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NBA Media Day Winners & Losers, Travis Scott breaks SNKRS app, + Deadpoo... via @YouTube

Took a fat L this morning on the SNKRS App then went back to sleep.

Can’t win shxt on the SNKRS App! I swear my app starts to freeze when I try to enter a draw

@danielleRoyals You have to download the nike app or snkrs app and wait for the release date then enter the draw to have to opportunity to buy then

Ok enough is enough Wtf is going on with the snkrs app and all these female releases? I mean they get all the clean colorways Just make the shoes unisex already, since when has Nike and Jordan become such a “woman” shoe?

gmᵍᵐ 🤝 I would like a job in web3. I won’t let you down like the SNKRS app.

Easily mine. I’m copping these joints off SNKRS app fasho…

@nikestore Its officially spookyy season on the SNKRS app 💀

As much as I be losing on that snkrs app I figured why not

i’m convinced it’s impossible to win a pair of dunks on the snkrs app

Snkrs app needs to go to hell fr

SNKRS is the worst app on this planet.

I want to add to the FUCK SNKRS APP cuz I didn’t Got em this morning

Please God I need the snkrs app to bless me just once…

@Bcurtis98 I use this app for SNKRS updates tf I need followers for

I really wanted them lil blue and white dunks that came out today. But the SNKRS app was acting soooooo stupid when the time came 😒😔

@adidas confirmed app is so laggy and buggy even when theres nothing going on 😭😭 miss the adidas app days

Fuck the @Nike SNKRS app. Bunch of bullshit man!!!!

For once the SNKRs app didn’t hoe me 😍😍😍 these Magma jawns is 🔥🔥🔥 too 😊 #NIKEDunklow

Air Jordan 4 Black Canvas PUSHED BACK on Nike SNKRS app? | UNBOXING via @YouTube

@BigBallerCam___ Yea man, I got half of the snkrs app on notis

@SnkrsStock Snkrs app is trash. I gave up on them long ago. Just picked up my pair from Dtlr and finishline pair will be here Thursday.

@chefmayispeak They dropping next week here I think. Originally they said December that’s when I pulled the plug but they’re on the snkrs app now

NBA Media Day Winners & Losers, Travis Scott breaks SNKRS app, + Deadpool 3 announcement

@meesquared1129 😂 trust me I’m deleting the SNKRS app after going 2/2 I know I’m due for a year of LLLLLLs

@BoobyTaughtYou yeah snkrs app dropping em on Wednesday now

@SneakerPhetish Man if snkrs app ever sent notifications for 20% Off sneakers that were sitting. It would be over

You ain’t my people, we ain’t equal, I ain’t one of you - Lil Boosie @Nike @Nikestore @Jumpman23 Release October 5th on SNKRS App Retro 4 Black Canvas Retail $210.00

Air Jordan 4 Retro Black Canvas PUSHED BACK on Nike SNKRS app??? #shorts… via @YouTube

I need to know what criteria goes into @Nike selecting process for SNKRS app cause it really seems like some fraud type shit going on

Damn bruh why do I never try on the snkrs app

@minh91547558 We're here to help. Is this happening on the SNKRS app, as well as the desktop version? Please meet us in DM with your Nike Member email, so we can take a closer look. 📩…

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