Top Tweets for Sully

@EleModric10 luka modric double texting you 😭

@ja2lbc je parle surtout des hommes qui l’insultent pour défendre seb alors qu’il a rien [email protected]

My #TikTok is blowing up right now I can't even keep up with the new follows, comments, and likes. GROW GROW GROW #growtogether

@Advitam44 20 doses par personne et par an... Intéressant... inquiétant, mais intéressant quand même.

@sully_iqbal I do. I also want leaders to lead all people.

@dougbies So, did you make that list yet?

@Lumberguy21 Also yeah offensively you are fine without Seager. Was hoping you’d take them out in the wild card!

need a music connoisseur to tell me what the name of a certain song/remix is

@CantH0LDMe Yes I’ll watch. I survived the late 80’s early 90’s. This aint the Bosses team anymore tho. All business/profits for Hal

@STRESSEDSHADY @Roshdy_Ashraf3 يعم الواد بياخد سنه كلها انجلش احنا بناخد ماده واحده و مكفرانا ربنا يعديه هو ع خير و احنا ع الله😂😂😂

@Abdullahhaf4 اتمنىى و فوق التوقيع بحط تاتو

@RachaAlchemist Mad respect to all you #JRPG players out there this ain’t no Pokémon

@Lumberguy21 Yep….Braves have actually had a lot of success against Scherzer in recent years. DeGrom not so much. But it’s always risky giving that much money to a pitcher!! Injuries are so common with pitchers

@jmaphatie Petit Aphatie, très petit et sale…et un brin trotskyste qui discrédite plutôt que d’opposer des arguments. Si petit, Aphatie, de la hauteur d’un caniveau.

@damdenden Me! But I'm cursed with being ticklish... especially on my feet

@punishedgsus my computer at work doesn't have any speakers 😊

@Crocs may be the most durable pair of footwear I have. Had them for 15yrs and my lab puppy still hasn’t chewed them apart after multiple tries. I get the “tuff toys” and he’ll rip those fins off a shark 2 hours after getting it. Someone make crocs dog toys #indestructible

@clubtrillion Mark as a Purdue fan I must say this. O-H-I-O

@NoContextBrits Man deserves the noble peace prize for his initiative. Hero.

@MarieHebson @notforthinskin @globalnewsto Thanks Marie. Looks like you're one of those strong women raising the bar. 👍

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