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Column: Padres, Preller, should look into ex-Cardinals manager Shildt - The San Diego Union-Tribune. #Padres #Cardinals #RedSox #MLB…

@scoobydeux @tim_nicolai How many months transpired before those moves were done? Those were not decisions by Shildt. They were reluctant admissions of defeat.

Given the surprise firing of Mike Shildt, I hope there’s a Moneyball type movie about the Cardinals, just so Shildt can be played by Colin Robinson.

@Tom_Smith717 Bring me Mike Shildt rn. Get him a Yankees uniform

@CardinalsWay 2/2 Everything is negative. Just like so many fans. Fire Shildt, fire Mo, sell the team, fire Albert, blow this team up. It’s point blame at all the higher ups. It’s laughable. But you’re all loyal fans. Don’t send Shildt well wishes out the door now. Own your hate.

@Feinsand Hey Mo is his boss, you can’t judge a season on one good winning streak. A little over a month ago, and some prior to then he made a lot of lousy decisions IMO. I feel like the players got their stuff together out of pride, not anything Shildt did to make that run. Shildt stunk.

@CardinalsWay For one, you’re wrong. I didn’t go thru your Twitter page. I went down the hashtag fire Shildt tweets. You just search the hashtag and all the tweets pull up. I retweeted about a dozen. Calling for his firing 16 games in is comical. Your fandom is drowned in hate for the org. 1/2

@arch_baseball @Rinedog1 No, I agree. I just think Shildt’s non-aggressive approach may not be what our veterans feel is in the best interest of the team. He became unwilling too make needed decisions. I think the La Russa style of managing w/a side of Shildt might be what they’re needing/wanting.

@Rinedog1 Didn't think Shildt was great. Can't stand it when mgr gives "we played our hearts out" speech - when we didn't. The Reyes WC move was bad, but we lost that game by not moving runners home. Mo blows. DeWitt/Mo are cheap asses. "We are confident we have guys coming up". WHEN???

@Frank_Cusumano Are they firing Mike Shildt over philosophical differences????

Today on the @101ESPNFastLane Podcast: - Who are the #STLCards top managerial candidates? - @MHollidayOKST on Mike Shildt's firing - @jneal_18 on making the @StLouisBlues roster - @chriskerber on the #STLBlues 3rd line Listen:

Was Jeff Albert's hitting plan stiffled by Shildt until the 17 game win streak or did Shildt direct the team to ignore Albert during the streak. I thought it was the later but now I hope its the former. #stlfly

@SpittinFactsSTL How did Shildt get this far if he is old school? He’s been with the organization close to 20 years. They didn’t know his philosophy when they made him the manager?

@SpittinFactsSTL It would be a little bit strange for the Cardinal organization if Mike Shildt is named Manager of the Year.

@MoknowsMinimo @tim_nicolai You are operating on a set of premises that may not be right. What if it came down to the Albert way vs the Shildt way. And Shildts way was responsible for the turnaround. Shildt made a couple of important decisions, O’Neill between Goldschmidt and Arenado plus Sosa

@arch_baseball @Rinedog1 Reyes was great, then he was shaky. There’s several game’s that were winnable, he just threw in the towel. It was almost like Shildt wasn’t all in, all season. When Tommy spoke out about the discord w/coaches, it was what I had been feeling was an issue for awhile.

Shildt made everyone in the front office and Jeff Albert look stupid during the 17 game win streak because of the hitting approach the team took at Shildt’s direction. (They were obviously better and more enjoyable to watch)…

@DannyMacTV @Cardinals @miklasz Happier times Mike Shildt NL Manager of the year 2019!!! 👏❤⚾️

Cardinals fire Mike Shildt over 'philosophical differences'

@Rinedog1 That and someone who’s more of a “fiery” presence cause shildt was a pussy

@frrobinson1957 Oh, I totally agree. I just read an article that Bernie wrote, and he thinks this is all about Shildt wanting Jeff Albert gone, and Mo fired him just like DeWitt fired Jocketty. My tweet was wishful thinking. I know it will be another yes man.

@BenAndWoods @973TheFanSD @Audacy Yes definitely. Guys that win consistently (as ML managers) are always gonna be high on my list. I really don't care to hear what the philosophical difference was, or reading into it that might look Shildt look bad.The guy knows Baseball very well & has command over locker room!

“In my 28 years of covering Cardinals baseball, it's the single most shocking story.” - @Frank_Cusumano joined @MarkReardonKFTK on @971FMTalk to discuss the stunning firing of #STLCards manager Mike Shildt. LISTEN: #971Rewind #Reardon971

@dgoold We’re more than 24 hours removed from this news and I still can’t wrap my mind around it. My anticipation for Shildt’s side of it are big.

Still trying to wrap my head around the Shildt firing. I swear it has to be something personal, like he told Mo his bowtie didn’t match his shirt one day or something.

Column: Padres, Preller, should look into ex-Cardinals manager Shildt

@martinkilcoyne2 Try this, an actual difference in philosophy The Giants and Dodgers have had great success with platooning or a lineup rotation. Shildt is a set lineup kind of guy. Maybe Mo wanted to change direction and Shildt resisted?

@Rinedog1 @Fella73Tall Shildt was a good manager. No one on planet earth would’ve gotten this team more than 5 additional wins

@Rinedog1 Anyone is going to make mistakes as a manager. Everyone points a finger at Reyes. Are we gonna forget his saves record? Without him closing games, who knows if we make it in. Obviously, Shildt could’ve used Flaherty in that spot. Nitpicking is silly.

@SpittinFactsSTL Mike Shildt’s professionalism is on full display by his waiting until Monday to speak with the press. I am looking forward to hearing from him because he is known to be a straight shooter. Wonder if he will spill the beans on his reason for playing Carpenter.

@SashaTheGray @Ben_Fred but it got to the point that it was obviously wearing on him and everyone knew it. yet shildt continued to stick in high leverage situations despite his clear lack of confidence

Mike Shildt. This still makes me laugh. Streaker reaction. #stlfly #stlcards

Shildt sounds like someone I want managing the Yankees if he’s willing to stick up for his staff like that…

@jimmemolo @Mike_Ferrin @GoStevenGoldman In baseball, it still seems like it's easy to fire the manager, but when you let a guy go despite success over his tenure, the questions just multiply. Shildt has been the good soldier for a long time, and in an instant, he's history.

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