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@fransande @BernardKeavy @Nakamba_11 @PatsonDaka20 Zambia and Zimbabwe used to be one country but just neighbors now.

@PatsonDaka20 @fashionjr10 Help your fellow Zambian, Emmanuel Banda, to win the Goal of the Year award by retweeting his nomination. 🇿🇲🦅…

@masiemsoko @Nakamba_11 @PatsonDaka20 Keep up the good work Nakamba and Daka. You are representing Southern Africa very well.

I feel like Patson Daka will suit our system more than Lukaku he is very physical he can hold the ball dribble and score also he links up with players and Drops deep Like Kane

@Nakamba_11 @PatsonDaka20 Did you know that Nakamba and Daka are same tribe? Both are Chewa or Nyanja

Patson Daka точным ударом помог команде Leicester одержать победу 3-0 в матче против команды Blackburn, который состоялся в этот промозглый вечер на стадионе "Ewood Park", и укрепить свои позиции в борьбе за квалификацию на Europa League. #FM22

Team Richmond Finance ⚽🏃🏾‍♂️🇿🇲.. Representing @PatsonDaka20 and @LCFC

@Nakamba_11 @PatsonDaka20 How does it feel to be Aston Villa's player of the Month?? NAKAMBA ➡️ marvelous

@weSelukwe @Russians202 @Amandla88138500 @Nakamba_11 @PatsonDaka20 Russians was the one who mislead by including nyasaland in his initial reply when there is no one from nyasaland in the post

Wachezaji kutoka mataifa mawili ya nchi za kusini mwa Afrika Marvelous Nakamba wa Aston Villa (kushoto) akiwa ameshikilia jezi ya Patson Daka wa Leicester City (Kulia) akiwa ameshikilia Jezi ya Nakamba. Nakamba ni raia wa Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 na Daka ni raia wa Zambia 🇿🇲.

@FootballCliches A textbook Martin Tyler pun during the Villa v Leicester game. After a good few moments from Patson Daka, he launched "Pats on the back for Patson". It felt a bit laboured!

@Nakamba_11 @PatsonDaka20 You must move to Manchester United next season your profile is getting bigger with every game you play 😁.

@Russians202 @Amandla88138500 @Nakamba_11 @PatsonDaka20 Next time dont be pushed around when you are right no matter who and for what coz pple mislead

@PutinAVFC @Nakamba_11 @PatsonDaka20 Are you blind Bob? of course he's out of his pocket he's had a picture next to him after the game

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