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Been medicated all day because of SNKRS app “L’s” this morning

@MacNCheeasy @Nike @JBALVIN They’re so fire 🔥 I got early access last Friday through the SNKRS app!

& I thought I stood a chance with the SNKRS app😂😂😂…

I forgot those 3’s came out this morning. SNKRS app prolly woulda hit me with an L anyway.

@ShadeTV_247 @JBALVIN @Jumpman23 @snkr_twitr @MrUnloved1s Got mines at Premier app and Undefeated 🥰 still in shock. L’s on snkrs app as always 🤣

The amount of L’s I’ve taken with the SNKRS app is absurd. Getting rejected by the app hurts more than a heartbreak 😭…

@LEETOKICKS Nice bro I woke up at 8:55am after partying last night for my bday on snkrs app closed my eyes woke up it was 9:11am damn it couldn't even put in for the draw 😭

Another L on the SNKRS app...

NIKE Air Zoom Pegasus 40 “Familia”💥 📆: SEP. 27 | SNKRS App 💵: $130 USD

@Nikebasketball @Nike Where’s the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low Golf in the SNKRS app? I’m still waiting for this

Probably have a better chance of winning the lottery then hitting on the SNKRS app

@Nike shipping out moldy dunks from App Day restocks 👀 Thanks a lot 🙃 #SNKRS

@IamTravezKing SNKRS app ? I lost hope in that app for good . I don’t mind spending a little extra bread on GOAT app cause at least it’s guaranteed.

Snkrs app played wit me today

@SneakerVisionz 5 raffles, Balvin’s website and SNKRS app…..all L’s so far. 3 raffles yet to announce.

@spacecowboy_nft @opepenedition Still only L‘s, feels like Nike snkrs app. But for you congratulations!! Nice hit

@2pimp2bu @Nikestore @Nike It’s crazy brother. Ls on all the raffles too so it’s only wife’s pair secured. SNKRS only draw win was the AMM 4s. Last hit for something not GR was the Doernbecher Foams. Some dunks after in Nike app and 1 sb for my wife. 3s and 1s are always Ls at this point.

Every J I wanted this year I have literally found them at the mall. Fuck a Snkrs app 😂

SNKRS app be pissing me off sometimes

@La3Life can't always depend on snkrs app, gotta try multiple raffles with multiple entries and cross your fingers

@dominicangoat23 Diablo nadie se saca eso 🤣🤣🤣 partícipe como 6 veces y nada ya estoy por eliminar la app de SNKRS por que eh participado como 12 veces diferentes y no me ah tocado nada aún 🤣

SNKRS app got me feeling like Tony Snell this morning, all 0s, no stats, just cardio 🤦🏾‍♂️

@RaReLeY_wRonG @snkr_twitr @TheSiteSupply @Nikestore @Nike Yea they really don't seem to care about many of their long term customers, I'm seeing this with many people that have had Nike accounts for many years. Buying a lot of product since snkrs app was created and well before that

Life of a sneakerhead. Waking up disappointed on a Saturday due to the @Nike SNKRS app

That endorphin rush when you hit on @nikestore SNKRS app is unhealthy and healthy at the same time 🫠💸

@La3Life Man what. Ppl saw shipping and dates and thought they had a better chance on THEE SNKRS app. My Balvin already shipped too🤷🏾‍♂️

How it feels to be a part of SNKRS APP Saturdays

All my niggas hate SNKRS app !

@Nikestore @Nike @NikeService As long as I've been a member, yuh would think I'd be able to get my 1st W on SB dunks. The @JBALVIN AJ3 I 🙏'd for a W on, but another L. Would've been happy with just the right foot shoes lol (amputee) My SNKRS app luck is beyond awful...

SNKRs app really gon make me pay resale price for the AP Nike SBs… I hate that app bro.😒

@SNKRS dead ass gotta be the worse fuckin app ever!! 🤬🤬🤬😤😤😤💯💯🖕🏾🖕🏾

@Nikestore @JBALVIN 1% success rate on the SNKRS app is terrible. Do better @Nikestore @Nike.

man that SNKRS app some bullshit lmao

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