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@thisiselmattic I was thinking about the SNKRS app and Ticketmaster and capitalism in general. I wonder what things would be like if conspicuous and competitive consumption weren't considered virtues in society.

@Banderson8921 😂🤣 we are really in an abusive relationship with the SNKRS app

Everything doesn’t need to be on the #SNKRS app. I know why it is though. @Nike

That fucking SNKRS app notification scared me, thought it was a drop 😭 @Nike fix your app

Did the SNKRS app just tell me to “tap in?” Lol 😂

que frustración con la puta snkrs app jajaja

@SnkrsStock #SNKRS #shockdrop SNKRS app is BROKEN. Will Stowe even said... "If your having (issues) completing your purchase Try logging out and logging back in"... ...admitting the (issue) point blank Why even do ShockDrops if your app is broken? 😞

See my pinned tweet @nikestore b/c I sure would like to see some real changes. I’ve been with u for years now, myself, (one of the OG SNKRS app adopters), but this is more about the community as a whole. There are some die-hard Nike fans here who tout your brand thru thick & thin

My current thoughts swirling. I’m dumbfounded Nike STILL drops ‘surprise’ kicks (*air quotes*) during SNKRS Live streams when mostly ppl tuning in is fake engagement. Majority of ppl fire up the app only to get a hype shoe to flip or trade. These aren’t quickstrike shock drops 🤨

@Jellybeanz4you @SoleRetriever They gotta be size 9M or something. That’s a crazy cook session on SNKRS app SHEEESH!

Surprise drop on the snkrs app & I missed it wow

@MangosAndKicks @melindapollock7 I’m shock I didn’t hit the snkrs app didn’t let me enter the Jackie or the Travis the lobster never pop up then sold out smh @nikestore fix the app thanks 🙏🏻

@melindapollock7 SMH it didn’t let me enter the snkrs app was glitch I keep trying noting until it said sold out

@peteyparker92 That doesn't sound right, Matt. Meet us in DM with the following, so we can take a closer look at what's going on. ⤵️ - Nike Member email - Phone model + iOS/Android version - SNKRS app version - Screenshots of the error message/spinning wheel you saw…

@jarrettlg @TheSiteSupply SNKRs bugged on me for the Jackie’s, opened the app again to no selections

@SnkrsStock The #SNKRSapp errors Saved me a lot of money today… I can’t even be mad! Thank you 🙏🏽 @nikestore

My co worker hit on SNKRS app EVERY SINGLE TIME. I’m getting a burner droid 🤣

@nikestore plz fix the Snkrs app n the Nike app so much errors today thanks 🙏🏻

@ciaraneedin I was napping and Travis Scott DROPPED ON SNKRS APP

have anyone actually won on the SNKRS app 😂 shit seem rigged and I never seen somebody win a actual hype shoe

So @SamsungMobileUS since @nikestore SNKRS APP IS TRASH 🗑. Will y’all like to take my money on the new Samsung phone?

@OneloveCarlosYt @SoleRetriever They did pretty sure, the SNKRS app just barely works so they didn’t even show up for some

All L's on the SNKRS app, wtf!

@SoleRetriever Nothing is wrong with the app. If they made enough shoes for the demand the SNKRS app would be fine. 9/10 people say it sucks because they never hit. That has nothing to do with the app.

@tiona_deniece @willstowehos I got curved on the shop button. I was on when live began and closed/reopened the app and live a good 10x but got no button til y’all got to the NikeCraft general purpose shoes. My app is updated too #SNKRS

i stopped biddin for shoes on the snkrs app cuz i never got chose and i’ma sneaker head so i’m damn sure not bout to get rejected by beyoncé..

Wait these Beyoncé tickets going up like a release on SNKRS app? Yo @Nike she copied your whole flow.

@Nike fix your snkrs app. It’s been broken forever. Please.

SNKRS app drops really sucks! #SNKRS

Overall thoughts on Nike and Snkrs app... First huge drop of the year and that app CONTINUES to be a major issue for the multi-million dollar company. 2023 will be rough again in the world of sneakers. Let me know your thoughts(need for Tiktok video).

Still no re-release on the AJ 1 Lost & Found after the app crash and molded shoes but SNKRS app re-released a ton of shoes this week. @Nike I’m disappointed smh

@SnkrsStock Snkrs app is completely busted. Has been broken forever and they don’t seem to care to fix it.

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