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@jbaraldi11 @DavyCrockitt @joelklatt @CoachBobStoops Nick Saban eventually retiring will bring some more parity within the conference for sure.

@GSchnos @TylerBurton7 @joelklatt I’m pretty sure that LSU still has a fairly decent hatred of Nick Saban for what he did. And that was with an interim stop in the NFL. If they can still hate all these years later, you can give OU fans more than 18 hours to be pissed off.

They really did Oklahoma bad, Riley and Spencer gone . Spencer Rattler in Nick Saban offense 🤔

@BrianDanforth55 @10eyy I think Nick Saban would like a word with you lol

If Beamer leaves for Oklahoma, I think the Gamecocks should go for Nick Saban. That Iron Bowl win shows he’s still got it.

@BPrzybylo My sources tell me that Nick Saban called asking for the job 😂😂😂

NCAAF: Kirby Smart downplays 0-3 record against Nick Saban -…

BREAKING NEWS: LSU next coach is gonna be Nick Saban. First reported by @wishfulthinking

Don’t worry Oklahoma Sooners and LSU fans. Q Anon says Lincoln Riley is only going to USC temporarily until Nick Saban retires from Alabama.

@NDourBlogger Let’s get Nick Saban and win a title already

@c_barrier Nick Saban and Alabama do it damn near every year.

Today’s mentality is “Instant Gratification”….. BUT when I was coming up, it was about paying your dues and building a program. PEOPLE NEED TO REALIZE EVEN Nick Saban isn’t perfect. At LSU he lost to UAB and his 1st year at Alabama lost to La-Monroe! Give a Coach a chance!

Nick Saban and Lane Kiffin would make Brian Kelly’s life a living hell at LSU.…

@LetItFlyAndrew He does realize he hired Lincoln Reilly and not Nick Saban, right?

What has he done to earn this? No one should be making more money than Nick Saban.…

@Jonatha30645317 @hornsforever1 @RobertHefnerV Away championship winning coaches, if your name isn't Nick Saban and won or competed for a championship you've been fired.

Only in 2021 can they dig up Deion Sanders one "hit" song and incorporate it in a commercial with Nick Saban and a duck. #Aflac #MustBeTheMoney #PleasePlanetX

@OrangeBowlBoys we could announce nick saban is coming and the "fan" base will still bitch about it ... lose lose situation

Nick Saban celebrating in the middle of this is so unintentionally funny 🤣 (Via @SportsCenter)

@CashWalken Imagine what nick Saban would be offered if he left bama just rename a school after him

@finebaum people fail to realize Nick Saban struggles in Auburn .. on the other hand he pretty much owns Atlanta .. don't count Bama out .. #RollTide

@ParkerThune Yeah because things like that have really hurt Nick Saban and others

If you ever want to hear an absolutely hilarious conversation, listen to Mark Emmert's explanation for how LSU landed Nick Saban from Michigan State, then contrast it with Scott Woodward's account.…

I'm just saying, if Nick Saban is fed up with Alabama fans who don't appreciate him winning in an impressive enough fashion, over here at Georgia Tech we'll appreciate him winning by any amount. Come on over

Per Sources: Alabama’s Nick Saban has emerged as the single focus for #LSU. Sources say, the pitch is to “finish what you started.” Another source confirmed that, “Saban is intrigued by the job.” Stay tuned…..

@MattyArt03 I didn’t know they hired Nick Saban ????

@CoachTManes Nick Saban 2001 LSU playbook. Page 51-70 is the best 1 high drill set I’ve seen

It's hilarious to see the good haircut that is Scott Woodward thinking that Brian Kelly can pull off the transition that Nick Saban did. 1) Nick Saban has actual people skills; 2) Saban was 50 when he took the LSU job, a full decade younger than Kelly.

Say what you want about Alabama but Nick Saban is a good coach…

@Outkick @ClayTravis I am no expert, but I don’t see a Nick Saban team losing by double digits.

@WhiteLlamaPooP @ThunderPhD7 @PFF_College Who wouldn't want to coach in the same division as Nick Saban, Jimbo Fisher, Lane Kiffin, Mike Leach lol 😂 nobody just wants to put themselves through the ringer for nothing

BREAKING NEWS: USC to hire Nick Saban as Defensive Coordinator.…

BREAKING: Multiple sources are reporting Nick Saban will be the next head coach at OU. He has promised the University multiple National Championships.#dynasty

@finebaum Lincoln Riley is just like Nick Saban leaving. Saban Miami dolphins to Bama. Riley to Sooners to USC.

@TDAlabamaMag @CoachingMSmith Damn. I misread and thought this said that Nick Saban did part ways with him. I’m so upset 😂

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