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🍈 ISNT about digital anymore at this point they would invited uncharted group for views

la preventa de uncharted cuando es?? se sabe algo?

@THoltHatesRINOS @HeartlandSignal Nope. I think we’re in uncharted territory now and talking heads are just making stuff up. Where’s the science on this variant being nature’s way of ending it?

@a6doff @LudwigAhgren Yeah but YouTube is definitely more predictable seeing as it's been an issue for years and people have mapped out the rules decently. Twitch on the other hand has had the issue for a year and it's uncharted. Though I kinda agree it was kinda funny, maybe he's had less issues

@Kilo3150 @ElleJolayne Oh snap! Played through Uncharted + Horizon: Zero Dawn. Recommend them all, especially H:ZD. IMHO Uncharted can get monotonous with gunfights, especially early in the series; still fun Indiana Jones-inspired action. P5 has been fun so far though I’m not familiar with other JRPGs.

@geronimo_73_ Can't honestly say I'm looking forward to another Uncharted..Last was a bit forgettable.

Grateful for inquisitive humans who questioned the science over the years and broadened the base of human development and knowledge. Trusting the science is akin to imprisoning Galileo, stopping the Wright Brothers, or not sailing uncharted waters to find new worlds.

eu era louca pelo filme do uncharted até o dia que fiquei sabendo que era o Tom Holand que ia fazer o Nate🤡

@lwurencohan The Binding Of Isaac repentance Uncharted 4 Enter the Gungeon Shovel Knight COD BO2

Can't wait for the websites to crash when Uncharted tickets are available next year lmao

@Kjngamer @PlayStationUK @liquid_gaming_ @PlaystationBrah @Shatterglass23 @Wildestdream93 @tar_pit_trap @16bitnostalgia @PureDeadGaming @WOOLLEY_GAMER @GermanStrands @PlayStationAU I got Uncharted 4 with my PS4 slim and it's still my favourite game. Such a great showcase of the console's graphical horsepower!

The love I have is as mighty as this hole; uncharted.

@mylenelapvan Idk, it's a bunch of people eating and drinking boujee shit. I might have to pretend I'm Nathan Drake! Uncharted that bitch up

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves™ Remastered Take Me to Your Leader (Bronze) Compare Statistics with Friends #PS4share

¡Mira la transmisión de mi PlayStation 4! #PS4live (Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection™) live at

I hope in the uncharted movie, there is a scene where Tom Holland plays a playstation and he is playing a naughty dog game. And he looks directly at the camera and says 'Oh I was only playing my SONY PLAYSTAION'. And Mark Whalberg to say 'Nice, you're a real gamer'.

Uncharted was my life back in the day. I will always love Uncharted and I don’t think any Ps exclusive can touch it Thank you Naughty Dog for making me 13-15 year old me happy.

@ChouchannaChan On dirait la fin d'un Tomb Raider ou d'un Uncharted 😁

@b1tchsOn @errosobregames Não joguei os antigos, mas gosto mais dos novos TR pelos personagens e história é um gosto pessoal mesmo, mas uncharted é uma das franquias q mais gosto da Sony

بيعملوا اجزاء جديد ل TLOU و Uncharted و FF16 بنتعذب علشان نعرف أي شئ عنها و لو تايلر ٥ ثواني بس 🤦🏻‍♀️…

só tenho um top 3 1. The Witcher 3 2. Dark Souls 3. Uncharted 4…

@Hippolektrion Que si veo las cinemáticas de uncharted 2 paso un buen raro, luego pienso en jugarlo y se me pasa

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception™ Remastered 30 Kills: Dragon Sniper (Bronze) Kill 30 Enemies with the Drago #PS4share

Uncharted sortie de ce classique extraordinaire en 2007 une aventure politique d'action du grand art jeux d'aventure développeur Naughty Dog personnage principal Nathan Drake le meilleur jeu de tous les temps masculin aventuriers 🔥🔥🔥🔥👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

@PlayStationAU Uncharted 4 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

yo y la sofia jugando al uncharted en la play en cuarentena…

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception™ Remastered 30 Kills: Mag 5 (Bronze) Kill 30 Enemies with the Mag 5 #PS4share

@ElliesGayArrow I’m selling my ps4 for rations, uncharted 4 included

@elbee8140 I'm so glad this is now uncharted territory, I had been trying to find a hidden meaning in everything 😵

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