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@norbert_sanders Tuchel seems like he’s been on his hands and knees too, he can back it with his own quality though so we should’ve got it done

@hazfcb_ If anyone can save him it’s his dad Tuchel plus he wants him so I’ll back it

@AceFcb @EmenaIo @FabrizioRomano Our attack is dry as hell and don’t forget that Tuchel turned him into the 100m guy

@vyslclkkk Bende sağ beke transferin zaruri olduğunu düşünmüyorum. Osayi zaten kolay sakatlanacak bir oyuncu değil oldu ki sakatlandı altyapıdan da takviye tabi olabilir ama Ferdi'de var.

@abhilasshh Don't wanna blame Tuchel but the coaching seems to be a part of the problem as it's a collective fault. Players are way too afraid to lose the ball

Hes lost the dressing room, with his constant changing of players and boring tactics..hes just been lucky do far..quick ball and better service to the strikers and CHELSEA would test MAN CITY AND LIVERPOOL..we can see it but not the great coach TUCHEL.

We don’t have a well skillful winger, with nice shooting, I think dembele won’t be a bad signing, tuchel pls I repeat don’t bottle this

@Cfcjoshh_ @ChelseaFC @EASPORTSFIFA Did Tuchel tell you that? You think you know everything that goes on behind the scenes in the club? Stop targeting her! She's not the reason we're not performing of late! Why didn't you say this in November?

Haha you people start dey explain already. After the exit you said GHANA FOOTBALL HAD COLLAPSED. So let the logic work.…

@ESPNUK English fans always tryna back their own and can’t be honest. This is why England don’t win shit. Coz you fill ur heads with lies. Lampard was 9th in the prem Tuchel is 3rd and still challenging for Top 4 Make it make sense.

Luis Enrique shares many of the same tactical ideologies as Sarri, is tactically fluid and player-centric like Lampard, can show rigidity and pragmatism when it counts like Tuchel. He’s as arrogant as Mourinho and as aggressive as Conte. He’s the perfect fit for Chelsea.

@ogulcan_akce @drdofurkan Teşekkürler Oğulcan. Söylemek istediğim fikre çok güzel bir ek oldu. Daha da açıklayıcı olmasını sağladı.

@RyanWes37323075 ziyech is not playing in his natural position,, back 4 systeme fit him better, and he performs well, prove he got motm when he played in that system,,, tuchel dnt use it a lot thats why,, soo he needs to change the club

@HugoCappelaere J’imagine juste, si on avait fait pareil avec Tuchel 2 ans plutôt. c’est facile de le dire après cou, mais tuchel Général Manager, avec le recrutement de son choix on aurait fait peur.

No we may apply the logic to see if some statements made are truly reasonable.…

Dembele is the kind of profile that would succeed in this system. Great 1v1, creative, direct, quick and devastating in 2v2/3v2 situations. More importantly has worked under Tuchel before and would allow us to allocate big money to other areas w/more pressing issues.

@brianmichaelf @FromDWade @PuliRudi Haha nah I’ve always said I’d be happy for him to be used as a super sub like he was last season under Tuchel think I still agree with that

ويلاً للأنديه من شر قد اقترب

@debbie_chelsea @ChelseaFC @therealdollypee @EASPORTSFIFA Exactly the problem atm, aside that dembele would ball at chelsea, tuchel worked with him at dotmund and he likes the player, one thing I know Tuchel won’t bring in a flop for chelsea he knows better

Bana göre seneye mutlaka 3'lü oynamalıyız çünkü elindeki assetlerin hepsi 3'lü kurguda daha rahat oynar ama şundan da eminim seneye 4'lü oynayacağız o yüzden bence Novak / Nazım ile yolları mutlaka ayırıp Osayi sağ bekte sol bek rotasyonuna da Eren Elmalı + as bek katmalıyız.

@umirf1 Indeed I'm seeing league two teams play 343/352 now which wasn't happening before 2016, Tuchel also said Conte's implementation of it helped us adjust to his system, if Spurs back him properly everyone bar City are sweating imo

@Ay0dele_ Seriously. But it seems Tuchel wants Dembele 🥲

@TeddanCFC Tuchel would make him terrible. He doesn’t allow any dribblers in this team

@debbie_chelsea Let them say, he will become Chelsea fan favorite if he should come and tuchel will manage him well.

@10_wanga When last did we win with 3 Goals ? Go and check how we won matches under Tuchel it's always 1-0 2-0 if there's a 3 then it's a once of thing Forget Norwich game

@FootyAccums Can't win no EPL with poor stuff like this! And I blame only Tuchel!

@MafiaBo33 Seems like Tuchel wants Dembele, Auba is in Arsenal's good graces and we have striker trouble. It ain't impossible

Ah yes, one game proves something to be factually correct. Frightening logic and lack of coherent thinking. In truly worried to fly in airplanes if these are the kind of pilots we get…

@ExpectedChelsea thats not vicious cycle. sacking manager is part of chelsea success. if manager over perform get a lot of chances like arteta, ole, and we stick with lampard and sure we not win champions league last season. the only thing can save tuchel is result.

@Evstewie @ESPNUK Probably might of if he stayed. tuchel just stands there he doesn’t do shite

@nii_klugh @ChelseaFC @EASPORTSFIFA A player the coach didn’t want 😂, tuchel got 0 of his first choice signings

Yes. The decision to sack him & appoint Tuchel was the right one. Rookie management was never going to take us anywhere. We’ve got an elite coach, the fact this question is still being asked is comical.…

@V4LeSane Qui te dit que Gharbi aurait joué avec Tuchel ?

Tuchel when Dembele and Hazard start tearing the league apart:

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