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@CSmoove_Sports I wouldn’t even sign there if they were good. Like Paul George dipped for a reason don’t no one want to play in Oklahoma for a bunch of racists fans lmao

@yrkiee @chicagosmayor One too many deaths is too many and stop besmirching John Paul George and Ringo

@PepeBrasin Doncic es imposible de parar, no pudieron pararlo Paul George y Kawhi Leonard, que son dos de los 5 mejores defensores de la NBA... Nadie es capaz de parar a este chaval, ha repartido todo el baloncesto que ha querido. Clase magistral, otra más... Pero buen partido de España 💪🏻

@rick13sucena Paul George jogando com o westbrook foi finalista pra mvp e dpoy, jogou pra carai

@Nate262146329 @CadePistons @campayne Westbrook,Durant,Paul George and cp3 are still my fav players but I’m a okc fan

new merch at work it’s abbey road but john paul george and ringo are blind pigs

@MKSRetired1 @TopBallCoverage @JakeLFischer Paul George? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 bro listen to me, the clippers will NEVER WIN A RING EVERRRRR ! They will always be that team that has “potential” but NEVER GET IT DONE. Not with Kawhi and DAMN SURE not with no Paul George on the roster😂😂😂😂😂😂

Paul George was cooking Lebron ass in 2012 😂😭

Bird Cuddles Up Paul George After His Volleyball match on Friday Night.

Tonight at 7:00 PM on RSUTV's Festival; enjoy uncanny, note-for-note live renditions of the Beatles’ classics! The Fab Four will make you think you are back in time rockin’ with John, Paul, George and Ringo! #rsutv #FabFour #TheFabFour #thebeatles #Beatles #BeatlesCover

@WaxMuseumPC Damn I found some Jeff Teague and Paul George but I can’t find my Goga Genesis 😔

@Narx_am @Lawis972 @TrashTalk_fr Westbrook non Paul George non Kyrie non Booker non Trae non Tatum non Le reste pourquoi pas.

@Trepoundddd @AnswerThePole @LegendOfWinning Okay Paul George is debatable one cuz of his defense but RN You agree that there is 12 players better than Kyrie so Idk why you tried to tell me that he's for sure top 10

Paul George sprained his lower back.

@John_Ka4y In our house the holy books are all music. The book of Bob. The book of John, Paul, George and Ringo. The book of Neil. The book of Bruce and of course the book of Jagger Richards. Oh and the book of Tom.

@Lawis972 @TrashTalk_fr 1-LeBron 2-Westbrook 3-Paul George 4-Kyrie 5-Booker 6-Durant 7-Trae 8-Kawhi 9-Beal 10-Tatum 11-AD Donc objectivement non

All this true, but they do Kawhi Steph KD this way too Used to be Paul George.. Anybody who is a threat.. #Literally…

@famouslos32 Paul George - smoothest player in the NBA

You put Paul George where Beal was he’s top 3 MVP and DPOY…

It's Paul George still. I wanted him as a number 3 for the Wizards for a long time before the OKC trade.…

Ofc Paul George is better lmao why you setting Beal up like this…

team with Paul george, Mr.crabs, puss n boots, jackson wells, and Carmelo Anthony

@husslev En el multiverso de Husslev, Paul George solo es no-comparable con Jordan y es top 1 en la liga actual.

Damn all that Paul George did at Indiana and getting an mvp nomination in okc, taking clippers to the first conference finals isn’t enough for y’all 😂….y’all comparing him to Beal????? Damn Bradley Beal??? Disgusting…

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