week! Phil Nevin or Marcus Thames to the FOMC? Heh.…

@schools_01 @barstoolWSD So when they non tender Green, salary dump Chapman, and let Holmes/Loaisiga have the 8th and 9th, not only do they save 20 million but they also improve their bullpen that again had the second best era in the American League. Wow seems like some problem to have

@NetsSzn1 @AaronBoone I promise you, our issue is the make up of our lineup and the lack of ways it can beat you outside of hitting a HR, not Marcus Thames

@Yankees_R_Us28 @AaronBoone Because Marcus Thames doesn’t teach launch angle

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