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@CrashStL "Tip of the cap to Mr. Mozeliak. Quality POBO. Real competitor."

@Ben_Fred Mozeliak sucks. That is the philosophical difference between the front office and the fans...

@101espn @MLB @mike_petriello @DannyMacTV The philosophical difference is trying to get people in the organization to understand that the “John Mozeliak Way” has replaced the “Cardinals Way” for all things in the organization.

@SamSmitty9 He gets Mozeliaks coffee, shines his shoes, and if he’s done that great, Mozeliak asks his input for the bow tie of the day.

@sarahanne1212 Figures Mozeliak would be the mullet.

I have been as big of Mozeliak supporter as anyone going way back, but the Cardinals should have some philosophical differences with him and higher Luhnow who has proven to be the real brains. The juggernaut he built in Houston marches on

Hot take: The next #STLCards manager will be there only to run practices. Mozeliak will make lineups, call plays, and make pitching changes from his box. If Shildt wasn't enough of an organizational yes-man for Mo, I shudder to think who is.

@Frank_Cusumano What is Mozeliak’s philosophy vs. Schildt’s philosophy? That is the question that remains to be answered. Mo is a riddle-speaker . Schildt won’t say anything to hurt his future in MLB. It might all come back to who banged who’s wife . I’m not joking .

@QuinnSTLCards Mozeliak when he hires José Molina to be a catching coach, as well as keep Benjie in the Spanish broadcast booth and Yadi behind the plate:

@B_Walton @betonline_ag Definitely won’t be Bruce Bochy. He would tell Mozeliak I’m firing Jeff Albert

Best piece you'll read on the Cardinals/Shildt split. An important takeaway: If you're not rooting for DeWitt/Mozeliak . . . you're not rooting for the Cardinals. For good or ill, those two are the franchise's power structure. A manager (including the next hired) is to obey.…

@katiejwoo The man Mozeliak never gives an exact answer. He uses a lot of generalizations. He speaks in riddles. Ominous statements and non-specific responses are his forte’. They wouldn’t get much information out of him in Guantanamo. That’s just his nature and persona

The fact that Mike Shildt was fired doesn't bother me. Thought he would be on the hot seat if '22 was lackluster. The whole sitch with Shildt was poorly handled. Don't know what direction John Mozeliak thinks the #stlcards should go, but I'm not sure I like his direction.

Good clear-headed stuff from Bernie: "If you judge the operating principle by the results, DeWitt-Mozeliak appear to be correct."…

"And keep in mind that Mozeliak hired Shildt as a scout, and promoted him on his coaching/managing rise through the St. Louis system. Shildt had no bigger advocate than John Mozeliak. Shildt was Mo’s guy."…

Mozeliak's explanation of Shildt firing does not make sense. "Philosophical differences"... what bull-shit. If the owners don't wake up to Mozeliak's arrogance this team is toast...

Mozeliak not firing everybody makes you wonder if he will ever improve this team.

This has to be the dumbest decision Mozeliak has made yet!! Maybe the club should part with him for “philosophical differences.”…

@An_DrewLevy Unfortunately, the only right guy is the one who does whatever Mozeliak’s computers tell him to

Mozeliak be like Darth Vader taking out his own son Shildt-walker. #STLFLY #STLCards

@dgoold & @Ben_Fred Is this plausible? Mozeliak approaches Shildt about an extension only for Mike to rebuff him by saying I need some high caliber free agent signings before I sign on longer? Mozeliak reacts by going all Darth Vader on his wayward son … 🧐. #STLFLY #STLCards…

Cardinals fire Mike Shildt over 'philosophical differences'… via @Yahoo Somebody should FIRE MOZELIAK the MORON. Then the new guy can rehire Schildt.

"There was some beef between Mozeliak and Shildt, and the beef for some reason boiled over when focusing on the 2021 season turned into talk about 2022 and beyond," writes @Ben_Fred. "The end result has the Cardinals looking for another manager."

@Frank_Cusumano I hope that he explains that the bullpen choices he had were Mozeliak’s doing. Shildt didn’t give Carpenter, Martinez, Miller, and Mikolas those contracts. Shildt didn’t let Wong go.

How anyone can be lining up behind John Mozeliak at this point is astounding to me

@preacherman_116 “After a successful 2021 season, we have determined that we have a philosophical difference in the direction our major-league club is going,” Mozeliak said. “We have decided, at this time, that it is best for us to end our partnership with Mike Shildt.” FYI

@RandyKarraker Mozeliak wants a manager he can control that's what he means by "philosophical difference " so don't expect an experienced baseball guy to be hired. Otherwise the Cardinals would have hired Terry Francona instead of Matheny.

@jimmemolo Mozeliak is known to be a prick. It’s his way or the highway. And he’s the son-in-law of the owner so the guy will never fire him, even tho Mo is the one who traded Arozarena for almost nothing and then paid millions for Andrew Miller, who hasn’t even been competent.

Cardinals president John Mozeliak said the firing was “something that popped up recently,” but he refused to expand on what he called “philosophical differences” between Shildt, the coaching staff and the front office.

@RandyKarraker In reference to the following quote, who did Mo speak to? “Asked about the manager's response, Mozeliak replied, "He was very shocked," adding, "I'm not going to get into who I spoke with or the details of how I got to this decision.”” Feels like a JFK type conspiracy theory.

‘Why did the Cardinals fire Mike Shildt? John Mozeliak offers reasoning for manager's stunning dismissal’ by @JoeRiveraSN for @sportingnews: Mike Shildt will have to find his Cardinal way to the unemployment line…

I have philosophical differences with John Mozeliak. @Cardinals

One thing is for certain this is either the start of a new chapter in #stlcards baseball or it's the ugly ending of the Yadi, Waino, Carp, Mozeliak years #STLFLY

@RedbirdReject @HelsleysBurner Mozeliak confirmed those rumors were untrue in the press conference.

@TheAthletic @Ken_Rosenthal @katiejwoo Yeah. Everyone was hoping Mozeliak would get fired. Someone needs to look at his emails from 10 years ago and see if they can find a way to get rid of him.

@StileSmith89 @Ben_Fred All I want is someone to believe in me as much as John Mozeliak believes in Jeff Albert’s hitting approach

@Ben_Fred All I want is someone to believe in me as much as John Mozeliak believes in Jeff Albert’s hitting approach

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