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@nighthawk14421 @Jordanl88510677 @trillerfight @fightlounge_ @vitorbelfort @junior_cigano @Tyson_Fury @tommytntfury Well you don’t know anything then do u. He pulled out cos of injury and Tyron replaced him on the card. He then called for it to be rescheduled but Jake said he’s done with Tommy. Not the other way around.

@JLeonLove Jake said he’s the best boxer, but he’s aiming for Tommy fury?!? Foh If he’s legit, start doing 12 rounds with real boxers in his weight class. He’s always setting fights up w/ an advantage in some form…weight class, age, experience, etc…

@Jordanl88510677 @trillerfight @fightlounge_ @vitorbelfort @junior_cigano @Tyson_Fury @tommytntfury No he’s not. The Fury-Ngannou fight is possible after Ngannou has his last fight on his contract this weekend

@Whatever_mannnn @jakepaul @tommytntfury "can't handle the pressure". At least Tommy Fury fights real boxers.

@Whatever_mannnn @jakepaul @tommytntfury Saying you can fight with broken ribs and doing it are two different things. The fight was cancelled because one of the fighters had an injury and a chest infection. Doesn't make sense to fight in that state.

Many would agree there is a mental health pandemic right now! Lets help Mark smash 3k! @Tyson_Fury @tommytntfury @parisfury1 @mollymaehague retweets needed please guys 🙏…

Interested in Sport & Exercise Medicine? Join our conference THIS SATURDAY 22nd January to hear Dr Usman Sajjad, doctor to Tyson and Tommy Fury! Link in bio to buy tickets

@MDKresurrected @JJL_98 @BoxingWgli @manners_stacey @DanResurrection @the_jobber Why would you want to put fat on and comprimise your health? Dan wants to fight a water filled, excess fat filled 75kg at 100kg. Gonna call him tommy fury

@Rayferreira05 @audi1334 @LiddleGrahame @MMAFPress No but you clearly know nothing about fighters from other country Tommy fury is a joke for a boxer you really think he would be professional without his name fury

@MarsBlvcksheep @solum666 @CalanKerslake @elgolfboi @nojumper Tommy Fury was sick and injured and asked for a reschedule. Unless you want Fury to fight sick and injured then that is weird

@JasonDiscolo @DAZNBoxing That’s a point you never even remotely came close to making, so how exactly am I missing it when you never made it? Lmfao. He also was supposed to fight Tommy fury, (he backed out) and is in talks to fight JCC jr. name a boxer 5-0 with no AM career that fights ranked boxers.

@trillerfight @vitorbelfort @junior_cigano @Tyson_Fury @tommytntfury I can't wait to see who kicks who's ass first up close and in person see you all February 26

@PoDManga @jakepaul @tommytntfury I think they were supposed to fight but one couldn’t handle the pressure after his brother said they could fight with broken ribs

Fury brothers‼️ Where you at?! 👀 @vitorbelfort & @junior_cigano are waiting for you inside the Triad 🔺 Where real fighters meet & there’s no room to run. Let's make it happen!! 📝 @Tyson_Fury @tommytntfury #TrillerFightClub #TriadCombat

@jakepaul Cos you know you will get knocked out and you know that Jake that's why you won't take the fight p**** I don't want to take Tommy Fury because I'm afraid of him big p****

@socialgloves @fightlounge_ @anthony_foreal @DeenTheGreat @HappyPunchPromo anthony taylor would murder him lets be honest, taylor has real boxing and fighting experience, he held his own against tommy fury, deen struggled in a street fight against supahotfire

libby mae and tommy fury 😭

@KJames134 @yaseenA_ @jakepaul The difference is Tommy fury isn't talking about himself like he's the Mike Tyson of this generation, there's nothing wrong with Jake Paul fighting low level opposition it's just how deluded he is when he's literally done fuck all

Michael Bisping revela sus pensamientos sobre una posible reprogramación de Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury | Superluchas…

@HappyPunchPromo @DeenTheGreat @anthony_foreal If Deen is the real deal I think this is the guy to fight. 5 fights experience 1 being Tommy Fury potential opponent for Jake.

@jakepaul @tommytntfury yo let’s get this fight on.! If it’s not happening then count me in.!!! Y’all bunch off pussys.! @FloydMayweather

- Azim brothers - @ChrisBillam - Joe Smith Jnr - Tommy Fury - Josh Taylor v Terence Crawford - Canelo (again)…

Tommy Fury to be disappointed as Mike Tyson and Jake Paul reportedly set for lucrative Las Vegas fight, former champion responds…

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