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Man I keep forgetting how frightening the characters look in Twisted Metal 4. I just wanted to see stats not see some nightmare fuel

@StefanieMcMaken Yes, strange things are happening :( But this screenshot was in another collection, so the screenshot itself is in history :)…

wings torn out of the world by the force of an angel's manifestation, their body forever linked to the trauma they have endured and inflicted—dripping blood and ash and flame, screaming faces and twisted metal, the infernal screeching of a dying fire alarm. be not afraid.

@longerseason Best Album of 2021 70s Vampire Austhetic Twisted Metal Lean Powered Cars Sexy Deep Voice Man Woo

Ok Stan account. We absolutely accept your twisted narrative of the subject Stan account. We fully believe if he put out a rap album instead of the piss poor pop punk album he'd still be in the news, Stan account.…

@davidscottjaffe I want a #TwistedMetal themed Battleroyale. With characters you pick and if you win you get to see their ending. An ending provided by Calypso. A real dingy place focused on a smaller than average map with environmental destruction that limits the playfield more and more.

Anthony Mackie Joins Twisted Metal Series

Thanks to Mark Lacey for this amazing review in this months Powerplay Rock and Metal Magazine! @Powerplaymag

@UncleIndie Twisted Metal Head on and Vigilante 8 & 2nd offence

@_sesbastian Creo que la IP de Sony mas longeva y que se sigue "manteniendo" o sigue al menos siendo suya, es Twisted Metal.

Justify Your Shitty Taste: Twisted Sister’s “Love Is for Suckers” Justifying Twisted Sister's 1987 swansong Love Is

@JellyBreee Sending all my love and good vibes bestie!

Miles Bridges is a terrible emcee. Don’t @ me

When the new Twisted Metal Game is another mobile game.

On the Gabbin' and Games Discord, @kaidantonio dropped a link to that I really enjoyed so much. It's with @AnthonyMackie who landed a roll with #TwistedMetal TV Series. The game was created by @davidscottjaffe and a great team of developers! 1/2...

@XenokoYT @4K4Y2 So something like Twisted Metal? Or something more like Forza with less realism?

If they make a new twisted metal get @zillakami to do the soundtrack that shit would be so fire

For episode 53, @chacker41 and @betteractions discuss the first HAWKEYE Disney+ series trailer, our first look at Guillermo del Toro's upcoming film NIGHTMARE ALLEY, and Anthony Mackie is set to star in the live-action TWISTED METAL series.

@thatoldgamerguy PS2 if we're going to judge a consoles launch year (ish). ICO, Silent hill 2, GTA III, Dark Cloud, Armored Core 2, SSX, Bouncer, GT3, Twisted Metal Black, FFX, DMC, MvC2. its kind of nuts if u think about it. PS1, SNES were great as well.

like + rt if you like Twisted Sister and follow everyone who does

Pourquoi y a pas déjà eu un twisted metal hd online

Riding a bike means loss of metal capacity in the strange twisted world of Fox News - Fox News Host Criticizes Joe Biden For ... Riding A Bike…

@johnpavlovitz "May we be our best selves in this moment, so that History one day tells our story as one where decency and liberty and compassion and equality and humanity twisted the plot." Amen.🙏🏻

WE RESERVE THE RIGHT / MADAM X バズが在籍していたことで有名なこのバンドもサブスクで聴けるんですね😊 ドン・アーデンが契約してJet Recordsでリック・デリンジャーのプロデュースは期待の新人だったのかな? ちょっとTwisted Sisterに近い?感じで好きです👍 バズがいた頃の音も聴きたいな〜

@getFANDOM @getFANDOMgaming You know what'd be sweet? A new goddamn Twisted Metal GAME!

-چرا کات کردی +یه هفته گفتیم حرف نزنیم تا مشکلات حل بشه تو این یه هفته وارد رابطه ی جدید شد ولی میگه دوست دارم -اگه دوست داره چرا برنمیگرده +چون منم وارد رابطه شدم #وقتی_شعور_رابطه_نداری #مکالمه_واقعی

@StefanieMcMaken Thank you! For some reason, Twitter deleted my post allegedly violating the rights .... Twitter clowns.

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