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she keep rich dick in ha corner cause he gon pay ha top dolla

Isaiah Swerve Scott, Ashante Thee Adonis, Top Dolla and B-Fab of Hit Row!!! #SmackDown

Isaiah Swerve Scott, Ashante Thee Adonis, Top Dolla and B-Fab!!!

im dying some of my hair pink this weekend

@DrainBamager You missed Bray Wyatt: 34, Drew McIntyre: 36 and Rey Mysterio: 46. Even Big E’s 35. At least Bron Breakker’s just 23, Carmello Hayes & Trick Williams are both 27, and Swerve & Top Dolla are both 31.

Heard Top Dolla made a diss track. 1 what’s it about? 2 is it worth me listening to? 😂😂 #wrestling #wwe #aew

1) This is not the $BTC top so this is not a top tweet. 2) This would be a damn good top tweet. 😂…

I never see Beyoncé and another celeb wear the same thing. But her and Jayda slayed that blk jumpsuit with the feathers

I’m calling Top Dolla right now so he could come snatch Edge’s Bred Jordan 1s right off his feet #SmackDown

Top Dolla got people watching #SmackDown critiquing everybody shoe game 🤣🤣🤣


Edge got the 1s on his feet. Top Dolla is happy

@AJFrancis410 A lot people in here being confused about what is OF the culture and what is a mimick of the culture and why this was talked about in the first place. Also, a bunch of people without enough talent or balls to do ANYTHING #TopDolla did or does are chirping.

@view_raw Just heard this Top Dolla track..that joint is 🔥

Oh, and let's talk about that Top Dolla/A.J. Francis track...

@FaithIsAllElite You missed one hell of a day Roman Sasha Young Bucks Don Calis Top Dolla was all throwing shots it was crazy

For the record I was talking about someone saying they wrote a freestyle for Top Dolla....yall can get off my dick now saying I was referring to Tony I know why his is labeled as it is now and yall know I can write so legit stop yall making assumption ya know 0 about

Top Dolla took the initiative, and now #HitRow being fast tracked to #SmackDown one week before scheduled. #BlackWrestlingDraws…

@AJFrancis410 I wouldn't brag about that because it definitely shows in your "verse". Also, misspelling your own name? Bad form. Not to mention that outfit. Top Dolla? More like Dolla Tree, lookin' like bargain basement Funkasaurus/thrift store Brodus Clay. 😂😂

hope and pray, Jah shine him light my way ! 🙏🏾

@TheMadKingGW @Kane15H @KhalafSammy And just this week Top Dolla and the Young Bud cos were throwing shots at each other

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