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@Janlee_Cohall Ong just hoping with Lampard and Tuchel gone we won’t see any of these non footballers play for the club again

@Parth_Chalise My mistake but goldbridge ball was more interesting than tuchel ball


@acc244909ba54b1 @Springboks No, he's gaining some ground with his explosive drives.

Gareth Southgate 🔃 Thomas Tuchel A smart move for the Three Lions? 🤔

@arriesvosloo @Springboks But won't shade the fact that we're playing nonsense

@_wsff You’re obsessed with tuchel rest man

@Springboks Too many errors, been happening since game 1 against All Blacks.

Goldbridge is a better footballer than Tuchel. Don't get me wrong. Tuchel has obviously had a better career and is one of the greatest of all times, but in terms of better tactics Goldbridge is the better football coach.

No way goldbridge in this short period of time make his team play better football than terrorists like conte mourinho simeone tuchel.

@CFCDaily Tuchel would be a beast manager for England

Thomas Tuchel to win the world cup with England? Gareth Southgate out? #CFC #ThreeLions 👉👇

Better aura and coaching ability than Tuchel

@MailSport That will be a great decision, but is Tuchel ready for international duty, well the World Cup might attract him.

@CFCAllyRhodes can we be friends on WhatsApp or Snapchat please because I don't have barely any friends

@ESPNUK This guy needs a strong technical team.Tuchel is available.Gareth lacks tactical acumen Alex Ferguson requested assistance from Carlos Queiros Gareth is not the right coach.Toney is far better than Foden.Grealish and Walker are LIABILITIES. Stones is 10 times better than Maguire

@AstridWett With you because I don't have any friends because of my epilepsy

Matches managed since 7th Sept 2022 Mark Goldbridge: 1 Thomas Tuchel: 0 Forever in his shadow

I’ve got Madrid Away flashbacks 😭😭😭

@Cristia58094148 @USMNT Pulisic wouldn't let the USSF hire Tuchel lol nt tho

Would Thomas Tuchel be a good choice to replace Gareth Southgate? He is currently 16/1 to be the next manager 👀

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